The subject of immune suppressing EM signals ties directly into the chemtrail phenomenon. In 2000 I wrote Chemtrails: Suppressing Human Evolution which hypothesized that chemtrails contained viral vectors engineered to infect and genetically alter targeted populations to prevent their DNA from activating into a higher evolved form. This may sound like science fiction to you, but read the article and decide for yourself. I still stand by this hypothesis as nothing has yet disproved it.

At the time of the article's publication, there was no evidence of barium or aluminum salts in chemtrail fallout because no one had tested for it, and only shortly thereafter was barium titanate first found in samples. Barium titanate is an incredible dielectric, meaning it holds charge very well. It seemed to me at the time that this substance was used to hold charge on chemtrail fibers so that they would not clump but rather repel and spread out. Today, it is known fact that various barium and aluminum salts and particles are present in chemtrails, some of which are better radar and microwave reflectors than charge holders. This indicates additional reasons for their presence besides homogenizing chemtrail cover.

Various excuses have emerged to explain the chemtrail phenomenon away as benign or benevolent government projects. I already refuted the three main theories in 2000 that chemtrails were part of a mass inoculation program, severe population reduction project, or weather modification, but a couple new ones have emerged since then. One example is a report posted anonymously at ( It proposed two theories, that chemtrails contain metal particles which reflect sunlight away from earth in order to combat global warming, and that they also create conductive atmospheric ducts to be used in a military 3d terrain mapping project.

The global warming theory is clearly false, because biological materials such as various pathogens and dried human blood cells have been found in chemtrail fallout, and also because chemtrails are regularly seen during the night. Where is the sunlight to reflect at night? William Thomas has adopted and popularized this theory, and I must call into question his intentions or sources.

The second theory is an actual technological application within the military known as Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) and Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE). Read about these at the link above. These are used to map enemy territory and more easily monitor their communications. While this may be true, radar and microwave reflective particles such as barium and titanium salts can serve much more sinister purposes. Also, this theory does not explain the presence of biological components in chemtrail fallout, the immune-suppressing nature of chemtrails, nor the fact that thousands of cities across America have been weekly sprayed by chemtrails since at least 1998 -- if this is a military project, how much testing is needed, and why only over populated areas? Clearly, this theory is being used as disinformation.

Now, it is absolute fact that disease rates spike several days after any particular chemtrail spraying in any given community. Pathogenic materials have been found in multiple chemtrail samples from multiple locations. People tend to get sick with similar symptoms simultaneously in separate towns whose only common factor is that they were sprayed in the same day.

Here is a generic list of ingredients I strongly believe are present in chemtrails:

1) immune suppressing chemicals, such as ethylene dibromide (EDB)
2) radar and microwave reflective metallic substance, like barium or aluminum
3) dielectric hollow polymer fibers
4) viral and bacterial vectors remnants of genetic engineering and replication procedures used to construct the pathogenic vectors

With the preceding information in mind, here is an educated guess as to the purpose of metal particles in chemtrails:

The purpose of the chemtrail project is indeed to suppress human evolution on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Its primary goal is to perform aerosol 'gene therapy' upon targeted populations by spraying them with viral vectors capable of shutting down the DNA activation process in those infected. But because viruses themselves are quite weak, several enhancements are needed:

1) the encasing of viral vectors in a hollow polymer fiber to protect them from destructive effects of UV radiation from the sun and to help the agent spread out via electrostatic repulsion of the charged fibers

2) the accompaniment of chemical immune suppressants to weaken and prep the body for reception of the virus

3) the use of microwave reflective substances to help amplify beamed mind programming and disease-signature signals upon the population in order to disarm their metaphysical immunity mechanisms.

4) Secondary objectives are to mind program the masses and modify their collective behavior in conformity with some agenda.

Using HAARP in conjunction with electromagnetic 'ducts' consisting of conductive channels formed in the atmosphere by metal chemtrail particles, focused beaming of mind programming microwave signals upon the population below is possible. As suggested by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, the resonant cavity formed between a conductive chemtrail sheet and the ionosphere can support induced oscillations in the ELF range. Televisions and microwave cell phone towers, two other control methods, are not capable of generating ELF waves as easily as chemtrails in conjunction with HAARP would.

So to recap, because viruses are often disallowed by the metaphysical protection mechanism, an electromagnetic method of disarming that defense is required, hence the microwave amplification. This is not the only reason for manipulative EM signals - such signals can also muddle the mind, implant thoughts, agitate emotions, and induce docility.

Thorough and all-encompassing as these control methods are, they still fail to achieve their aim of suppression and control in cases of individuals with healthy states of being consisting of high levels of awareness, emotional well-being, and reasonably fit physical immune systems. SARS is a good example to illustrate how diseases function in a political, biological, psychological, commercial, and metaphysical contexts. Both SARS and chemtrails are simply part of a hostile agenda implemented by the world's political and military elite to keep earth's population locked down and under control. Fortunately, their methods are imperfect and with each passing day more individuals awaken and empower themselves. It was the intent of this article to help contribute toward this end.


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