Bradlee Dean

Last week we heard that the TSA approved flight training for 25 illegal aliens at a Boston-area flight school, which was owned by an illegal alien, according to the Government Accountability Office. This was due to a gaping loophole which should have provided background checks for flight school attendants, or a proof of citizenship at least.

In addition, President Obama’s Lack of Justice Department seems to be doing everything within its power to block states from adopting reasonable voting requirements, including photo ID, and to prevent states that want to purge dead people and noncitizens from their voter rolls.

Pretty telling. This is the same criminal administration that is at war with governors of states who are attempting to prevent illegals from entering this country, while allowing the criminals in the TSA to violate American citizens. This government has been lax on holding themselves accountable, and has instead targeted every American citizen as a suspect in terrorism.

The function of the TSA has never been about terrorism, it is about violating and desensitizing you, the American people. As we can see, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to the TSA and this administration.

The Fourth Amendment states:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT be violated…”

Furthermore, airports are not required to have the TSA, which, in fact, has not been successful in catching a single terrorist.

The problem with the TSA employees is that it didn’t require any discipline to attain their positions. They simply stood on the shoulders of a corrupt administration, only to fulfill the position of the newly created bureaucracy, which brought in “order out of chaos.” America was so preoccupied with the “terrorism” bombarding their every thought through the state-run media, and before the American people knew it, it was slapped on the table under the guise of “security.”

Since the TSA has violated and stripped down the American people, it is time we turn the light on them and expose the crimes of the TSA.

Bradlee Dean is an ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer, talk-show host of the Sons of Liberty Radio, and speaks in college and high school campuses with his ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International.