Editor's note: I was thinking that this could have been a staged event, & when I read the comments on the source of this article, I saw that others had thought the same. He was too quick, & on the ball. I could be wrong however.

Source: Infowars


As Bush makes a crude joke about a “size 10 shoe,” Muntader al-Zaidi can be heard screaming in the background. The corporate media, of course, will not show you the entire video.

Earlier today, the Roads to Iraq blog posted the following:

Iraqi TV al-Sharqiya just reported on the news that al-Zaidi is transferred to Camp Cropper prison [the Airport prison, managed by the American forces].

The TV Channel announced that Al-Zaidi is in a difficult condition, with broken ribs and signs of tortures on his thighs. Also he can not move his right arm.

Camp Cropper is the holding facility for “security detainees” operated by the United States Army near Baghdad International Airport after Abu Ghraib was closed down for obvious reasons. The Red Cross has documented severe living conditions, harsh treatment by guards, and poor medical care at Camp Cropper.

Additional video from Mosaic: World News from the Middle East

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