Paul Joseph Watson

Big Sis Cites Staged Portland Terror Plot To Expand Domestic Spy Program 030211top

Homeland Security is gearing up to accelerate the roll out of its domestic spying program by teaming up with the Department of Justice to expand the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative, and in doing so cites the justification of the alleged plot to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, a case of entrapment where the would-be bomber was groomed, set-up and even provided with a fake bomb by the FBI.

“To help federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies better share this information, the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI) has taken the processes that law enforcement agencies have used for years, and established a unified, standards based approach for all levels of government to gather, document, process, analyze, and share information about behavior-based suspicious activities that potentially have a nexus to terrorism while rigorously protecting privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all Americans,” states the DHS press release.

Big Sis is working closely with the U.S. Department of Justice to unfold more tentacles of a domestic informant program which has already manifested itself with telescreens at Wal-Mart checkouts telling shoppers to report on members of their community, in addition to further announcements and signs at the upcoming Super Bowl to be held at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas this Sunday.

The DHS press release cites the alleged “plot to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon” as a justification for the expansion of domestic spying.

As we documented at the time, the man accused of attempting to blow up a Christmas tree in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, was a befuddled patsy, groomed and radicalized from start to finish by the FBI as part of a radicalization and entrapment program.

Shortly after news of the attempted bombing broke, it emerged that the FBI had provided Mohamud with a fake bomb, van, and cell phone (to be used as a detonator) in the incident, as well as thousands of dollars in cash at every step of the plot.

Stephen Sady, assistant federal public defender, said the arrest of the 19-year-old native of Somalia “was obviously timed for maximum impact and maximum publicity,” occurring as it did around the busy Christmas period. The DHS has certainly exploited the publicity surrounding the non-event to push its anti-American domestic stasi campaign.

The FBI-orchestrated event was cooked up not only as yet another sideshow in the never-ending war against manufactured terror, but also as a stunt to frighten the people of Portland into accepting the presence of the FBI.

The FBI is notorious for recruiting clueless patsies in bogus terrorism cases. Over the last few years, dozens of such cases have provided the government with a diet of propaganda fodder in the fake war on manufactured terror.

The government has to keep stoking the fires of the myth that there are terrorists waiting to pounce around every street corner in order to justify the bloated budget allocated to anti-terror programs, and in order to legitimize domestic informant programs like Homeland Security’s “Say Something, See Something”.

In reality, as we have documented, Americans are just as likely to be killed by peanut allergies, accident-causing deer, and lightning strikes than they are by terrorists. Despite the constant drumbeat of establishment fearmongering about the imminent threat of terrorist attacks, the likelihood of actually being a victim of one is infinitesimally small, and only highlights how such threats are hyperbolically exaggerated for political purposes and the continuing slush fund of expensive anti-terror programs that do nothing to catch real terrorists and everything to crush constitutional rights.