You may have noticed during the very short moments between work & play in your daily lives that the media has been saying that anyone who criticizes Obama is labelled as racist, thus instilling the issue of racism. 

This phenomenon allows the establishment to then prevent you from criticizing the president , no matter what he does. I don't have to make a list, we all know it.


It's incredibly outrageous to me that anyone could think I for example, someone who wants everyone to come together is racist in any way!

We all have to come together; old young, black, white, men and women.

Assuming a god created us, why would this god want us to kill each other? All religions should not fight each other! Take a deep look at what is happening, we all must stop fighting each other, and start non violently fighting those that have set things up to have the population of the world in conflict.

There is mounting evidence that the elite bloodlines have set all of this up, but one must research history themselves to believe it, let alone realize that knowing what is really going on is the coolest thing in the world, to say the least.

We have to all come together NOW!!! ALL OF US!

The time is literally now to stand up by spreading the sources of evidence to as many people as you can.

A distraction yet again from the real issues at hand, such as what the leaders of the world are actually doing, this particular flavor of war on dissent is a means of playing us all off against each other even more than we have already been, due to the suppression of true spirituality.