In a post that reads more like a script for “The Twilight Zone,” a Canadian citizen writes that she was blocked from re-entering her own country, Canada, because she hadn’t received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Journalist Rachel Marsden said authorities stopped her in the airport when she flew from France to Canada to see her mother. Marsden said she not only had paperwork showing she had tested negative for COVID before she left France, but she also had proof with her that she had naturally-acquired immunity to COVID after having had the virus.

Since her antibodies were still so high, her doctor in France had advised her not to get the COVID shot. But antibodies mean nothing to the Canadian government, she said. It was proof of vaccination or no entry into her own country.

Without the vaccine, she had a couple choices: Pay up to $2,000 and stay in a government holding facility for three days, then be quarantined at home another 14, or turn around and leave. She opted not to consider the third option — trying to enter the country anyway — because that would result in a $6,000 fine and a stint in prison. So back to France she went.

RT August 3, 2021