Scientists now believe, the solar flare could change everything for our civilization as we know it today. Predictions are being made to the effect that a major solar storm is set to strike America and some parts of the world on September 21 2012.

NASA has warned that a virulent Solar storm is likely to hit America by September 2012  and the resultant damage could be so catastrophic that America and some of the well known Super power nations could instantly become developing countries. Information relayed down to earth from the Voyager 1 and 2 has now convinced NASA officials and  Scientists that a solar storm leading to the Carrington effect is inevitable and could strike our world in  on 21st September 2012 because as of now, the entire solar system is moving into the  Inter-stellar energy clouds which are so turbulent that they have started exciting/charging the sun and the atmosphere of our planet. As this charging goes on, the sun will become more active with greater energy output into our atmosphere leading to more serious Solar storms resulting into the Carrington effect.


 The world was last hit by the most serious solar storm in 1859, an event still remembered as the Carrington event after a British amateur astronomer Richard Carrington who first explained to the world the cause of the event. The 1859 solar storm was an 8 day severe space weather that caused serious damage across the affected parts of the world. Scientists still say, the Carrington event of 1859 was by far the most powerful solar outburst the world has ever seen, this makes the anticipated 2012 solar storm very worrying to the scientists.

 The solar storm could change everything for our civilization as we know it today and the following are some of the scientific analysis scientists give to present just how deadly this predicted solar storm really;

The Power Grid system

Because of the Power grid interdependence with systems that support lives, namely, water and sewage treatment, super market delivery infrastructure, power station controls, financial markets, hospital theaters, a severe solar storm would immediately melt and knock out 300 key transformers in US within 90 seconds, cutting off power to more than 130,000,000 people. From this first 90 second of the solar storm, the super-power status of America will have been dealt a terminal blow. This is very interesting because, usually with other forms of natural disasters, the less developed economies are most vulnerable, but with a Carrington event, the highly sophisticated economies based on grid systems will simply face instant collapse leading to thousands of deaths.

 Drinking Water

Firstly, there will immediately be no drinking water for millions of people because the pumps will have gone silent. Anybody living in a high rise terrain will not benefit from the water flow through gravity, so water will simply be cut off with the black outs. For the rest on low lying ground, water may still come to the taps for a day or so but the taps would thereafter, go dry. Here in my country, we would rush to the available ponds without compromising our 3rd world status-imagining an American rushing to the Mississippi to draw drinking water for drinking and cooking would definitely make them a developing country.

 Powered Transport

The electrically powered  transport systems will immediately grind to a halt-people will find themselves unable to use underground and over ground trains, the super markets will immediately have empty shelves, the ATM machines will no longer spit out money, cellphones will go silent and probably drums and bells will be used to send out communications. The delivery trucks may keep running until their tanks dry out, from that time on, there will be no electricity to pump fuel from the underground tanks at the gas stations.

 Health care System

In Hospitals, backup generators would be made to run at certain key areas of the hospitals for about 3 days,  but as soon  as the fuel runs out, CT Scans cease to exist, x-rays become a crisis, surgery becomes a big risk and all in all, the modern health care system as we know it in America and other developed  countries will simply vanish and America will begin to look like some 3rd World.

 Death due to lack of drugs

A solar storm would not spare Nuclear stations as well. Most Nuclear stations are programmed to Shut down in the event of grid power irregularities and are not reprogrammed to start running until the power grid problem has been rectified. Remember, September will be nearly the onset of winter, so with no power for heating, cooling systems, many people, especially the elderly will begin to die in droves. Loss  of power at the major pharmaceutical plans would mean, people who are suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, asthma or HIV would all perish because the pharmaceuticals are not able to produces the life saving drugs.