SkyWatch Canada Infowars September 29, 2009

After the mainstream media ran numerous stories on mass vaccination plans in Canada and the US there has been a large outcry from health care workers as well as the general public. Although the media never came out and plainly said that the ‘H1N1 Vaccine is mandatory for everyone’, they did allude to it. A story was published in the National Post that plainly stated “Under Canada’s official pandemic plan, the entire population would ultimately be immunized against the H1N1 swine flu.”. This is basically equivalent to saying that the H1N1 vaccine is compulsory for all Canadians. But after the public expressed disdain for this, the government started to back pedal. Chief Public Health OfficerDr. David Butler-Jones started making statements like ,“ Immunization will not be mandatory and not all Canadians are expected to want it.” More news articles were later published making it seem like only enough vaccine is being ordered for the 75% of the population that are expected to want it. But then the results of the vaccine ‘trials’ ‘demonstrated’ that only one dose will be needed as opposed to two.  This implies that Ontario has ordered more than enough vaccine to inoculate the entire population. So in light of all of the mixed messages, what’s the real story on forced vaccination in Canada? In 1996 Ontario passed the Health Care Consent Act, which allows treatment such as vaccination to be administered without consent of the individual in the case of a loosely defined “Emergency”. In Quebec the Public Health Act clearly states: “Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, while the public health emergency is in effect, the Government or the Minister, if he or she has been so empowered, may, without delay and without further formality, to protect the health of the population, (1) order compulsory vaccination of the entire population or any part of it against smallpox or any other contagious disease seriously threatening the health of the population and, if necessary, prepare a list of persons or groups who require priority vaccination. ” Clearly it is not unforeseeable that mandatory vaccination could be a reality in Canada during this pandemic.

Recently, Greg Evensen a former Kansas State Trooper reported that he has state troopers across America telling him that to enforce vaccination orders this fall, road blocks will be set up along with a system to identify travelers who have received the vaccine. Metal shackle like bracelets with embedded RFID chips will be attached to those who receive the shot. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will be loaded on a bus and sent to a quarantine facility/FEMA camp. Templates for quarantine orders for  Iowa ,  Floridaand  North Carolina have been found on the CDC web server, that tell a similar story. Get the H1N1 vaccine or get sent to a quarantine/detention facility. The question should be asked, are there similar plans in the works in Canada? In 2005 a new Quarantine Act was passed to deal with the transmission of communicable diseases by travelers entering or leaving Canada. Powers are awarded under this act to a Quarantine Officer to issue an order for a traveler who may have come in contact with someone with a communicable disease, to comply with treatment (ie. vaccination) or any other preventative measure (Section 26). If the traveler refuses to comply with the order he or she may face detention at a quarantine facility, until they decide to comply with treatment (ie. vaccination) or no longer pose a risk (Section 28). The threat posed by this act is diminished by the fact that it only applies to people leaving or entering Canada. Unfortunately there is a real possibility that the definition of a traveler may be expanded to include internal travelers (ie. everyone). The 2004 Public Safety Act (Bill C-7 (2004) formerly Bill C-42 (2002)) amends the Quarantine Act , and in doing so grants powers to the Minister of Health to make an interim order without Parliamentary oversight, to expand the definition of a traveler to include anyone residing in Canada. This sets the stage for a grim situation much like the one depicted by Greg Evensen. Is it likely that despite all the legislation allowing mandatory vaccination in Canada that they will be optional this fall ? The mainstream media is trying to make it seem like that will be the case. But what if the NWO crime syndicate intends to advance their population reduction agenda through a mass vaccination campaign? Opposition to forced vaccinations would be more than enough reason to round up resistors and send them to quarantine facilities/ concentration camps. If that is to be the case, lets hope things don’t go according to plan.