Joseph McGinty’s health deteriorated following the administration of the Pfizer jab, an inquest has been told

A 14-year-old died just three weeks after receiving his Covid-19 vaccine, an inquest has been told.

Joseph McGinty, from Achill, Mayo, had the Pfizer Covid jab on 20 August 2021, and died on 13 September.

The death has been described as a “significant public concern” by Coroner Pat O’Connor.

Pfizer have been contacted for safety information surrounding the vaccine as part of a “considerable investigation,” according to the Irish Mirror.

The inquest were told Joseph’s health deteriorated following the administration of the jab, and he was hospitalised on 1 September before being discharged the next day.

He returned to Mayo University Hospital on 8 September for review.

Mother Patricia identified her son on the day he died, but her barrister Ms Rita Kilroy told the court Mrs McGinty “has very little recollection of the morning in question.”

Speaking in court, Mr O’Connor said: “The circumstances of Joseph McGinty’s death is that Covid vaccination was administered to him.

“That there appears to have been either a reaction or a significant change in his medical circumstances following the administration of the vaccine and that subsequently, unfortunately, Master McGinty died."

He also added that the inquest requires “considerable investigation into the vaccine, the effects of the vaccine and also the effects of the vaccine” on the 14-year-old, warning that the case could take “months or possibly years to conclude its findings” as a result.

Speaking to the court, Ms Kilroy requested legal aid for the family, saying: “We would perceive there to be a concern for public health and safety and potential for recurrence in two circumstances.

“The deceased’s death occurred on September 13, 2021.

"He had received the Covid vaccine on August 20, 2021 and in those circumstances Coroner we would perceive that there would be a concern arising there that we would require the safety guidelines and so forth relating to that Pfizer vaccine to be available to the Coroner and for there to be an inquiry into the circumstances in that regard."

Mr O'Connor replied: "The application is made to the Coroner who then must decide whether the criteria is complied with

"It is not the Coroner that grants legal aid, but the legal aid board.”

The inquest has been adjourned for further mention at Swinford Courthouse, Co Mayo on December 20. -Don't trust the article source? Don't be delusional and assume your opinion is concrete reality; use duckduckgo and search the title yourself to see it is true, and published on many other reputable websites.