Kurt Nimmo

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and rapper Lupe Fiasco went at it on O’Reilly’s show Monday night. O’Reilly defended Obama’s wars and Fiasco criticized them. Bill was supposedly miffed that the Muslim rapper considers Obama a terrorist.

Both were clueless on the actual reason why the U.S. has sent thousands of soldiers to numerous countries. Both O’Reilly and Fiasco said it’s all part of the war on terrorism. Both more or less agreed there needs to be a war on terrorism.

Lupe, despite his political naivete, was partially right when he said Obama is a terrorist. More accurately, Obama is a teleprompter reading actor who is at best an accessory to crimes against humanity. The real criminal terrorists will never share a podium with him and will certainly never appear on the Bill O’Reilly war propaganda show. The real criminals are in his Goldman Sachs, CFR, and Trilateralist dominated cabinet. From there it goes to Wall Street all the way up to the top of the very pinnacle of power and domination.

O’Reilly and Fiasco agreed that the reason the United States invaded Afghanistan was to hunt down – or “smoke out,” as a previous teleprompter reader disingenuously said – Osama bin Laden and a terrorist group named after a database.

That was the pretext designed for public consumption. The real reason was to establish a foothold in the region and pave the way for the real target at the time – Iraq – and set the course for later military action against Pakistan and now Libya and soon Yemen, Somalia, Syria, and other official enemies. It was about geopolitical politics and brinkmanship with China and Russia. It wasn’t about hunting down a cave-dweller hooked up to a dialysis machine.

Fox News and Bill O’Reilly will never have an honest discussion about the manufactured war on terror. They will never admit that the so-called war on terror is in fact a war declared on the people as a cartel of bankers and transnational corporations grab global resources, centralize control, and impose a high-tech police state and control grid on humanity.