In July of 2012 a coronal mass ejection took place.   A “coronal mass ejection” or C.M.E. is a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields rising above the solar corona or being released into space.   This was reported to be the most powerful CME discharge ever recorded from our sun.  The 2012 discharge missed Earth.  However, if this C.M.E. had occurred only a week prior; it would have struck our planet and subsequently led to a complete technological disaster according to researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder.

To put into perspective the size and enormity of this event lets consider it’s speed (force) only. The typical C.M.E. from our sun take between 2-4 days to reach Earth.  The coronal event in 2012 would have reached earth in just 18 hours.  It’s estimated speed was approximately 7 million miles per hour!

While there are systems in place that are designed to warn us of solar flares and CME activity… It’s unclear on weather the teams tasked with monitoring the NASA “Solar Shield” would have been able to alert emergency services in time.   The speed of this event was faster than anything previously seen in our modern space age.

Policy makers haven’t taken this near miss seriously despite the fact that a senior member of the Congressional Homeland Security Committee warned that there is a 100% chance of a geo-magnetic event capable of crippling electrical grids across the globe.  Certain government organizations have deemed this the “KILL SHOT”.   If such an event were to take place it would take up to 18 months before power could be restored to the grid.  If such an event were to occur, it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 people would be dead within one year.  Once the electrical grid goes down, commerce systems will no longer function, food production, farming and delivery will grind to a halt almost instantly, water treatment facilities will cease to work and millions of diabetic citizens will perish from the inability to keep insulin cold.  The ramifications would be serious and almost immediate.



When discussing what measure can be taken to guard against an EMP; it’s first necessary to get rid of a few myths.  It’s essential to understand the nature of EMP and how it works.

One major myth or misconception is that an EMP is similar to a powerful bolt of lightning. While the two (lightning and EMPs) each produce similar results; an EMP is actually more like to a super-charged radio wave. Any bright ideas about using lightning-rods, lightning arrestors  or any such grounding techniques will undoubtedly fail in protecting equipment from EMP.

Another false concept is that EMP “out of the blue” can harm your body or cause major damage to your brain way lightning strikes can.  The EMP levels created by a nuclear weapon would be so minimal, they wouldn’t pose a serious health threat to plants, animals or man.  This is assuming that the EMP isn’t concentrated.

EMP can be concentrated. EMP occurs when it is “pulled in” by a stretch of metal. EMP would be dangerous to living things in this case.  It could become concentrated by exposed metal girders, telephone lines, long antennas or anything similar.  Avoid being very close to such concentrations in event of nuclear war.  A minimum distance of 8 feet from such stretches of metal is recommended for nuclear-generated EMP.

Concentration of metal, wiring etc…  is the main reason that most electrical equipment would be destroyed by the EMP.  It’s not that the electrical equipment itself is really that sensitive, but rather the massive electrical surge would be so concentrated that anything working on low levels of electricity would be completely fried.




So What Can I Do to Prepare For An EMP?


Protecting Small Equipment

A Faraday box is the easiest way of protecting most small electrical equipment that can be unplugged from the power source.  A Faraday box is a metal box designed to divert and soak up the EMP. If the object placed in the box is insulated from the inside surface of the box, it will not be affected by the EMP travelling around the outside metal surface of the box. The Faraday box simple and cheap and often provides more protection to electrical components than “hardening” through circuit designs which can’t be (or haven’t been) adequately tested.  Many containers are suitable for make-shift Faraday boxes: cake boxes, ammunition containers, metal filing cabinets and so on.  Despite what you may have read or heard, these boxes do NOT have to be airtight due to the long wave length of EMP; boxes can be made of wire screen or other porous metal and be equally effective.  The Faraday box is a great solution assuming that you aren’t using the equipment when the event occurs.  (not likely)  It is highly advised that you prepare a “back-up plan” Faraday box filled and ready for such an occasion.  Shortwave radio, weather radio, small television, spare telephone and anything else you may need after.  Do remember that the power grid will likely be wiped out so anything you keep will have to run off of a fuel powered generator.  You should be focused on staying informed but not needlessly entertained.

The only two requirements for protection with a Faraday box are:

(1) The electrical equipment inside the box can’t touch the metal container. Insulating with cardboard, rubber, plastic or even wads of paper are acceptable methods.
(2) The metal shielding must be continuous. There can be no large holes or gaps in the shielding.

