Kurt Nimmo

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are under attack. From the Indiana Supreme Court ruling that citizens do not have the right to challenge invading SWAT goons to rampaging cops putting non-violent protesters at the Jefferson Memorial in chokeholds, our cherished liberties are being systematically trashed by government.

None of this is consequential. In order to usher in a one-world government with its attendant police state and high-tech control grid, the government must denigrate and eventually eliminate the Constitution. Rolling back liberties that stretch back to the Magna Carta and the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason is part of a concerted effort to establish global totalitarianism. Minus our heritage, we cannot resist the forays of the money and monopoly men as they consolidate their hold on the planet and humanity.

In the video here, Alex Jones addresses these crucial issues in stark terms. He notes that we have realized essential victories, most recently the push-back against the political machine in Texas attempting to sideline and cripple an attempt to prevent the feds and their TSA goons from sticking their hands down the pants of children under the guise of fighting phony terror supposedly perpetuated by cave-dwelling Muslims.

Our task is ongoing. Either we bravely stand up and resist tyranny or we go gently into the night – a darkened nightmare of FEMA concentration camps, high-tech surveillance, and the eugenics master plan of the elite that dead-ends in termination of the vast majority of humanity.