Kevin Fogarty

According to a PDF containing what purports to be a leaked psychological assessment of the leaders of LulzSec and Anonymous by the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit (which also profiles serial killers), Anonymous is not only not a collection of individuals, it’s a coherent group that poses a threat to national security.

Neither the FBI nor Dept. of Homeland Security have commented on the “leak,” which may be a fake according to the TechHerald, but seems to reflect accurately the thinking behind a series of DHS warning bulletins and crackdowns that have resulted in 75 raids and 16 arrests of Anonymous members just this year.

Anons themselves refer to the group as a rough, almost coincidental collective of individuals that occasionally cooperate on projects to protest specific things.

There are approximately eight vortices of special interest within the collective, according to interviews, postings and counter-arguments posted by various Anonymi in response to invective by those it attacked.

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