Kurt Nimmo

Cherif Bassiouni, who led a U.N. Human Rights Council mission to Tripoli and rebel-held areas in late April, says between 10,000 to 15,000 people have been killed since NATO began bombing the country.

“His panel found evidence of war crimes by Gaddafi forces, including attacks on civilians, aid workers, and medical units. Aircraft, tanks, artillery, Grad rockets, snipers were used. It also found some evidence of crimes by opposition forces,” reports Reuters. “Libya has denied the charges and accused rebels of butchery and cannibalism.”

Nowhere in the report is mentioned the toll on civilians. It would seem, according to the globalists at the United Nations, civilians are not killed during massive bombing campaigns conducted in densely populated cities such as Tripoli.

The corporate media usually dismisses Libyan claims that the NATO terror campaign is killing innocent civilians.

“Interestingly, the efforts of the Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press, and others to portray Libya claims on the bombings as ‘absurd’ are patently false and are merely efforts to defend in the court of public opinion, the indefensible bombing of civilians going about their lives in a heavily populated area,” Cynthia McKinney wrote on June 7 fromTripoli. “The people of Tripoli endure the trauma of repeated bombings in their immediate environment.”

McKinney continues:

The Washington Post headlined “Libya government fails to prove claims of NATO casualties” and the Los Angeles Times headline blared, “Libya officials put a spin on a conflict.” These bombs and missiles are not falling in empty spaces:  people are all over Tripoli going about their lives just as in any other major metropolitan city of about two million people.

This is the side of the story you will not read or hear about. It is the duty of the handmaiden corporate media to sell NATO’s mass murder at the behest of the globalists as a surgical operation aimed specifically at Gaddafi and his henchmen.

The corporate media is complicit in the murder of innocents. But then this is nothing new. It was complicit during the invasion of Iraq and eagerly served as a propaganda conduit when it published ridiculous stories about aluminum tubes and mobile chemical weapons labs that were invented by criminal necons at the Pentagon.