Editor’s Note: Although not seen to an expert in military matters, unelected puppet British PM David Cameron appears to be an ace in promoting Israeli foreign policy. Cameron’s latest fantasy toss harkins back to Tony Blair’s Foreign Secretary Jack Straw when he infamously proclaimed before the Iraq War that Saddam Hussein could launch missiles to hit UK bases in Cyprus… in less than 45 minutes. Lies tend to come cheap when the powers that be become desperate to go to war. While the PM keeps up the PR on Iran, Cameron’s sidekick William Hague is busy handling British intel asset Danny Dayem airing his fake news reports from Syria, and pushing more lies regarding Assad’s government in Damascus. The general rule of thumb in western politics is, when there’s an absence of any real evidence – then just start making things up.

Jason Groves
Mail Online

March 7, 2012

Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, David Cameron warned yesterday.

In a chilling echo of the build-up to the war against Iraq, the Prime Minister suggested that the country’s drive to develop the bomb was potentially a direct threat to the UK.

His comments appeared to move Britain a step closer to war against the hardline Islamic regime.

He told MPs the Tehran government was trying to develop ‘intercontinental missiles’.

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