the rays of the sun 1507956Having trouble moving on because of self loathing and thinking about how bad things are? To tell someone to feel grateful for what they have is not enough. YOU NEED TO FEEL IT!

How do you do that?

Squeeze your thumb and forefinger together and imagine times where you felt gratitude for something in the past and you will fell better and resonate with that energy and attract better chance of getting what you want, getting a better life, and if we don't overcome the negative vibes and continue to self loath and dwell on the past and current bad situation it's hard to get out of that situation. 

I think if we focus instead on our moments of gratitude we have had in our lives, we can overcome and not live with negative feelings caused by events that affect us and keep us down; depressed.

It's not very easy, but habits are habits, and it just takes BELIEF, and INTENTION. 21 days of REALLY doing what is outlined in this article, meditating properly and feeling gratitude from a great moment in your past.

I've had some really good times in my past, and we must not focus on the hardship. Personally, I occasionally play old video games that I used to play as it brings back magical memories of things that happened during that time. I also climed a tree the other day, something I had not done in about 25 years. Most of the times we felt gratitude cannot be done again but we can FEEL that energy and resonate in the frequency where we were in tune with being productive and following our dreams and desires.

We are affected by things like being bullied, or having a single parent who had to work all day, not being able to spend needed attention, but as adults we need to address these issues and REALLY move on.

Furthermore, the proof of the afterlife also makes people really take control of their lives and break free from dwelling and wasting life thinking about negative thoughts from the past because we are going to be spending a LONG time in spirit form and let's be honest... the less reasons to dwell on regret then, the better. TIME TO REALLY TAKE FULL POTENTIAL OF OUR LIVES.

I had not listened to this podcast for a while and I came across something: It's about being able to have more care and power to see our time in this world as very important to take life seriously and make good decisions by realizing the proof of the afterlife. moving on from bad situations by unlocking gratitude.

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