Footage has emerged of a man viciously kicking at a teenage girl’s face after shouting at her for not wearing a mask. The passenger and a woman sat next to him can be heard rowing with the girl, who is believed to be 16 years old, after she boarded the bus. The woman threatens to ‘knock out’ the girl while the man holds her back, only to lash out at her with one leg as they leave the bus. A man in a suit then chases after him and throws him to the floor before savagely stamping on his head. 

The footage is believed to have been filmed on Thursday on the 79 route in Moxley, West Midlands, and has been circulating on social media. Police said they were investigating the incident as a racially aggravated attack after the pair appeared to comment on the girl’s ethnicity. The man can be heard telling her: ‘All I’m saying is put your mask on! I’m not being racist but the virus is more common in Black and Asians. Put your f***ing mask on.’

After the girl responds in a calm tone, the woman screams: ‘Why do I have to come on the bus and put up with you sitting next to us with no mask on?’ The man can be heard loudly castigating the girl before the attack on Thursday afternoon (Picture: News Dog Media) The trio start shouting over each other, with the man telling the girl she is more likely to ‘kill people’ by not wearing a mask. Eventually the woman shouts: ‘If you weren’t sixteen years old I would knock you the f*** out!’ The girl taunts her, saying ‘I’d like to see you try’, before other passengers start trying to defuse the situation.

As the pair leave the bus, the man turns back and tries to kick the girl in the face, narrowly missing and getting his leg stuck on a seat in front. A male passenger in a suit chases him down the aisle and flings him backward down the bus, telling him: ‘What are you doing you piece of s***? I will f***ing murder you.’ Another passenger vengefully threw the man to the floor and stamped on his head (Picture: Newsdogmedia) He stamps on the man’s head once before forcing the couple off the bus. A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: ‘We’re investigating after a teenager was racially abused and attacked on a bus in Hill Top, West Bromwich. ‘An argument broke out on the 79 bus in Moxley at around 5.40pm on 1 October, before a fellow passenger racially abused the 16-year-old and kicked her.

He was then thrown to the ground by another passenger, who then stamped on his head. ‘We have spoken to the girl, and are examining mobile phone footage which has been shared on social media.’ ‘We take racially aggravated crimes extremely seriously, and our enquiries continue.’