Grounding your Faraday box is not advisable. Although EMP and lightning strike are very different in the big picture; a good example how NOT grounding your Faraday box is beneficial would be to look at lightning strikes on a flying plane.  These strikes seldom fry the electrical components or occupants because the metal shell acts as a large Faraday box.  Since the plane isn’t grounded, the effects of lightning strikes are minimal.

Certain electrical parts are incredibly sensitive to EMP.  these include IC circuits, microwave transistors, and Field Effect Transistors (FET’s). If you have electrical equipment with such components, it must be very well protected if it is to survive EMP. Once again A Faraday box is the best solution.

There is a short list of electrical equipment that is innately EMP-resistant.  This includes large electric motors, vacuum tube equipment, electrical generators, transformers, relays, and the like.  This kind of equipment could possibly survive a massive EMP surge and would likely to survive if a few of the precautions discussed below were taken in their design and deployment.  Battery operated equipment will also be impervious to EMP.  If you don’t want to buy a wealth of batteries for every appliance you own or use a radio set up with longer than 30-inch antenna, then you’ll need to use equipment that is “hardened” against EMP.

Larger Equipment Hardening and Protection


If you must operate ham radios or the like during a nuclear attack; there are a few methods which will help to protect electrical circuits from EMP.   These various vary in design as there are multiple ways of neutralizing the effects of an EMP.  Design variations include the use of tree formation circuits (rather than standard loop formations);  the use of self-contained battery packs; the use of induction shielding around components; the use of loop antennas; and (instances of solid-state components) the use of Zener diodes.  Implementing these design elements can eliminate the chance an EMP surge from power lines or long antennas damaging your large equipment.  Another useful strategy is to use grounding wires for each separate instrument which is coupled into a system an EMP system so that it has more paths to take in grounding itself.

Here is a step by step video for a Faraday cage.

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(And all criminals in control)
David King

The real reason they want to censor the internet worldwide is because the shadow government has something to hide... You know, the type, they go to secret illegal meetings called "Bilderberg". They provably stage attacks such as 9/11, they suppress clean energy technology while proposing carbon taxes, aerial spraying and population control as the 'solution'. It was known in the 20's that Fluoride reduces brain IQ, but the government cares so much about our teeth, to the point of making the world INGEST it. If a tube of toothpaste has a warning to not swallow even a pea-sized amount, and a glass of water contains the equivalent of Fluoride as a glass of water, taps in Fluoridated areas should have warning signs on them as well, but who would think to do that? Not too many people, as the latest Harvard study on Fluoride proves it REDUCES IQ. It's a catch-all term for thousands of different chemicals, and it's not the only chemical intentionally dumbing us down.

The bloodlines of the Illuminati are doing all they can, funding both sides of wars, using controlling religions that they created, dividing everyone to conquer etc. to bring in a dictatorship beyond fascist world government.

And the fact that more and more people are spending more energy and time actually looking up these facts due to the magnitude of seriousness, instead of denying it through cognitive dissonance and saying 'that's crazy, or yeah right', is a major threat to those that are hindering, controlling, and manipulating us spiritually, psychologically, monetarily, emotionally, and physically.

Free speech is being attacked worldwide in an unprecedented scale, and the time is now to download and print the evidence of their crimes, backup and share with everyone you know and tell them to do the same!

It's VERY simple: if you want to stop internet censorship, get the truth out to as many people as possible, because then it will be too late for the criminals in control to have a reason to control the internet. So, save the internet and save the world at the same time!

An alternative title for this article would be: How to stop all conspiracy realities immediately.

Don't just believe me, Alex Jones, David Icke or anybody... Look up the information yourself, and if life means anything to you, what our ancestors struggled and striven to survive to make us who we are, you wont be able to resist speaking out. What your friends or family MAY think of you should be an insignificant worry compared to what they will think of you if you did not warn them if we cross the crossroads between tyranny and liberty beyond the point of no return.

There is no fear of what "they" will do to you once you realize the plan to depopulate 90% of the world.

