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Israel Recruits Army Of Bloggers To Troll Anti-War Websites 190109top2

Israel has announced that it is setting up a network of bloggers to combat websites deemed “problematic” by the Zionist state, presumably to propagandize about the necessity of killing babies and infants in the name of self-defense.

Israel’s global reputation for being the new Nazis was already firmly established, but the ceaseless and indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, labeled a war crime by international observers, has hardened opinion against the country and this has manifested itself nowhere more than the world wide web.

Israel’s response will be to flood the Internet with PR agents who will attempt to create a phony consensus that the ZIonist state’s barbarian actions are justifiable.

According to a report in Haaretz, the Immigrant Absorption Ministry is setting up “an army of bloggers” who will “represent” Israel on “anti-Zionist blogs” in English, French, Spanish and German.

The ministry’s director-general Erez Halfon told Haaretz that over a million people who speak a second language are being targeted in a recruiting drive that will then direct the volunteers to web sites deemed “problematic.” Presumably their mission would be to troll comment boards and forums with pro-Zionist arguments, a public relations stunt that we have seen employed by other entities such as Monsanto and more recently Centcom and the U.S. Air Force.

Such ongoing efforts to infiltrate the Internet and propagandize for the war on terror are well documented.

CENTCOM has programs underway to infiltrate blogs and message boards to ensure people, “have the opportunity to read positive stories,”presumably about how Iraq is a wonderful liberated democracy and the war on terror really is about protecting Americans from Al-CIAda.

In May 2008, it was revealed that the Pentagon was expanding “Information Operations” on the Internet with purposefully set up foreign news websites, designed to look like independent media sources but in reality carrying direct military propaganda.

More recently the New York Times published an expose on privately hired operatives who have been appearing on all major US news networks promoting the interests and operations of the Pentagon and generating favorable news coverage of the Bush administration while posing as independent military analysts.

This operation was formally announced In 2006 when the Pentagon set up a unit to “better promote its message across 24-hour rolling news outlets, and particularly on the internet”.
Again, the Pentagon said the move would boost its ability to counter “inaccurate” news stories and exploit new media.

Just over a week ago, the US Air Force announced a “counter-blog” response plan aimed at fielding and reacting to material from bloggers who have “negative opinions about the US government and the Air Force.”

The plan, created by the public affairs arm of the Air Force, includes a detailed twelve-point “counter blogging” flow-chart that dictates how officers should tackle what are described as “trolls,” “ragers,” and “misguided” online writers.

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