Dan Harris proves yet again why the establishment media is increasingly shunned and distrusted

Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt Nimmo

An ABC Nightline hit piece on Alex Jones which aired last night attempts to smear the radio talk show host as a dangerous purveyor of “paranoia porn” who is inciting followers to violence, an unfortunate angle to take in light of the fact that just a day earlier, James Jay Lee was inspired not by Alex Jones, but by top-down establishment propaganda about environmentalism, when he decided to take hostages at gunpoint during the Discovery Channel building siege.

The headline of the piece, “Angry in America: Inside Alex Jones’ World,” instantly implies that Jones lives within his own paranoid fantasy bubble and that “Alex Jones’ world” bears no relation to the real world.

The agenda from the outset is to portray Jones as a kind of freak show leader for mentally disturbed conspiracy theorists. Interviewer Dan Harris constantly asks Jones if he believes in what he says, an ceaseless ploy to undermine the authenticity of the subjects about which Jones warns his listeners.

Jones is depicted not as a journalist, but as an entertainer and a purveyor of “paranoia porn,” as if his entire career is just one big sideshow, something to be scoffed at by real intellectuals who watch ABC News. The problem with this smear is the fact that ABC News, along with almost every other establishment media network, is hemorrhaging viewers because their credibility is shot.

Watch the clip.

Having covered up and lied for the Bush administration for eight years about weapons of mass destruction, torture and illegal invasions, and having continued in the same vein under Obama in shilling for big government, state run health care and the collapsing economy, the big networks are watched and trusted by barely anyone aside from frightened old geriatrics who have lost control of their bladders.

Harris’ efforts to label Jones as a nutcase ranting on a street corner through the implied reasoned credibility of ABC News is an exercise in futility, since ABC’s credibility disappeared many years ago.

In a follow up article posted on the ABC website, Dan Harris invokes the familiar smear of attempting to denigrate Jones’ material by accusing him of proliferating hate and violence.

“Jones’ critics say that by floating his highly-charged ideas at a time when the nation is already very angry and anxious, he’s upping the odds for unbalanced people to do stupid things,” he writes.

Unfortunately for Harris, he couldn’t have picked a worse moment for this lazy sideswipe, since just this week it was a top-down belief system, that of neo-eugenics and environmentalism, promoted not by conspiracy theorists by by the establishment itself, that inspired crazed gunman James Jay Lee to take hostages after he stormed the Discovery Channel building in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Indeed, Alex Jones has spent the past four years rallying against the very extremist ideals that Lee cited as his motivation, beliefs that have constantly been pushed by corporate media networks, ABC News amongst them.

In addition, the only people in the alternative media promoting violent rhetoric are people like Hal Turner – who was paid by the FBI to do so.

The best Harris can muster is a lone nut who snuck into Bohemian Grove eight years ago, injuring nobody whatsoever, and the case of a woman who took photos of an Air Force base who was never even charged with a crime.

In the Nightline piece, Harris fumbled in his effort to characterize Jones as a conspiracy nut after Jones pointed out the obvious — the global elite are establishing world government. ABC and the corporate media have reported on this fact numerous times. Jones showed Harris and ABC documentation of this fact, but it ended up on the cutting room floor because the point of the Nightline segment is not to present objective facts, but portray Jones as a dangerous conspiracy kook.

Is the usually staid Wall Street Journal a coven of conspiracy nuts? In November of 2009, the newspaper reported that the Copenhagen Agreement engineered plans for “a transnational ‘government’ on a scale the world has never before seen” under the aegis of the United Nations.

The Financial Times published an article in late 2008 on the agenda to establish “global governance,” shorthand for world government. Gideon Rachman, FT’s chief foreign affairs commentator, wrote that while he does not believe in black helicopters, “for the first time in my life, I think the formation of some sort of world government is plausible.”

Earlier this year, European Council president Herman Van Rompuy went on the record in a very visible way and demanded world government in response to the bankster engineered financial crisis, itself a ploy to force world government on Europe and the rest of the developed world. Van Rompuy’s call was covered by the Independent, another staid establishment newspaper. Nobody called the editors deranged conspiracy theory mental cases.

Indeed, when Jones provided Harris and ABC News with articles and clips of Van Rompuy and a multitude of other top globalists calling for a new world order and a one world government, Harris simply claimed that they were talking about a different kind of world government, whatever that is supposed to mean. Presumably, the conspiracy for world government only exists if it is characterized as a happy-clappy utopia for everyone. As soon as you dare criticize it and point out that its very nature is fundamentally undemocratic, you instantly become a dangerous lunatic and the whole thing doesn’t exist.

ABC is well aware of the world government agenda, but they count on the ignorance of their audience — or the perceived ignorance, since millions of people are now awake to the reality of a one-world authoritarian government. ABC’s assigned task is to convince people Jones is a dangerous nut, not present the facts in an objective manner. It is irrelevant that Jones backs up his claims with plenty of research.

Harris repeated the corporate media canard that the water is safe to drink and only paranoid right-wing nut cases talk about fluoride and drugs in our drinking water. And yet the corporate media routinely reports on the dangers of water fluoridation and numerous cities and municipalities around the country are calling for the substance to be removed.

In 2008, paranoid and dangerous radicals at none other than USA Today reported that pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans. The New York Times attempted to mollify the herd by claiming the presence of this cocktail of poison is not necessarily a bad thing. “Little study has been devoted to the long-term effects of low-concentration exposure on humans,” the Gray Lady reported, never mind numerous studies revealing the presence of drugs has feminized male fish, earthworms and zooplankton.

ABC wasn’t going to allow Jones the time to present a shred of evidence because this wasn’t a balanced investigation, it was a hit piece. John P. Holdren, the current White House science czar, wrote a textbook in which he called for a “planetary regime” to carry out forced abortions and mandatory sterilization procedures, as well as drugging the water supply in an effort to cull the human surplus. Harris wasn’t about to give that issue a moment’s attention because the whole process was about shooting down the messenger, not seriously evaluating any of the evidence of Alex Jones’ claims.

It should come as no surprise Dan Harris and ABC did not include documentation Alex Jones provided to make his point, documentation easy enough to find if one searches the corporate media’s own stories posted on the internet. ABC and other corporate media dinosaurs are not interested in reporting the truth. A million people listening and watching Alex Jones six days a week is the issue, not world government or the soft kill agenda of the global elite.

Indeed, ABC itself reported on the secret meeting between billionaires such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and David Rockefeller, a gathering to discuss ways of curbing overpopulation, and yet Harris cites a CNN article about encouraging women not to have children and dismisses it as nothing more than sarcasm.

ABC’s hit piece — while mostly polite with well-placed zingers designed to convince people to stay away from Jones and the patriot and truth movement — is mostly a flailing and doomed effort.

Far too many people are awake and many of them understand what ABC’s Nightline segment on Alex Jones represents — a desperate and feeble attempt to shut down the opposition. Casting Jones as a dangerous hatemonger is absurd and will not demonize the man or his message. In fact, it will likely do the opposite of what ABC and the establishment media intend.

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