A 'cuddlier kind of globalization' my eye! One can only wish that was the case.

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I like to browse through Montreal's 'Mirror' paper to find activism stories. I came across a push for world government. The lady pictured probably has no idea what she is really part of, and the real reason why world government is being pushed IS WORSE than simply 'world domination'. I find it hard to believe that somone so intelligent could be so misinformed & I don't mean to be rude here, but it's common for the elderly to think like children, and only somone younger than three would think that more of the government that is making peace and justice an impossibility would be a solution to the problems that are CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT. To think world government would be a good thing in ANY way is incredibly naive, and yet when any average guy talks about the new world order, we get labelled as cooks and conspiracy theorists. I mean come on! It's time to get real, and face reality! It's also very amusing that the only letter I've seen so far about the article was written by Carol Greene herself, and she called it 'informative'; how could it be informative for her? She's part of the movement for world government, trying to make it look like a good thing, and that it could possibly be democratic and disgustingly calling it 'cuddly.' How could it allow for the PEOPLE to have a say in what goes on? What's scary is that there is a brotherhood for the 'federation' in cities throughout the world! - And they were set up LONG before the economic crisis and recent climate change. - There are 3 primary reasons for the advocacy of a one world government, AKA a new world order, and they are as follows: 1) The Economy 2) Climate change 3) War - All three, and more are actually caused by the same groups that are offering this so-called 'solution'. Economy: Brokers and international bankers & the 'Federal' Reserve are to blame for this sudden World-wide economic crisis. Don't take my word for it, research yourself. The value of all currencies are being devalued intentionally. When loans with interest are issued, the loan plus the interest must be repaid. - When money is issued, it is simply printed out of thin air, devaluing the value of the currency. - No matter what it is, and so we are seeing the engineered collapse of economies worldwide. Climate Change: The causes of climate change are not certain, however let us assume that Human activities are impacting the global climate. - The constant environmental degradation; de-forestation, pollution & weather modification programs are... you guessed it: due to the sofisticated system of suppression & manipulation of the corporate-state complex. Governments & companies all over the world have made clean energy an impossibility intentionally. If the global elite actually had our best interests at heart, solar panels would have been mass=produced LONG ago to reduce cost, and would be now as cheap as toilet paper. War: We already have a global government, that is correct; Bilderberg group & the UN. But you will not mention that will you? The global elite have funded BOTH sides of both WW1 and WW2. It's called divide & conquer. So I ask again, Carol: Do you have Children or grandchildren? Because a militarized planet would not be the best thing for any of us. The elite are setting up a world government that will be totalitarian and cruel. What we need is for the PEOPLE to come together; not governments that control, lie, manipulate and limit every aspect of our lives. {/slide}

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Source: Montrealmirror.com

The All-Earth government

The World Federalist Movement wants and
works towards a cuddlier kind of globalization

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“Global problems, like climate change and nuclear issues, need tohave global solutions,” says Carol Greene, president of the Montrealbranch of the World Federalist Movement Canada, explaining why shebelieves a unified world government is necessary. “[Besides,] wealready have a global government—the global corporate system. We needone which is a little more ethical.”

Star Trek fans notwithstanding, the notion of an internationalfederation goes back at least as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans.In the wake of the first and second world wars, a modern movement aroseseeking to create a single world government that would solve disputesand prevent devastating conflicts like the ones that had just engulfedmuch of the planet. Notable devotees to the idea have included theGerman philosopher Immanuel Kant, science fiction writer H.G. Wells andthe late Sir Peter Ustinov, who served as president of the WorldFederalist Movement International from 1991 until his death in 2004.

While acknowledging that the concept of an all-powerful worldgoverning body may sound ominous and soul-crushing to some, Greene, aretired teacher, voices a reassuring note, explaining that the proposedpolity would be “democratic and accountable.”

“Some people think that we want to take over and become adictatorship,” she says. “But that’s not at all what we have in mind.”

What they do have in mind is creating an international body similarto the UN, but with balls. One sticking point for those wary of afuture dominated by a centralized global authority is bound to be theprinciple of military intervention when “countries are unwilling orunable to protect their citizens,” something which already has a legalbasis in the Responsibility to Protect doctrine (which states that theinternational community, usually in the form of the UN, can intervenein a country if its government is unable or unwilling to protect itsown citizens). “That may loom in some people’s minds as intervention ina sovereign country’s territory, but what is the alternative in [placeslike] Sudan?” Greene asks. But, she adds, “There’s a whole list ofsteps, prevention, education, and diplomatic and economic measures thatshould be undertaken before military action.”

Politically, Greene is reluctant to peg the WFM as leaning to theleft or the right. “It’s a reformist movement, so it’s progressive.We’re strongly in favour of human rights and labour and environmentalstandards,” she says, citing the conflict in Darfur, climate change andUN reform as top priorities.

The Montreal chapter of the WFM Canada hosts bimonthly luncheonswhere subjects of interest are discussed and an “issues action group”engages in letter writing campaigns to politicians. “It’s a socialaffair, but with a speaker,” says Greene. This coming month’s topic is“A New Economy for the Common Good,” and features Peter Brown of theMcGill School of Environment, and Geoffrey Garver, authors of therecently published Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy. “It’s very timely,” Greene says. “And it has an extensive section on the need for a global federation.”

And though it might seem like a pipe dream right now, supporters ofa world federation point to the International Craiminal Court andsupranational institutions like the European Union as evidence that therealization of their goals might not be as far off as first appears.“We’re aware that it’s not going to happen next week or next month,”says Greene. “But we’re working on an incremental approach.”

Update: Her letter to the editor: ... Researched information? If this were not so serious, I would be laughing!

Letters unite world

[Re: “All-Earth government,” News, Jan. 29] Thank you for your informative article about World Federalism. Your reporter provided excellent background to the ideas behind our goal of globalizing peace and justice, through an eventual democratic world federation.

One inaccuracy, however, about our branch activities. In addition to three or four public meetings with eminent speakers (and only one annual luncheon), for many of us, our most satisfying involvement is through our letter-writing groups.

Writing in a group, based on well-researched information, briefly discussed, is a satisfying use of an hour or so. Recent topics have included the tar sands and climate change, national defence and Afghanistan, cluster munitions, and the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Responses to our letters indicate that our opinions carry some weight, greater than a form letter or petition. Everyone is welcome to join us.

>> Carol Greene, President
Montreal Branch WFMC