May 14, 2009

News about swine flu epidemic has spread all over the world. The mutant virus continues to kill people. The number of victims will soon pass from tens to hundreds. Governments insistently advise their citizens to refrain from travelling to Mexico where the infection supposedly came from.

Quotes from Vanga’s prophecies about Third World War have grown popular in Russian blogs. “The war will begin in November 2010 and will end in October 2014. It will begin as a conventional war, then nuclear weapons will be used and then chemical weapons”, people repeat the words of the renowned fortune-teller.

An expert and political consultant Sergey Markelov who had been to secret laboratories in Latin America told in an exclusive interview which could be the reasons that made the virus appear and whether swine flu might be connected with biological weapons.

“There are two traditional versions for global infections to appear. The first one is a natural mutation of a virus, which takes place without the interference of man. The second one occurs when a virus appears as a result of the external factor, for instance, it may leak from secret laboratories.”

“How did swine flu appear, in your opinion?”

“As a doctor and a political scientist, I believe there was a leak from laboratories where biological weapons were developed. This will never be known for sure, but such laboratories were probably working on swine flu. Now this version is concealed.”

“What do you know about the development of biological weapons?”

“These weapons are being permanently developed, but we know barely a thing about it. The previous stage was a scandal over bird flu in China .”

“In which country can swine flu labs be located?”

“They could most likely be located in Mexico, where the CIA might be conducting its secret experiments. Mexico belongs to the group of Latin American states where many secret laboratories always existed.

“I have been there on a mission as a doctor. In the depths of the forest, there were thousands of laboratories. Many of them have become hotels now - I lived in such a hotel. We looked laboratories around, but it was not clear, whether scientists studied infections there.”

“What do these buildings look like?”

“On the outside they are completely made of wood, on the inside they are very well equipped. They are built on four or five-meter high hills. The buildings are completely adjusted for the jungle: they are protected against mosquitoes and wild animals.”

“How many people can work in one such laboratory?”

“About 30 or 40. I believe that experiments are carried out there on the animals that can be found in the country. It is unlikely that the test animals are delivered from abroad.”

“Can the news about the virus be spread in order to distract attention from the global crisis?”

“Yes, sure, from the point of view of the information war. The current world news is basically about either swine flu or the economic crisis.”


“Domestic Extremism Lexicon” memo says “patriot movement” primarily comprises of “violent” groups

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda analysis by:


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First off, that they would issue this then retract it shows they want people who are politically aware to recognize they are the new terrorists, they are new "enemies of the state" and they will be treated as such. This is done to strike fear into those who are in the know, it's an intimidation tactic to keep people from speaking out.

Secondly, to the semi-aware conservative who will see this report, he will feel even more fear because he will understand that he is the "new terrorist" and yet his reaction will be to deny it and feel it is something "liberals" are doing whom "his" conservative leaders need to fight against.

Third, the brainwashed liberal will interpret this the sickest, he will feel empowered by this report to feel the "liberal government" is fighting against "evil conservatives" who he has been brainwashed to feel are actually secretly "anti-government terrorists like Tim McVeigh", he will feel as any other plebe in history feels when "their" dictator gets in power, he will lust for the blood of "his enemies" not realizing he is nothing more than a "useful idiot" to be discarded the second his "usefulness" runs out.

It is sad to see how easily fooled some people are, but clearly the alternative media is felt to be the biggest threat to the powers that be. What is so great about the truth is once someone understands one truth it has a snowballing effect and before you know it they are highly aware and beginning to think for themselves. Lies on the other hand need to be constantly repeated and unflinchingly believed, and one lie which is fully exposed as such can bring the whole house of cards down. - Chris, IL

- What does alternative media have to do with violence & terrorism? Absolutely nothing.



A new Homeland Security document that received little attention during last week’s swine flu coverage shockingly lists the “alternative media” with other radical extremist groups and implies that people who disagree with the mass media’s version of events are potential domestic terrorists.

The “official use only” document is entitled “Domestic Extremism Lexicon” and was released on March 26, two weeks before the infamous “right-wing extremists” report that generated so much media attention throughout April.

According to World Net Daily, the DHS document was almost immediately rescinded, but the groups listed alongside Neo-Nazis, Aryan prison gangs and black power extremists again prove that the federal government is targeting American citizens who are merely knowledgeable about their rights and up on current issues as potential domestic terrorists to be treated as a “threat” to law enforcement.