If the people of the world, including the police and military want to be free, live happily and prosperous, it is IMPERATIVE that we do the right thing and the  criminals of the establishment be arrested immediately, put on trial by a known judge not connected with the shadow government, and imprisoned. These individuals have a genetic bypass for empathy, and they will continue to murder and manipulate Humanity if left to roam free. People with serial killer mentalities should not be allowed to roam free, let alone be in positions of power, media and education.


In facing another engineered economic 'crisis', something we can all do to ensure a continuous supply of food is to grow our own food!


Whether you are fully aware of the very magnitude of the worsening state of the world or not, everyone needs to know how to be independent from the system which is designed to fail; even without the intentional devaluation of the dollar, the grocery stores hold no guarantee that they will never be empty for whatever reason.

- If everyone stocks up, there will be a shortage.
- If we don't stock up to some extent, we will have nothing to eat until our planted food grows, when the grocery stores are empty...

So like anything in life, balance is important & required for sustained survival.


How to grow your own food:

Firstly, many people live in cities without access to even a square foot of land. One can use their balcony or even a section of their apartment in that case. Landlord won't permit that? will not be held responsible for any angry landlords they need to eat and avoid civil unrest is paramount.



  1. Determine what crops you can raise in your location. Obvious factors include climate, soil, rainfall, and available space. A fast and fun way to learn what grows well in your climate is to visit a nearby farm or garden.

Here are some details to ask seasoned growers about or investigate yourself:

    • Climate. Some locales only have a brief growing season, such as Northern Europe and Canada. This means growing quick producing plant varieties that can be harvested and stored for the winter. Other areas have year-long warm weather, where fresh vegetables and grain can be harvested on demand.
    • Soil. Depending on the type you have available, you may expect very high yields from a small area, or meager yields from large areas. The best plan to follow is to plant a food crop which flourishes in your conditions as a staple, and use surplus land to grow "luxury" foods that require more fertilisation and effort.
    • Rainfall. Some plants thrive with minimal rainfall, but most food crops require substantial amounts of water from irrigation or rainfall. Consider the normal rainfall rate for your area, and the availability of irrigation when choosing crops. If you live in a dry area, consider collecting rainwater.
    • Space. If sufficient space is available, you may be able to grow plenty of food using conventional methods, but where space is limited, you may have to look at other techniques, including hydroponics, container gardening, sharecropping, and vertical gardening.
  1. Understand how a growing season plays out. Growing food is more than just planting seeds and waiting for a harvest. Below, in the "Growing" section, is a typical sequence of steps in growing a single crop of one plant. You will need to prepare each different plant crop basically the same way, but when you have prepared the soil for planting, you can plant as many different crops as you like at one time.
  2. Become familiar with the different types of food crops. We often think of the vegetables we see in the produce section of a market as the garden vegetables, and in a sense, this is true, but to truly grow your own food, you need to consider your whole diet. This is a general list of the types of food you will want to consider growing.

    • Vegetables. This includes legumes, leaf vegetables, root vegetables, corn (a grain, looked at more closely later), and vining vegetables like squash, cucumbers, melons, and pumpkins. These provide many essential nutrients and vitamins, including:

      • Proteins. Legumes are a good source of proteins.
      • Carbohydrates. Potatoes and beets are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, as well as minerals.
      • Vitamins and minerals. Leaf vegetables, like cabbage and lettuce, as well as vining vegetables like cucumbers and squash, are a good source of many essential vitamins and minerals.
    • Fruits. Most people understand that fruits are a great source of vitamin C, but they also contribute many other vitamins and minerals to your diet, as well as offering a broader variety of taste to enjoy. Fruits also can often be preserved by drying or canning, so refrigeration is not required to store your surplus.
    • Grains. Growing grains is not what most people envision when they think of growing their own food, but grains are a staple in most diets. They are filled with carbohydrates and fiber, and can be stored easily for long periods of time. In many early civilizations, and in some countries today, grain is the primary foodstuff for the population. This category of food crops includes:

      • Corn. Often eaten as a vegetable with meals, corn is also a versatile grain that can be stored whole, unshucked, shelled (removed from the cob, with whole kernels), or ground into meal for use in making breads or mush dishes like grits. Corn is probably the easiest grain to grow for the home subsistence farmer. Freezing corn is the easiest way to preserve it for winter use.
      • Wheat. Most people are familiar with wheat, from which we get most of our flour for baking everything from breads to cakes and pastries. Wheat stores well after harvest, but harvesting itself is more laborious than it is for corn, since the whole plant is usually cut down, sheaved (placed in piles), gathered and threshed (beaten to free the seeds), and ground into fine powder (flour).
      • Oats. Another grain, oats for human consumption are processed more than wheat or corn, and the labor involved in harvest is equal to wheat. Still, it may be considered an option in some areas where it is easily grown.
      • Rice. For wet areas, areas subject to flooding, or which can be flooded, rice is the obvious choice. Rice is commonly grown in shallowly submerged soil, and is harvested much as wheat is.
      • Other grains include barley and rye, which are similar to wheat and oats.
    Select the crops and varieties that are suitable to your growing region. This is where the instructions in this article cannot suffice to give comprehensive and accurate information specific to you. Instead, we will look at basic growing requirements for different plants according to standard growing regions, as set forth by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) on their plant hardiness map which you may be able to use by comparing climates in terms of latitude and elevation to your particular region.

    • Beans, peas, and other legumes. These are planted after the threat of frost, and require 75 to 90 days to produce fruit, which can continue producing as long as the plants are cared for until autumn frost.
    • Gourds. This group of plants includes squash, melons, and pumpkins, and is planted after the last expected frost, and takes between 45 days (cucumbers) to 130 days for pumpkins, to produce harvestable fruit.
    • Tomatoes. This fruit (usually grouped with vegetables) can be planted in containers if kept warm, and transplanted into soil after the threat of frost, and will produce season-long as well.
    • Grains. There is a great difference in growing seasons with grains, as well as summer and winter varieties of many of these. Generally speaking, summer grains, such as corn and summer wheat, are planted near the end of winter when freezing temperatures are not expected to continue for more than a few weeks, and they take about 110 days to mature, then another 30-60 days to dry sufficiently to harvest for storing as seed.
    • Orchard fruits. Apples, pears, plums, and peaches are regarded as orchard fruits in most places, and do not require annual planting. The trees that bear these fruits require pruning and maintenance and usually take 2-3 years before producing their first, modest crop. When the trees begin producing fruit, the yield should increase yearly, and after they become mature and established, a single tree can produce bushels of fruit each year.
  4. Develop a "farm plan" on the land you intend to use for your food production. You will need to address specific issues in your planning, including wildlife encroachment, which may require fences or other permanent measures, sun exposures, since some plants require more sunlight to successfully produce than others, and topography, since tilling very steep ground is wrought with problems.

    • List all of the possible crops you will attempt to cultivate on your land. You should try to have as diverse a selection as possible to meet nutrition requirements mentioned earlier. You may be able to estimate a total yield per crop item by researching the growing success of others in your area, or by using information from the source you purchase your seed from. Using the list, and the planting plan you began earlier, you will need to calculate the amount of seed you will need. If you have lots of room, plant an excess to allow for poor performance until you have a firm grasp of what you are doing.
    • Plan to use your land as effectively as possible if you are limited in space. Except in very cold regions, you may expect to be able to grow and harvest summer, fall, winter, and spring crops. This will allow you to enjoy some fresh produce year around. Beets, carrots, cauliflower, snow peas, cabbage, onions, turnips, collards, mustard greens, and many other vegetables actually prefer growing in cold weather if the ground does not freeze. Winter crops are also much less subject to insect problems. If you are very tight on space, consider your alternatives (see Tips).
  5. Plan on your storage method. If you are going to grow grains, you will need barns which will keep your stored harvest dry and safe from insects and vermin. It is likely that if you intend to produce all of the food you consume for yourself, you will find that a combination of storage and preservation methods will be useful. The above steps mention several of these methods, but as a recap, the usual methods for storing foods are:

    • Drying (or dehydration). This is a useful method for storing fruits and some vegetables. It can be done without high-tech gadgets in most fairly dry, warm climates.
    • Canning. This requires containers (which are reusable with the exception of lids, which may deteriorate over time) but does require proper preparation, cooking equipment, and skill. Pickling is considered in this article as a "canning" process, although it does not have to be so.
    • Freezing. This, again, requires some cooking preparation, as well as a freezer and proper containers.
    • Bedding. Not previously mentioned, this is a method for storing root crops such as potatoes, rutabagas, beets, and other root crops. It is accomplished by layering the product in a dry, cool, location in a straw bed.
  6. Determine the benefits of this activity compared to the cost. You will be investing a considerable amount of money in start-up costs if you do not have any materials and equipment available at the beginning. You will also have a lot of labor invested, which may translate into additional expense if you forgo a regular job to pursue this effort. Before investing a great deal of time and money, research your local growing conditions, available crop selections, and your ability to manage this labor-intensive effort. The benefits will include having food that you can enjoy without the worry of herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants, except those used at your discretion.
  7. Begin your project in stages. If you have abundant land and sufficient equipment, you can start on a fairly large scale, but unless you have sufficient knowledge and experience, you will be gambling that the plants you select are suitable for your soil and climate. Talking to people in your area will often provide you with the best source of specific information on selecting your crops and planting times, but if this is not an option, plant "trial" plantings of new crops the first year to see how well they produce. Begin on a smaller scale, perhaps trying to grow a set percentage of your food requirements to give you an idea of the total yield you can expect, and work your way up to a self-sufficient level.


  1. Break the ground. For cultivated land, this is simply the process of loosening the soil, and "turning under", or covering, the plants or plant residue from a previous crop. It may also be referred to as "tilling", and is done with a plow or tiller pulled by a draft animal or tractor, or on a small scale, with a self-propelled machine called a "rototiller". You should clear away any large stones, roots and limbs, heavy accumulation of vegetation, and other debris before tilling.
  2. Lay of rows. With modern farm equipment, this process depends on the type of crop being planted, and "no till" planting actually skips this and the previous step. Here, we are considering the general method that would be used by someone who does not have this type of equipment and expertise. Mark out the area you intend to plant, and with a hoe or plow, create a slightly raised bed in the loose soil in a line across the length of the plot. Next, make your furrow (a shallow groove cut in the soil) with your chosen implement.
  3. Place your seeds in the furrow at the depth required for the particular crop you are planting. This may vary according to your choice of plants. As a rule, succulent plants like legumes (beans and peas)and melons, squash, cucumbers are planted between 3/4 and 1 inch (2 - 2.5 cm) deep, where corn and potatoes may be planted 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches (6.3 - 9 cm) deep. After placing the seed in the furrow, cover them and tamp (gently pack down) the soil lightly so the seed bed (the covered furrow) does not dry out as quickly. Continue this process until you have the number of rows you planned on planting.

    • Alternatively, you can "start" seeds indoors (such as in a greenhouse) and transplant them later.
  4. Cultivate your crops when the ground becomes packed by rainfall, or weeds become a problem. Because you are planting this crop in rows, you will be able to walk the center area between rows (the middles) to accomplish this, if you are doing this by hand. You will want to keep the soil around the roots loosened without damaging the roots themselves. You may use "Mulch" to reduce, if not eliminate "weed"/unwanted growth by undesirable plants.
  5. Watch for insects and animals which may damage your plants. If you see leaves which have been eaten, you will have to determine what is causing the damage. Many animals find tender young plants in a garden more appetizing than native growth, so you will have to protect the plants from these, but insects are a much more prevalent problem with growing food. You may find you are able to keep insect damage to a minimum by simply removing and killing them as you find them, but for serious problems, you may have to resort to chemical or biological control.
  6. Harvest. You will have to educate yourself to some degree on when to harvest your crop. Many common garden vegetables are harvested as they become ripe, and continue to produce throughout the growing season with proper care. Grains, on the other hand, are most often harvested when they are fully ripened and dry on the plant. Harvesting is a labor intensive operation, and as you become experienced in growing, you will find that you need to reduce the production of some plants so that harvesting can be managed.
  7. Preserve. For common vegetables, you have several choices for storing them through the non-growing season. Carrots, turnips and other root vegetables can be stored well into the winter months in the refrigerator or a root cellar. Drying produce is one option for long term preservation of meats, fruits, and vegetables, and for seed type crops like legumes, this will give excellent results. For succulents and fruits, you may want to consider canning or freezing your harvest. A vacuum sealer will give better results in freezing vegetables for long-term use.


