Mainstream media outlets like the BBC and A.I. firms even took part in clandestine government efforts to combat dissent against draconian COVID measures.

A secret UK government unit worked with social media companies to shut down dissent against authoritarian lockdown policies during the COVID pandemic, according to a bombshell report.

Ministers set up the Counter-Disinformation Unit (CDU) in 2019 to address domestic “threats,” which was actually used to target critics of the lockdowns and the mass vaccination of children.


From The Telegraph:

Critics of lockdown had posts removed from social media. There is growing suspicion that social media firms used technology to stop the posts being promoted, circulated or widely shared after being flagged by the CDU or its counterpart in the Cabinet Office.

Documents revealed under Freedom of Information (FoI) and data protection requests showed that the activities of prominent critics of the Government’s Covid policies were secretly monitored.


An artificial intelligence firm (AI) was used by the Government to scour social media sites. The company flagged discussions opposing vaccine passports.

Many of the issues being raised were valid at the time and have since been proven to be well-founded. 

The CDU was at first embedded in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to tackle “misinformation” related to European elections, but soon turned its main focus to COVID.


The UK government has claimed that the Orwellian CDU “is focused on helping the Government understand online disinformation narratives and understand attempts to artificially manipulate the information environment.”

The report bears a remarkable resemblance to the Twitter Files revelations in the U.S., showing Twitter worked hand-in-glove with federal agencies to censor Americans criticizing anything from COVID vaccines to the stolen 2020 election.

The CDU also worked with artificial intelligence firms to flag and censor social media posts.

“The CDU has also commissioned reports from an external artificial intelligence firm, Logically, which uses AI to trawl the internet,” The Telegraph reported.

“The company has been paid more than £1.2 million by the DCMS since January 2021 for work that included helping to ‘build a comprehensive picture of potentially harmful misinformation and disinformation’.”

The newspaper added that “the BBC also took part in secretive meetings of a government policy forum to address the so-called disinformation.”

Though shocking, this report isn’t all that surprising given Infowars earlier this year covered the British army’s “information warfare” unit tasked with countering so-called anti-vaccine disinformation ahead of the UK government’s COVID vaccine rollout to millions of citizens.