Click here for the PDF file.

The preamble to the document reads as follows;

“(U//FOUO) Homeland Security Reference Aids—prepared by the DHS/Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A)—provide baseline information on a variety of homeland security issues. This product is one in a series of reference aids designed to provide operational and intelligence advice and assistance to other elements of DHS, as well as state, local, and regional fusions centers. DHS/I&A intends this background information to assist federal, state, local, and tribal homeland security and law enforcement officials in conducting analytic activities. This product provides definitions for key terms and phrases that often appear in DHS analysis that addresses the nature and scope of the threat that domestic, non-Islamic extremism poses to the United States. Definitions were derived from a variety of open source materials and unclassified information, then further developed during facilitated workshops with DHS intelligence analysts knowledgeable about domestic, non-Islamic extremism in the United States.”

In the same breath as radical Cuban Communists, the “decentralized terrorist movement,” “lone terrorists,” “racist skinheads” and the Mexican separatist movement, we find an entry for “alternative media,” alongside the blurb, “a term used to describe various information sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and issues that differ radically from those presented in mass media products and outlets.”

That’s right folks - the federal government is training its enforcers that people who don’t believe everything they see on Fox News, CNN or read in the New York Times are to be treated as a “threat” and a potential violent domestic terrorist.

Apparently it’s not enough to treat Ron Paul supporters, people who fly U.S. flags or people who are able to accurately recite the Bill of Rights as potential mass killers, now anyone who merely questions what is reported by the corporate media is also a danger, according to the federal government.

The document also lists people who oppose abortion, people who oppose giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and states that they “can be broadly divided into those who are primarily hate-oriented, and those who are mainly antigovernment and reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority. This term also may refer to rightwing extremist movements that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”

The document also mentions the “patriot movement” and states that it “primarily comprises (of) violent antigovernment groups.”

As we have documented for years, we haven’t yet come across a violent member of the “patriot movement” who wasn’t also a federal provocateur or at least someone being radicalized by the feds - Timothy McVeigh being a prime example.

The conclusion at the foot of the document encourages recipients in law enforcement to “report information concerning suspicious or criminal activity to DHS and the FBI.” So now according to the feds, running a news website that isn’t owned by General Electric or Rupert Murdoch is suspicious and potentially criminal.

As we reported last month, another recent Department of Homeland Security intelligence assessment equates gun owners with violent terrorists and states that radical extremists are “stockpiling” weapons in fear of an Obama administration gun ban.

The document was just the latest in a long sordid line of training manuals in which the federal government characterizes millions of American citizens as potentially violent terrorists who are a threat to law enforcement.

As we have exhaustively documented with the MIAC report and a whole host of others, the federal government apparently has very little concern for any perceived terrorist threat to America coming from the MIddle East or Al-Qaeda cells within the country, and indeed if any such threat existed we are only in more danger, because the feds have been busy training law enforcement that law-abiding American citizens who exercise their legal right to purchase firearms or who exercise their first amendment right to discuss politics or run websites, are potential terrorists who want to instigate a violent revolution.

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On the eve of the 2009 Bilderberg Group conference, which is due to be held May 14-17 at the 5 star Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel in Vouliagmeni, Greece, investigative reporter Daniel Estulin has uncovered shocking details of what the elitists plan to do with the economy over the course of the next year.

The Bilderberg Group meeting is an annual confab of around 150 of the world’s most influential powerbrokers in government, industry, banking, media, academia and the military-industrial complex. The secretive group operates under “Chatham House rules,” meaning that no details of what is discussed can ever be leaked to the media, despite editors of the world’s biggest newspapers, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Financial Times, being present at the meeting.

According to Estulin’s sources, which have been proven highly accurate in the past, Bilderberg is divided on whether to put into motion, “Either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline and poverty … or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.”

The information takes on added weight when one considers the fact that Estulin’s previous economic forecasts, which were based on leaks from the same sources, have proven deadly accurate. Estulin correctly predicted the housing crash and the 2008 financial meltdown as a result of what his sources inside Bilderberg told him the elite were planning based on what was said at their 2006 meeting in Canada and the 2007 conference in Turkey.

