Kurt Nimmo

During an NPR interview of New York Times veteran reporter Thom Shanker, who co-authored Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda, we learn that the Pentagon routinely pretends to be al-Qaeda:

“What the American military intelligence can do is forge the watermarks or certification of official al-Qaida postings,” says Shanker. “American cyber technology is so advanced that they can have a near perfect re-creation of an al-Qaida message — and what they’re doing from time to time is going on jihadi websites and posting conflicting and contradictory orders, statements that raise doubt about who the jihadis should follow and who is really in charge … and the goal is to really disrupt the entire network by sowing dissent and confusion. We’ve been told they’ve had some great success at that.”

In other words, we have no way of discerning between the “real” al-Qaeda and the facsimile created by the Pentagon and the CIA.

Claims that al-Qaeda videos are fake and the discrepancy of “fat” and “Grecian formula” Osama bin Ladens are usually ignored by the corporate media or dismissed as conspiracy theories. Shanker’s report from the Pentagon lends credence to skeptics who insist al-Qaeda is not what the government says it is.

This denial persisted even after the CIA admitted faking al-Qaeda videos and having its employees dress up and act like the dead Osama bin Laden.

Not that it matters. For instance, the New Osama, Anwar al-Awlaki, dined at the Pentagon – a fact reported by Fox News – but this did not jive with the official Pentagon generated narrative, so it was ignored.

This new information will either be ignored or the professional script-readers who pretend to be journalists will fail to connect the dots, as usual.

The essence of Doublethink, after all, is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct. Normally, such information creates cognitive dissonance – the uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously – but in the bizarro world that is the forever war of manufactured terror, this no longer applies.

The Pentagon can now brazenly admit it creates terrorism and we are expected to assimilate this without question or further intellectual processing. If we point out the obvious, we are either ignored, dismissed as insane – a favorite tactic of neocons such as Newt Gingrich – or accused of aiding and abetting the enemies of freedom.