Bob Chapman
The International Forecaster

The US and Israel are on parallel paths.  Each is now a base of operations for the Illuminati, and each will be discarded as a nation-state entity once their usefulness to the cause of the New World Disorder has been served, or at least that is the plan.  Our nations have become a den of vipers.  The corruption lies not with the common folk, but with their bought-and-paid-for or compromised leadership, while the common folk are kept in the dark by a corrupt media that is owned and controlled exclusively by the Illuminati.

oil field

  Once the Illuminati have control of the world’s most prolific and profitable oil supply, they can use it to force other nations, as well as their own people, to accept one-world government by turning off the taps.

Both the US and Israel have created the best enemies that money can buy, because the objective is to cause as much bloodshed and destruction as possible, for as long as possible, in order to provide fun and profits for the benefit of their respective military-industrial complexes.  After all, you need a scapegoat on which to blame the destruction and loss of life that is necessary to rake in trillions of dollars in war profits, to implement genocides and population control agendas, to exert your political will, to rob other nations of their resources and to satisfy the limitless bloodlust of the satanic, megalomaniacal, trillionaire sociopaths who run the shadow governments in both the US and Israel.  

The Illuminati, however, have conspired to achieve their objectives while simultaneously preventing the US and Israel from becoming too powerful, prosperous and independent to want to surrender their sovereignty in favor of world government.  After all, why would the people of any free and prosperous nation with superior military and economic prowess on a global basis ever succumb to a one-world, Marxist-fascistic, Orwellian police state of feudality?  That is why our respective militaries have been forced to suffer nothing but losses, stalemates and incomplete victories since the end of WWII.  This process of implementing wars for profit without achieving too much military power and economic independence has been achieved by hamstringing US and Israeli military operations with incomplete or scaled-back objectives, moronic rules of engagement, insufficient manpower and equipment and implementation of defective military strategies which ensure that operations will devolve into a complete cluster-f–k, thus always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Why did Roosevelt provoke the Japanese, and allow them to destroy our battleships in Pearl Harbor, while the carriers were conveniently on maneuvers off shore?  Was is because he was worried the Japanese might find out we had broken their code, or was it to hamstring our navy to make sure the war would drag on in the Pacific for years to ensure that the Illuminist military-industrial complex made mega-profits and took us out of the Depression which the Illuminists themselves had caused?  Couldn’t we have prevented the attack, saved several thousand lives and used the old ships until the new ones were built, and still have beaten the snots out of the Japanese?  Did Admiral Kimmel have to be disgraced?  Why did we ship defective weapons to nationalist forces in China, thus allowing the communist forces to take over after WWII?  Why was General Patton assassinated by our own military when he sought to push the soviets back to their own borders, and why did we then set communist Russia up with a new kingdom in the Yalta sellout of Eastern Europe? Why did we abandon the Hungarian freedom fighters at the last second in 1956 and allow the communists in Soviet Russia to slaughter them?  Why did we not bomb the Chinese troops in North Korea for a sure victory as desired by General MacArthur, who was later disgraced by the evil Illuminist puppet, Harry Truman, instead settling for a division of Korea into North and South sectors by a demilitarized zone which we still occupy to this day?  Why did we cut short the TET Offensive in Vietnam, which would have brought us to a complete victory according to the leading North Vietnamese General who admitted he and his troops would have been done for, thus settling for a later loss instead after a long, bloody and expensive war?  Why did we stop short of taking Baghdad in the First Gulf War?  Was it because we were winning too speedily with too few casualties for the Illuminists to make their usual gargantuan war profits? Was there not enough bloodshed to quench their thirst the Illuminati’s thirst for blood?   Why did we use depleted uranium in both Gulf Wars so as to sicken and kill our own troops?  Was it to make the medical and pharmaceutical industries flush with cash and to cut pensions short, thus saving hundreds of billions of dollars?  Was it to reduce the number of patriotic veterans who might violently object to the implementation of world government?  Why did it take more time to beat a bunch of rag-head terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan numbering in the mere tens of thousands than it took to win WWII?  Why did we use a small fraction of the number of troops recommended by our senior military commanders for the so-called War on Terror?  Why were our troops continually ill-equipped and running excessively long tours of duty?  Was it because we wanted to extend the war and wear out our military in order to reduce the number of US troops, and the potential for objection to world government by our patriotic veterans, by replacing them with mercenary killers who could care less?  Why did we cause a civil war on top of the war to remove Saddam, due to the supposed errors in judgment that were made in our strategies for conquest?  Was it to extend the war while channeling hundreds of billions to Illuminist contractors and mercenaries via no-bid contracts?  Why did Clinton give our nuclear secrets to the Chinese?  Are you beginning to get the picture?