  • Talk with neighbors about co-oping. It is easier to manage a smaller number of different crops, and you may be able to grow enough of some of your selection of food for two families, and another family would grow enough of other crops that you can exchange them.
  • Look at alternative methods for growing food if your space is very limited and your desire (or need) is sufficient to justify it. There are a number of high production, compact growing methods. Here are some with a brief description and links to sources with more detailed information:

    • Hydroponic gardening.[4][5] This is a method of growing in a liquid medium, also known as "soiless agriculture".
    • Vertical gardening. [6] This method is for "vining" crops which usually require a lot of space to spread out, yielding lower units per square foot. By erecting trellises, fencing, or other support structures, you may multiply your yield per square foot, as the vines will grow upward, rather than outward.
    • Container growing. Some plants can be grown in almost anything (even an old toilet, although tacky). Growing plants in "window boxes" has been common for many years to give a pleasant effect in the otherwise sterile environment of a city apartment, but the same process can be used to grow smaller, less root dependent food crops, like peppers, squash, tomatoes, and others.
    • Pottage gardening. This allows for concentrated blocks of vegetables and rotations. Also, it can become a beautiful way to replace a front lawn.
  • Look at outside sources of food to supplement your farming effort. Fishing, gathering wild berries and nuts, looking for edible plants growing wild in your region, even trapping and hunting may be possibilities for increasing the scope of your diet.
  • Don't give up growing your own vegetables in the winter! Consider growing sprouts in your kitchen. If you grow a variety of sprouts, such as radish, broccoli, alfalfa and clover, you will have a variety of tastes and types of vegetables to add fresh green to your diet to supplement your frozen and canned summer vegetables.
  • Build a greenhouse, which will allow you to grow food all year long, even in cold climates.

--- End of Wiki article ---


If governments really wanted to prevent civil unrest, Codex Alimentarius would not exist and there would be free education programs & tools to grow your own food, in the public, outside of the Internet!

That would disable their ability to add chemicals such as Aspartame Fluoride, Melamine, corn syrup, etc. & of course the erosion of our liberties with the implementation of their so-called solution of martial law to prevent any induced civil unrest.

Growing your own food means increased security & health.

You may have had a bad day, and don't want to read or hear anything 'negative'...

It is necessary to make it clear that this message is in fact very positive

If you never spent the time to read a full article now is the time, especially since this explains why you are unfulfilled and how you can be empowered.

 {tab=OpportUNITY}We are literally at the crossroads between complete tyranny and liberty. A necessary unfolding of evolution of TRUE spirituality is occurring simultaneously with the rise of tyranny and engineered chaos with the intention for governments to introduce so called solutions to the very problems they created, and this has become clear to most people now due to it's outright blatancy.

 Our challenge is to be able to drop the fear and steer the course of the dynamics of these dire world occurrences like a ship avoiding an iceberg, and accelerate the unfolding of what should be and could be by dropping all denial by realizing what is really going on and how important it is to bring awareness to everyone about these issues.


Even if all this were merely a theory, (which it is not) there is no reason why it should not be looked at with scrutiny... Our lives are not to be treated recklessly and be threatened with worldwide tyranny and destruction.

If a god created us as all religions state, he or she would not want us fighting each other.

We are simply trying to help everyone wake up to do the right thing, and then become change agents yourselves. - Everyone of all races, all ages, waking up in a multiplying effect...

If the worse comes to the worse, please try and stick to what is right, and know what is wrong, because we need to help each other, not fight and steal. We cannot have a repeat of what happened in Nazi Germany where nobody stood up to what was going on.

To finally have peace, we need a peaceful revolution.

{tab=Awakening}Awakening to to what is really going on, the true dynamics of our world is both like a loud, rude awakening, and a spiritually empowering awakening at the same time; a profound experience.

Are you going to take advantage of this opportunity and be a part of standing up against the manipulation and crimes against all of us or are you going to continue allowing and enabling your own enslavement? It may take time for some to break out of the conditioning where it has been ingrained in most people's minds to automatically dismiss this information because it's so different from what people are used to hearing, but just like how people learned that the Earth is indeed not flat, the public can be informed and learn about these truths as well.

Look around you at the beauty of the world, and feel the awe and wonderment of how incredibly amazing it is to be alive.