Details of the economic agenda were contained in a pre-meeting booklet being handed out to Bilderberg members. On a more specific note, Estulin warns that Bilderberg are fostering a false picture of economic recovery, suckering investors into ploughing their money back into the stock market again only to later unleash another massive downturn which will create “massive losses and searing financial pain in the months ahead,” according to a Canada Free Press report.

According to Estulin, Bilderberg is assuming that U.S. unemployment figures will reach around 14% by the end of the year, almost doubling the current official figure of 8.1 per cent.

Estulin’s sources also tell him that Bilderberg will again attempt to push for the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty, a key centerpiece of the agenda to fully entrench a federal EU superstate, by forcing the Irish to vote again on the document in September/October despite having rejected it already, along with other European nations, in national referendums.

“One of their concerns is addressing and neutralizing the anti-Lisbon treaty movement called “Libertas” led by Declan Ganley. One of the Bilderberger planned moves is to use a whispering campaign in the US media suggested that Ganley is being funded by arms dealers in the US linked to the US military,” reports CFP.

Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker, and other sources who have infiltrated Bilderberg meetings in the past have routinely provided information about the Bilderberg agenda that later plays out on the world stage, proving that the organization is not merely a “talking shop” as debunkers claim, but an integral planning forum for the new world order agenda.

Indeed, just last month Belgian viscount and current Bilderberg-chairman Étienne Davignon bragged that Bilderberg helped create the Euro by first introducing the policy agenda for a single currency in the early 1990’s. Bilderberg’s agenda for a European federal superstate and a single currency likely goes back even further.  A BBC investigation uncovered documents from the early Bilderberg meetings which confirmed that the European Union was a brainchild of Bilderberg.

In spring 2002, when war hawks in the Bush administration were pushing for a summer invasion of Iraq, Bilderbergers expressed their desire for a delay and the attack was not launched until March the following year.

In 2006,  Estulin predicted that the U.S. housing market would be allowed to soar before the bubble was cruelly popped, which is exactly what transpired.

In 2008, Estulin predicted that Bilderberg were creating the conditions for a financial calamity, which is exactly what began a few months later with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Bilderberg has routinely flexed its muscles in establishing its role as kingmaker. The organization routinely selects presidential candidates as well as running mates and prime ministers.

Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were both groomed by the secretive organization in the early 1990’s before rising to prominence.

Barack Obama’s running mate Joe Biden was selected by Bilderberg luminary James A. Johnson, and John Kerry’s 2004 running mate John Edwards was also anointed by the group after he gave a glowing speech at the conference in 2004. Bilderberg attendees even broke house rules to applaud Edwards at the end of a speech he gave to the elitists about American politics. The choice of Edwards was shocking to media pundits who had fully expected Dick Gephardt to secure the position. The New York Post even reported that Gephardt had been chosen and “Kerry-Gephardt” stickers were being placed on campaign vehicles before being removed when Edwards was announced as Kerry’s number two.

A 2008 Portuguese newspaper report highlighted the fact that Pedro Santana Lopes and Jose Socrates attended the 2004 meeting in Stresa, Italy before both going on to become Prime Minster of Portugal.

Several key geopolitical decisions were made at last year’s Bilderberg meeting in Washington DC, again emphasizing the fact that the confab is far more than an informal get-together.

As we reported at the time, Bilderberg were concerned that the price of oil was accelerating too fast after it hit $150 a barrel and wanted to ensure that “oil prices would probably begin to decline”. This is exactly what happened in the latter half of 2008 as oil again sunk below $50 a barrel. We were initially able to predict the rapid rise in oil prices in 2005 when oil was at $40, because Bilderberg had called for prices to rise during that year’s meeting in Munich. During the conference in Germany, Henry Kissinger told his fellow attendees that the elite had resolved to ensure that oil prices would double over the course of the next 12-24 months, which is exactly what happened.

Also at last year’s meeting, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice formalized plans to sign a treaty on installing a U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg.

Rice was joined at the meeting by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who reportedly encouraged EU globalists to get behind an attack on Iran. Low and behold, days later the EU threatened Iran with sanctions if it did not suspend its nuclear enrichment program.

