The Sicilian sentence that has condemned information on the net, regarding it as crime, is provoking protests and alarms on the web and in every "responsible" corner of the country. The reasons are heavy as stones. The principles that have made the history of the democratic thought have been attacked: the same ones for which, in our country, men like the Rosselli's brothers, Piero Gobetti, Antonio Gramsci, Eugenio Curiel, Giovanni Amendola, have spoilt their engagement and gave their life. The principle of the free expression has been particularly attacked, this principle is representative for all freedoms, it constitutes a hinge of the republican Constitution.

The current Italian government, than is connoting itself more and more in an illiberal sense, cannot avoid the moral duty of answering these days' protests. Enough with infringes. The wave of indignation will not stop soon, and we are committed to continue as long as possible. The last frontier of democracy, in its most open and advanced form, represented by free expression in the Internet, by the communication that breaks in and bursts out in all directions, that makes citizens protagonists in a new way, is at stake. The Italian Constitution which, as Piero Calamandrei has remembered us, was not born in the parlours neither in the rooms of the power, but on mountains, beside the bodies of the victims of the war, between fires of the cities in revolt, is at stake.

A law is quickly necessary, a law distant from every possibility of misinterpretation, in order to stop the censor and repressive wefts of the strong powers of the country, illiberal and anti-democratic for vocation, in a definitive way. It is also necessary that the legislator understands that the information on the web cannot have principle limitations. The net is a hinge of our time, in which the democracy, with the exercise of confrontation, gets body and voice. It cannot be therefore annihilated, as it happens in Iran and Birmania.

Appeal is then made to the web, to the communication on all levels, to the civil and responsible country, so that the mobilization will continue endlessly, with strong initiatives. The Sicilian sentence, as a blogger has written, could be one of last "pearls" of a necklace that, day after day, is changing in an oxbow. It is about doing whatever possible to avoid this happening. It is necessary to prevent that Italy becomes the pyre of free expression, still remembering that the pyres of ideas may a preparatory stage of open scene regimes.

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