Many of us take it for granted as we go about our lives with business as usual, even though the state of the world seems to be deteriorating in a self fulfilling prophecy because the pain, suffering and misery makes us mentally weak and depressed, and since most people's lives are artificially made to be 'negative' (problems and stresses at work, at home, as people argue about mundane things, most of it caused by the systems of divide and conquer themselves, such as racism and poverty) but this doesn't mean that people have to continue assuming that conspiracy issues are 'negative' and are to be avoided like a bad TV show or bad video game... There is a real show, a real game that is being played, and we are all characters in it. The curious thing is, this game is real.

Governments clearly do not have the people in their best interests.

You've been lied to over and over, and now you want answers.
Because of the fact that this obvious, in your face urgent situation has finally given birth to an awakening that is now exponential, information we need to know that was otherwise previously called merely 'conspiracy theories' is peeking through the veil of the distractions, deception and resulting ignorance that has in itself played a part in enabling the immoral control and enslavement.
As a philosopher said in this quote "If we don't change our course, we're likely to end up where we're going" it is becoming increasingly apparent that business as usual should be off the menu!
We have been kept in the dark spiritually and technologically, forced to depend on oil and utility companies when we should all have solar panels on our homes and cars that charge efficient batteries. Greater demand for power such as factories and subways could use free energy technology, AKA zero-point energy. Meanwhile, solar flares and magnetic pole shifts pose a serious threat to take out the electric grid for decades. The solution which is to put ground resistors between the transformers is not being implemented. In fact, it's not even being discussed.
The many tentacles of the control system is a scientific dictatorship, yet no matter how devious the additives to food and water, staged or provocateur initiated terrorist attacks, UN funded wars of both sides, etc. people are now seeing through the lies and acknowledging the facts.

{tab=Truth}It only takes the tiny light of a candle to illuminate an entire dark room... It takes a lot of darkness to mask the truth so it is hidden in plain view. Conflicting religious beliefs are the main driven reasons for wars, but regardless of the fact that Judaism, Islam and Christianity were ALL founded on the old testament, the common sense way of being of having the simple philosophy of treating others the way you would like to be treated isn't embraced, and true morals lost amongst all the distractions and deception..
Challenge: a corruption and disruption exists due to the controlling bloodline families who have attained power through deceit for thousands of years creating a dependency in the manipulative establishments that exist only because we have been fooled.
Tax money is used to spread propaganda, to build underground bases to protect the criminals in control, to destroy proper systems of education and replace them with indoctrination centers which are designed to serve capitalism and the new world order, not creativity or spirituality.
Apparently, the government are supposed to be 'public servants' yet sadly, the reality is that we are currently serving them and this needs to change! -They are supposedly our servants aren't they?

As the destiny of humanity unfolds into fruition, we will see it ride the wave of what one would call 'truth', which is what IS, actually... irrefutably true, for the truth is bullet-proof, for quite simply, it is what is. You can have your own opinion about some things, but you can't have your own facts.
{tab=Powerless?} The so called global elite has admitted they are aware of humanity becoming aware politically. Hillary Clinton said there is an information war, and they are losing that war.  Ask yourself: Would you prefer regretting not doing more to try to change things that affect every aspect of your life, or would you like to be truly fulfilled by knowing you did the right thing?

The future is literally in your hands, in all of our hands.
It is so important that this message gets out to as many people and as possible as fast as possible, for it frustratingly should be obvious to everyone that all our lives are at stake and that we CAN actually all help each other save the world!

We the people, good people, outnumber the malevolent enforcers of tyranny who have an agenda for world government, and those serving this 'evil' must take the right road as well and arrest the criminals conspiring within the government and other world control establishments responsible for numerous crimes.
The 'feeling really small and incapable' perception is an illusion, it's time for a REAL revolution! The only solution is this critical unity of spreading these important truths and good people coming together to help make the world the way it should be.{tab=Crazy?}These are not 'theories', and it is morally imperative to give serious warnings the benefit of the doubt, so don't believe the information on this website naively, verify it for yourself.
It's actually crazy to blindly ignore serious warnings without at least giving it the benefit of the doubt. It's also crazy that people (less and less) blindly laugh at and ignore HARD EVIDENCE such as the danish scientist that found Thermite in the rubble of the WTC buildings. It sure is crazy that building 7 was reported to have fallen on the BBC news in a slip-up BEFORE it actually fell, and then we have the 'underwear bomber' being intentionally let on the plane to be able to bring in body scanners in airports, further advancing the dehumanization which is one of the tentacles of the pixels of the big picture most people have failed to see due to the induced insanity blatantly inflicted upon humanity, genetically modified food consuming, fluoride and aspartame drinking, cancer inducing cellphone using people that pay for gas to go to work so they can pay for gas to go to work in lieu of demanding for the original efficient electric cars and having solar panels to power homes instead of buying food they could be growing themselves.