There was also widespread speculation that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s “secret meeting,” which was accomplished with the aid of cloak and dagger tactics like locking journalists on an airplane to keep them from tracking the two down, took place at the Bilderberg meeting in DC.

It remains to be seen what kind of mainstream media press coverage Bilderberg 2009 will be afforded because, despite the proven track record of Bilderberg having a central role in influencing subsequent geopolitical and financial world events, and despite last year’s meeting being held in Washington DC, the U.S. corporate media oversaw an almost universal blackout of reporting on the conference, its attendees, and what was discussed.

Once again, it will be left to the alternative media to fill the vacuum and educate the people on exactly what the globalists have planned for us over the coming year.

Jurriaan Maessen

From the people who brought us key Pentagon documents on Strategic Information Warfare (SIW) and advisories on igniting wars with China and other ’super regions’, now comes a document published in late March of 2009 named the ‘Initial Evaluation of the Cities Readiness Initiative’. Published just a month before the recent swine flu outbreak in Mexico, the document arrives just in time to deal with the response and readiness of cities in case of a bio-terrorist attack or, as now applies, a naturally occurring disease outbreak.

In the study that the RAND-corporation did at the request of the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) on the existing Cities Readiness Initiative, the infamous globalist think- tank provided a favourable review of the existing program but added a few improvements of its own. Besides several mentions of emergency response in regards to disease outbreaks- amongst which a disturbing mention of mass vaccination plans- the main thread of the piece points to an increased central planning of actions as opposed to a decentralised response coordination. The tone is set at the very start of the ‘technical report’, where the authors explain:

‘Over the past decade, concern about the threat of bio-terrorism, pandemics, and other large-scale natural disasters has spurred large federal investments in state and local response capabilities.’

‘Since 2004′, the report continues, ‘CRI (Cities Readiness Initiative) has expended some $300 million to improve the ability of the nation’s largest metropolitan regions to provide life-saving medications in the event of a large-scale bio-terrorist attack or naturally occurring disease outbreak. Administered by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Division of Strategic National Stockpile (DSNS), CRI seeks to help awardees respond to a large-scale anthrax attack or other large-scale public health emergency by providing antibiotics and other life-saving medical supplies to 100 percent of a planning jurisdiction’s population within a 48-hour time frame. The program currently includes 72 metropolitan regions and covers an estimated 57 percent of the of the U.S. population.’

Related to the extend of the CDC’s jurisdiction in times of such an emergency is the Division of Strategic National Stockpile (DSNS), that acts as a medical reserve in case local and state medical resources become exhausted. Lisa Schnirring, a staff writer for the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy, sums up the most prominent findings by RAND’s researchers:

‘The program’s focus on a single scenario- an aerosol anthrax attack- along with specific targets has helped recipients prioritize their resources and reach out to vital partners, the authors reported. However, they found that areas with decentralized public health systems had a harder time forging relationships with other first responders, often because of the sheer number of jurisdictions.’

RAND therefore advises more central planning in regards to emergency response. Bio- terror attacks and disease outbreak are mentioned in the same breath so as to bring out a common and federal response for both later on. In a so-called ‘working paper’ issued by the RAND corporation prepared for the U.S. Department of Health in 2007, several drills are being proposed where different departments (CDC/DSNS and others) can practise and streamline their efforts. Under the headline ‘Embedding Drills in Routine and Small- Scale Events Might Increase Relevance’, the report mentions some earlier situations in which real events were combined with emergency response drills: (page 11):

‘Several jurisdictions are already using non-routine practises or small-scale emergencies to test large-scale response capabilities. For example, several jurisdictions used the influenza vaccine shortfall of 2004 as an opportunity to test the public health department’s incident command structure during an effort to mass vaccinate a large number of individuals in a single day (Seid. et al., 2006). Other jurisdictions have used annual flu clinics to test mass dispensing procedures for the SNS-program, which alleviates some of the costs associated with recruiting volunteers to act as test patients.’

In the same RAND- working paper, the authors conclude that an adequate mass counter- measure response is far from perfected and that further drills may be necessary in order to improve on the details (page 49):

‘While there is strong evidence that CRI (Cities Readiness Initiative) has improved planning for mass countermeasure dispensing, we were unable to assess jurisdictions’ ability to implement their mass dispensing plans in emergency conditions. Given the rarity of large-scale public health emergencies, demonstrations of these operational capabilities must come largely through exercises.’

