(And all criminals in control)

David King

The real reason they want to censor the internet worldwide is because the shadow government has something to hide... You know, the type, they go to secret illegal meetings called "Bilderberg". They provably stage attacks such as 9/11, they suppress clean energy technology while proposing carbon taxes, aerial spraying and population control as the 'solution'. It was known in the 20's that Fluoride reduces brain IQ, but the government cares so much about our teeth, to the point of making the world INGEST it. If a tube of toothpaste has a warning to not swallow even a pea-sized amount, and a glass of water contains the equivalent of Fluoride as a glass of water, taps in Fluoridated areas should have warning signs on them as well, but who would think to do that? Not too many people, as the latest Harvard study on Fluoride proves it REDUCES IQ. It's a catch-all term for thousands of different chemicals, and it's not the only chemical intentionally dumbing us down.

The bloodlines of the Illuminati are doing all they can, funding both sides of wars, using controlling religions that they created, dividing everyone to conquer etc. to bring in a dictatorship beyond fascist world government.

And the fact that more and more people are spending more energy and time actually looking up these facts due to the magnitude of seriousness, instead of denying it through cognitive dissonance and saying 'that's crazy, or yeah right', is a major threat to those that are hindering, controlling, and manipulating us spiritually, psychologically, monetarily, emotionally, and physically.

Free speech is being attacked worldwide in an unprecedented scale, and the time is now to download and print the evidence of their crimes, backup and share with everyone you know and tell them to do the same!

It's VERY simple: if you want to stop internet censorship, get the truth out to as many people as possible, because then it will be too late for the criminals in control to have a reason to control the internet. So, save the internet and save the world at the same time!

An alternative title for this article would be: How to stop all conspiracy realities immediately.

Don't just believe me, Alex Jones, David Icke or anybody... Look up the information yourself, and if life means anything to you, what our ancestors struggled and striven to survive to make us who we are, you wont be able to resist speaking out. What your friends or family MAY think of you should be an insignificant worry compared to what they will think of you if you did not warn them if we cross the crossroads between tyranny and liberty beyond the point of no return.

There is no fear of what "they" will do to you once you realize the plan to depopulate 90% of the world.

If the people of the world, including the police and military want to be free, live happily and prosperous, it is IMPERATIVE that we do the right thing and the  criminals of the establishment be arrested immediately, put on trial by a known judge not connected with the shadow government, and imprisoned. These individuals have a genetic bypass for empathy, and they will continue to murder and manipulate Humanity if left to roam free. People with serial killer mentalities should not be allowed to roam free, let alone be in positions of power, media and education.