1. Regaining faith in ourselves to govern our own communities & to shed the faith in governments & leaders is the first step. But to have faith in ourselves, we must change our World views & ways we perceive life in general. -Take a deep breath, break your routine & do things that will give you a chance to see how wonderfully incredible life is; to strengthen your desire to make a difference. If one person can change the world, many of us working together certainly will.
  2. Start growing your own food NOW! On your balcony, or even in your own home. - If you can grow flowers indoors, you can grow food. - Best of all, it's not GMO!
  3. Alternative to participating in capitalism by purchasing items, consider trading.
  4. Spread the word! Get engaged! get involved! Take action! An interesting tactic activists have is called 'shop dropping' -where people leave things in a store amongst the merchandize such as one of the printouts you can make here.
  5. Prevent further manipulation by speaking out about what you know, & DEMAND CHANGES! We need community input. The people must have a say in what goes on. Otherwise, we are slaves to an elite that owns & controls the World to their advantage.
  6. Turn off your TV! Shut down the machine. -You'll be amazed at how much better you feel.
  7. Tell your ISP that if they do not stand up against Comcast in censoring the internet, you will cancel your service with them. They will agree if their business is in their best interest, because many customers will cancel their services if only a few websites are accessable.
    The evidence of mass-deception and conspiracy may never get out to Humanity in enough time to prevent Worldwide tyranny. - This CAN be prevented, & it is very simple.


Governments will never solve the World's problems; they have created them. It is therefore in the best collective interests of most people for us all to come together on these issues. Ironically, the biggest issue we face is the fact that there is an agenda to establish a one world government, that would totally eliminate all of our freedoms as well as our chance to come together naturally. Bringing peace to the world on the common ground that the governments that intend to bring us together under one control are completely corrupt & should not be allowed to continue marching us towards social & planetary destruction.

We need to be using the obvious solutions available. Solar & 'Zero-point Energy. They are clean & efficient & could produce enough of the world's required energy demands.

As we helplessly watch 'our' politicians ruin our world & our lives, the possibility of having a great world to be proud of still remains, but time is running out. The good news is that mankind still has this window of opportunity to not only go down in history, but to end all this misery & fear by having the courage to: face the music and spread the word!

It would be incorrect and misleading to suggest that there is just one final solution to all of the World's problems, however most of them stem from a common source.

It is necessary to adapt our tactics when working to solve world problems by considering all possibilities while maintaining rationality by going with the natural explanation unless evidence indicates otherwise. It therefore follows that if the world differs to the general public's world views, one cannot obtain truth without an open-mindedness to overcome the instinctive tendency to dismiss info that at one time was referred to as 'theory', such as the Earth being in fact not flat, but round.