The RAND people advise more frequently held exercises by lack of real emergencies, to test the ability for mass dispensing plans (read: mass vaccination efforts). As we learned under the report’s ‘Embedding Drills in Routine and Small-Scale Events Might Increase Relevance’, real events can be used to test and further improve their effectiveness.

Although a large-scale exercise might be difficult to achieve in the western world, such exercises are far easier to do in developing countries- where there is more open and widespread corruption and less constitutional boundaries holding you back. In March of 2007 the Rockefeller Foundation provided financial support through their ‘Disease Surveillance Networks Initiative’ to the RAND corporation ‘to conduct pandemic simulation exercises, both at a country-level as well as across the region.’, reports the Rockefeller Foundation’s website. On March 14 2007 the Foundation released a document called ‘Southeast Asian Nations Conduct Joint Exercise in Cambodia to Improve Flu Pandemic Response’. In this document, the infrastructure of the operation is explained:

‘Using techniques similar to those in modern war-gaming, the tabletop exercise was designed to foster cooperation among countries in the Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network (MBDS), the region seen as the most likely source of a potentially devastating flu pandemic such as avian flu. The exercise also helped identify gaps and weaknesses in systems for detecting, monitoring, tracking and containing the deadly disease. Senior Officials from the governments of Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand- including officials from the ministries of health, foreign affairs, agriculture, tourism and security as well as representatives from the UN, UNICEF, UNSIC, UNOCHA and a regional institute– participated today and yesterday in the exercise, which they designed and ran in collaboration with health specialists from the RAND corporation. The event was sponsored by the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s Global Health and Security Initiative, with additional funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Rockefeller Foundation. The exercise is a component of the MBDS, which was developed with support from the Rockefeller Foundation.’

As we have learned from the tragic events of 911, real threats and emergency response drills are not mutually exclusive as one cloaks the other. More often than not the edges are blurred, so it is impossible to say where the real event ends and the exercise begins and vice versa. This is the true curtain of fog behind which the globalists operate. As all of the different divisions are compartmentalised to focus on their small part within the great infrastructure, only the people at the very top have the entire map laid down in front of them on which they move the chess pieces around according to their designs. In light of the recent swine flu outbreak, we’re obviously experiencing a huge psyop drill to both assess the current status of centrally planned coordination of countermeasures (such as mass vaccinations) and acclimate the general public to such central coordinated actions in case of emergencies, whether real or feigned. But there is a third reason for such a psyop- and it fits in perfectly with the global agenda being pushed by the very same institutions that fostered the economic crisis, and are now crying for world government.

Almost six months after the mass exercise in Southeast Asia, the Foundation published another document called The Global Challenge of Health Systems. It is a summary of Pocantico II- a meeting held under auspices of the Rockefeller Foundation with high- ranking attendees including the Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro. In the preface of the publication, the Foundation’s managing director Ariel Pablos-Mendez explains that all attendees are in agreement when it comes to global response and coordination needed for future ‘emergencies’:

‘The participants agreed that the (Rockefeller) Foundation should support efforts to rethink the overall global architecture of health institutions.’

Later on in the report (page 5), the authors elaborate on these ‘efforts’ and recent steps taken to ensure that all heads are pointed in the same direction:

‘Recently a number of initiatives have been launched to help strengthen health systems, including those by Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and a network of ministers of Foreign Affairs. The Rockefeller Foundation itself is supporting a joint initiative of the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations to rethink the architecture of international health institutions.’

To assist in this process of ‘rethinking’ this global architecture in regards to global pandemic outbreaks, the report mentions that:

‘…The group agreed there would continue to be the rising threat of global pandemics. While new diseases may be emerging at roughly the same rate as before, the trends of globalisation speed their spread and thus increase the threat of new pandemics. Globalisation trends make it essential for health systems to improve surveillance and develop appropriate rapid response approaches.’

Slowly the picture becomes more clear as yet another crisis is generated and more fear is being pumped into society’s bloodstream. As recent developments have showed, the global financial crisis is used as the perfect pretext for world government. A global pandemic outbreak does the same. A global threat gives the power behind the throne the tools it needs to come up with a global response, and another step towards world dictatorship has been taken.