Seeing how much less effort and work it will take to make things right, compared to the stress and unhappiness, and even mass genocide that will result from not taking action and making playing a role in participating in common sense It should be a no brainer for us all to do the right thing, and research information that may conflict with previous views and conceptions, just like one should take seriously any kind of warning, especially if it affects to such a level. {/tabs}

To the awakened and aware:

{tab=Taking action} NOW is the time to take action!


Spread the word!

Those who will be enforcing the new world (dis)order's tyranny will be the military and police, therefore it is imperative that they become informed about how they too are threatened by 'population control' and genocide... They too are being poisoned by the food and water (fluoride, MSG, bisphenol A, and now the air we breath via aerial spraying of barium and aluminum, AKA chemtrails -An informed society cannot be manipulated so:

  • Hand out fliers and documentaries.
  • Put up posters that have important and need to know information with website addresses on them while freedom on the internet still exists.


The following points should be addressed when speaking out and making posters and fliers:

  • There are certain families that have power over the entire world while the majority of people are powerless over their influence and control over all our lives. It's dangerous and intellectual bankruptcy to continue to allow this to continue!
  • The so called elite are openly calling for drastic population measures when the world is not overpopulated at all, we are all mostly crammed into cities and the majority of the rest of inhabitable land is used for corporate agriculture, when we should all be growing our own food.
  • Economies worldwide are being devalued almost simultaneously all over the world to cause civil unrest... And when protests occur, many of the videos are censored...
  • Anthropogenic (man made) global warming is a scam: Climate scientists, as well as the climate-gate emails can prove this to you, not Al Gore, with carbon tax plans.
  • Religions have been contrived to intentionally clash with others, causing divide and conquer, more problem-reaction-solution methods...
  • The arts are being cut from the education curriculum. Human creativity is being suppressed and limited in the education system... -Those making decisions clearly want us all to be nothing but worker drones, when the arts are connected with true spirituality and the soul.

All of this leads to the 'solution' being the military in the streets and total control over EVERY aspect of your life. People who refuse to believe that governments could be so evil say that this is all 'fear mongering' when the fear mongering is in things like engineered swine flus and staged terrorist events... Are you going to continue allowing this and regret it when it's too late? Or are you going to continue with business as usual and regret it when it's too late? Don't wake up in a FEMA camp, wake up NOW!


We are currently at a crossroads between liberty and tyranny. The decision to face and wake up to what is really going on or not is the determining factor that will decide our fate. -There has never been a time in history where our fate is literally in our hands. Not just Humanities hands, but those who live today... It is our generation that has the control over whether the endgame will prevail, or if what is right will prevail over what is wrong. The illusion that this is a daunting task is only that... -An illusion, and when the majority of the uninformed public becomes aware like many of us have, it becomes quite clear that it will be much easier than we think to restore our world to the way it should be. - Peace and harmony. When it becomes obvious that we have all been manipulated to fight each other with racism, sexism, etc, and not be aware that it's the controllers with a selfish agenda to enslave us all that have orchestrated it all as they feed us bread and games. {tab=What can we do}

So, what can we do to get this out to the majority?
It's really simple: The only way humanity is going to obtain freedom, prosperity & true democracy is for society to be informed in an entertaining and empowering way, since society has been brainwashed into being drawn into entertainment to distract from what is really going on and to try to forget about their problems, which mostly are caused by governments and those with special interests themselves.

While the window of opportunity and the door of free speech is still open, It is therefore imperative that we spread the word NOW!
Make fliers, posters, call radio stations, burn DVDs of your favorite documentaries.
We must use our creative powers to orchestrate a collective movement, but there is no time to be debating. There IS irrefutable evidence that if it is not known ASAP, we will continue to be manipulated by the powers that be, and shouldn't be able to threaten all life on earth and manipulate us all any longer.


We CAN change the path of history from a Prison Planet, back to the paradise it once was. - The time is now!