In 1947 to 1948, Israel was sold out by Britain as it gave up possession of Palestine, which left them with indefensible borders and a country less than ten miles wide in some sections, thereby ensuring continual conflict with the Arabs.  This vicious redrawing of borders to foment conflict is something the British Black Nobility are experts at after centuries of practice.  They thought that the Arabs would destroy Israel which was becoming a thorn in their side because they wanted a piece of the Middle East oil action, and Israel was putting a crimp in their plans.  But then Israel won miraculously in the face of an overwhelming attack by several Arab nations simultaneously, and Truman saw his chance to use Israel to gain a foothold in the Middle East, a base of operations for Illuminists of the US faction.  Incidentally, Britain lost virtually its entire empire after screwing Israel, a nice bit of poetic justice and divine retribution for their treachery.  But Israel did not press its advantage, winning by simply surviving, in its first war with the surrounding Arab states.  Many of the Palestinians left the Palestinian territories bordering on Israel during this conflict, thinking that Israel would be easily defeated and that they would get to take over all the Israeli lands, as well as get their own back.  Their desire to get this abandoned land back is the basis for the so-called "right of return."  Frankly, in attacking Israel, the Arabs forfeited their rights to their own lands by failing to respect Israel’s borders, as did the Palestinians by cooperating in the war to destroy Israel.  The surrounding Arab states could and should have taken all the displaced Palestinians in, but instead left a good portion of them along Israel’s new occupied lands as a hemorrhoid for Israel to deal with, allowing their Arab brethren to live in poverty and squalor rather than take them in after telling them to leave and then losing the war.  They use the Palestinian territories as a base from which they can terrorize Israel and eventually destroy them.  They have no intention of giving Israel peace, but instead want to take them apart piece by piece via the corrupt Oslo process and the so-called Roadmap to Peace, which should be termed the Roadmap to Israel’s Destruction.

In its 1967 Six Day War, which was a preemptive strike by Israel in an act of self-preservation against Arab states massing troops along its miniscule borders, Israel could have been more aggressive, but they pulled back and started negotiating with the Arabs after less than a week of fighting, when they could have extended their borders and made them more defensible.  Why?  Was it because the US insisted to protect its US oil interests with the Arabs?  Was it because, in any case, the US Illuminists did not want Israel to become too powerful and extend their borders too far, because they wanted to destroy Israel when they had finished using it as a base of operations for Middle East conquest?  Why did the US withhold aid from Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War until it was almost too late, thereby almost destroying Israel in the process?  Was it because Kissinger, Nixon’s Secretary of State, wanted to bloody Israel’s nose to show them who was boss, and that they had better do as they were told, or else?  Why, after Israel blew through Lebanon in the First Lebanon War and surrounded Arafat and his PLO, did they allow him to escape to Libya?  Why did they tolerate the PLO for so many years when they could have easily eliminated them?   Why did they allow Hamas to be eligible for elective office when they are sworn to the destruction of Israel?  In the second Lebanon War, why did they use a tiny fraction of the forces used in the First Lebanon War against an enemy that was far more entrenched and dug in than in the first war?  Was it because they were not supposed to win at the insistence of the US?  Were they told to keep Hezbollah in place to keep fomenting terror and trouble, thus generating profits for the US and Israeli military-industrial complexes?  Why does the US fund Saudi Arabia which then funds Hamas’ operations?  Is it not convenient for oil companies to have an excuse to gouge consumers every time the Middle East ignites in conflict?  Is not the whole peace process just a way to dismantle Israel after US and Israeli Illuminists are finished with it?  You better believe it!!!  Are you starting to get the picture again?  

The fact that the US is the top-ranked military power in the world, and that the Israeli military is the top-ranked military in the Middle East, is no coincidence.  Israel, of course, derives much of its strength from money and aid provided by the US, and it is, in essence, a satellite base for the Illuminist operation to create a region of oil hegemony in the Middle East where oil is the cheapest, and therefore the most profitable, to extract.  Additionally, the control of this crucial resource provides great political clout and the opportunity for economic extortion in the great play for power. Russia is currently doing something similar with natural gas.  Once the Illuminati have control of the world’s most prolific and profitable oil supply, they can use it to force other nations, as well as their own people, to accept one-world government by turning off the taps, by driving the price up to extortionate levels or by driving the price down to levels that are economically unsustainable for competing nations who would prefer to pass on a one-world system.

In addition to the manufactured wars for profit and the attempt to put a stranglehold on critical commodities and other resources, is the Illuminist economic destruction agenda which is being played out right before your eyes in the US and around the world.  This destruction was brought about by the intentional creation of a conspiratorial daisy chain of fraud throughout the mortgage and consumer loan industries via derivatives traded in the unregulated OTC derivatives market, accompanied by intentional regulatory failures by the Fed and the elitist bootlickers in our government along with legislative machinations that opened the Pandora’s Box previously closed and locked by Glass-Steagall, AND NOT BY UNINTENTIONAL MISCALCULATIONS OR ERRORS IN JUDGMENT — THEY KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING!!!

The products spawned by that daisy chain of fraud were spread throughout the world like a deadly poison, only to be cut off unexpectedly and serendipitously by Meredith Whitney of Oppenheimer when she exposed Citigroup’s subprime derivatives as being toxic waste weapons of mass financial destruction.  In addition, here in the US, the Illuminati have used free trade, globalization, off-shoring and outsourcing, along with both legal and illegal immigration, to bust our unions, and to destroy our domestic manufacturing sector by shipping it overseas, along with the productive, good-paying jobs produced by that sector.  In place of those jobs in the manufacturing sector, we now peddle toxic waste derivatives, flip hamburgers and greet people entering department stores.  These are the new "wonderful" jobs driving our new economy.  The idea here was to knock the snots out of everyone around the globe, and especially in the US, so they will beg for a one-world solution, which will of course be offered in true Hegelian Dialectic fashion.

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