Witnesses of Texas UFOs Claim Intimidation

By Billy Booth, About.com

Ricky Sorrells

Witness Ricky Sorrells

The latest news from Stephenville, Texas, reads like a spy novel. It seems quite certain now that at least a couple of the UFO eyewitnesses have been threatened by someone, possibly our own government, to keep their stories to themselves. One of the main players in this scenario is Ricky Sorrels. He has gone public with his story.

Writer Angelina Joiner, formerly of the Empire Tribune has been the mainstay of the Stephenville sightings, and continues to break news from the area as it comes in. I have communicated with her a number of times.

Her article gives us all the details of the harassment of one of the main witnesses of the large UFO, Ricky Sorrells. He has witnessed four UFOs since the beginning of the year, and has not hesitated reporting to the public what he saw. Along with Steve Allen, he has been one of the most prominent proponents of getting to the truth behind the giant UFOs seen over the farming community of Stephenville.

After he became somewhat of a celebrity, his troubles began. He began to have military planes flying over his land, which frightened his livestock. He has also had many strange phone calls. All of these were simply to get him to quit talking publicly about what he saw in Stephenville.

"I'm not going to freak out or anything, Sorrells said. I just think the government should come forward and help us to figure out this thing. I think people should write to their congressman or something."

Sorrells became a celebrity after his interview with the Associated Press went worldwide in January. He claims that he was told by a Lt. Colonel to keep his mouth shut about what he saw.

One has to wonder that if Sorrells or any other witness for that matter, saw nothing more than jets, why would he be threatened to not talk about it? I think the answer to that is very evident. Sorrells has also had late night visitors on his property, sneaking around his house in more attempts to scare him. The same thing was true in the Roswell case1, when Mac Brazel was virtually taken prisoner at the Roswell Air Force base and interrogated, or should I say brainwashed, for five days. He was not even allowed a phone call to his wife to tell her where he was. If he had only seen debris from a weather balloon, why would the military give a hoot?

Many other witnesses were also threatened at the time, and again, what did they see that was so important? Remnants of a weather balloon, or something much more secret and sinister?

The same situation is playing out in Stephenville today. And the answers to the reasons why are really just a matter of using common sense. Some group within our government, possibly working outside the auspices of the President, is taking care of business. And their business is the controlling of information.

Let's face it, most people are afraid of the government, and rightly so. It's just a case of David and Goliath. If your own government intimidates and threatens you, they have endless resources and means to get the result they want, and there is nothing you can do about it.

We all know about the Cash-Landrum case2. Two women and a young boy were burned, became ill, with one of the women dying an early death. Why? They were exposed to high doses of radiation from an unknown flying object in the Piney Woods of Texas. Hospital records confirmed the diagnosis.

Later, they made a full report to the Air Force, and eventually sued the government for medical expenses. The result-all claims denied. The government said they knew nothing about what happened, although military helicopters were seen flying all around the UFOs. It will be very interesting to see how these things turn out. Will these stories just fade away in time, or will brave people like Mrs. Joiner continue to shout out the truth through her writings? We are hopeful the truth will be made public, and possibly the findings of MUFON will be an important part of that truth, that a large UFO visited the Texas town of Stephenville.

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