• - Account holders asked for passwords and financial information
  • - Scam mirrors ‘real’ warnings sent to internet trolls
  • - Comes in form of email from site
  • - Latest in string of high-profile attacks on Facebook

Robert Waugh
Mail Online

‘Phishing’ scams range from the hilariously inept up to sophisticated attacks that can fool even computer experts. 

But a new email Facebook scam is among the cleverer attacks directed at users of the social network – now a commercial hub used to trade music, video and films.

A recent assault designed to steal users’ Facebook details is among the most sophisticated yet, say experts – because it mimics the security procedures that sites such as Facebook or Google use to defend against ‘internet trolls’ and other ‘bad behaviour’ online.

The scam comes in the form of an email accusing the user of a violation for insulting or annoying another Facebook users – and saying that their account will be deleted in 24 hours.

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