Bullet-proof mobile surveillance unit readied for potential civil unrest in United States

Paul Joseph Watson

US lawmakers yesterday witnessed a special demonstration of the Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST), an elevated monitoring tower that is set to be used by law enforcement in the United States as part of an emergency response to civil unrest.

The device, manufactured by Terrahawk, LLC, is basically a high-tech prison guard tower fitted with surveillance and communications capabilities.

It was demonstrated yesterday to “Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate along with their staffs; with MUST, law enforcement agencies can quickly set up a mobile surveillance tower for emergency response, crowd control, or general surveillance,” reports Homeland Security Newswire.

The fact that Congress members and Senators were given a special demonstration of the unit suggests that its makers are pushing for the device to be approved for widespread use by law enforcement domestically, and not just on the border with Mexico.

Indeed, the tower is already being used inside the United States on a limited scale. In December, members of the South New Jersey Tyranny Response Team spotted one of the units with blacked-out windows situated next to a city park in a low crime area where it remained for several days.

The tower has also been designed to be bullet-proof, its paneling consists of ballistic shields, suggesting that its use is intended for hostile situations, not merely general surveillance.

The device is part of widespread law enforcement preparations for rioting and civil unrest. Police in New York are already being trained for this eventuality should an economic collapse provoke social dislocation that has already been witnessed in the UK, France, Greece and other areas in Europe and the Middle East,.

“The portable surveillance vehicle has already been purchased by police departments across the United States and it has been deployed along the Texas border by several sheriff’s departments,” states the HSNW report.

Another promotional video for the device shows it being used outside a sports stadium.

As Congressman Ron Paul has warned, technology being used on the border to catch illegal immigrants is now being turned against the American people.

The HSNW report quotes an anonymous narcotics officer, who says that border authorities are, “Using this unit basically for national security. We are watching to make sure the violence does not pour onto United States soil.”

However, as we have seen from the unit’s deployment in New Jersey, these high-tech guard towers could soon proliferate American streets in the name of “national security”.