But Facebook will suppress posts users find "offensive" to their religion

Facebook won’t remove a page calling for the execution of liberty activists but the social media site will suppress posts users find “offensive” to their religion.

The Facebook page Execute Chemtrail Activists and Geoengineering Fearmongers on Sight calls for the murder of activists planning a Jan. 26 geoenginneering protest at the Weather Channel headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., but Facebook said the threat “doesn’t violate” its community guidelines.

“Facebook is egregiously allowing this page – whose title in and of itself contains a death threat – to remain up as in their words, it doesn’t ‘violate’ its policy,” event organizer Marylou Harris said. “As an admin for this event, I take these death threats very seriously and therefore contacted the Cobb Co., Ga., police who have opened a report.”

What does violate “community standards,” according to Facebook’s new flagging feature, includes posts that “offend” users’ religious beliefs, posts that advertise gun sales and posts users find “annoying.”

Facebook claims the new flagging feature is meant to suppress “fake news stories” but that’s obviously not the case.

“This of course means that Facebook can be completely gamed by agenda-driven political subgroups, governments or corporations to unfairly suppress information which challenges their position,” Paul Joseph Watson reported. “Note how this new system allows Facebook to totally escape the backlash it would have otherwise received for censoring free speech by deleting posts.”

“The posts are not deleted; they’re merely relegated so hardly anyone sees them.”

So it’s obvious Facebook’s moderation is meant not to restrict violent threats but rather to steer public opinion into the establishment’s favor.

Major corporations and the government are already deceptively editing Wikipedia articles to smear anyone who challenges government viewpoints.

“Beginning in 2006, Wikinews reported that members of Congress or their staff were vandalizing Wikipediaby removing critical information in various articles, or adding false or offensive information, Wikinews reported. “These edits were and continue to be done using computers owned or operated by the United States government.”

“…Wikinews has found that at least two of the three major Internet Protocol Addresses (IP) attached to computers used by members of the U.S. House of Representatives and their staff have been the source ofWikipedia edits for several years.”