Unnecessary bills of utility companies in the UK and worldwide - Can't pay won't pay!

Letter to United Utilities:

I am saying no to paying your water bill due to the fact that it is not a thrill to have found out that provable by recent peer reviewed scientific studies, (2) (3) (4) (5) I've been poisoned by the addition of Fluoride to the water supply, after being informed by one of your water bill workers that on the UU website, it says the north-west of England is fluoridated. The following illustrates how I was obviously given contradictory information, and that indeed the water is fluoridated:

Why is fluoride added to water?

Fluoride is added to the water supply at the request of the Strategic Health Authority because a small amount of fluoride in the diet strengthens the enamel on teeth preventing tooth decay, especially in children.

Well if those in control cared about children, I wouldn't be writing this, and here is why I can't and won't pay:

  • I was only informed that the water had fluoride in it after I had stupidly given the man who came to my door my bank details without verifying first, information I was told by many people in England including residents that the water was not fluoridated.
  • I have called my bank and have informed them that no payments shall be permitted to you, and the lady on the phone was quite supportive. she said "As a customer, people can cancel, return items... so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to cancel their transactions." She also told me she liked to watch Alex Jones videos on Youtube and was aware of all of this, and that made my day.

In the case where I understandably do not wish to pay to be dumbed down and have my health significantly affected with a chemical that is known to be detrimental and is only added for purposes of controlling the population, I absolutely REFUSE to pay for it, let alone have it, so they can pay for my water filters with the compensation money, which again, is nothing compared to what is priceless;

- The potential life of fulfillment and good health, unaffected by harmful additives, ridiculously administered as if people will not start to wonder why they care so much about our TEETH! -The dumbing down effect is intense, but not enough so, where people will be so stupid as to not question it, for the same reason as anyone would wonder why someone would consume tanning lotion to protect from a sun burn. The effect of calcification of the pineal gland also inhibits our spiritual growth and ability to think clearly and be truly happy. We are as a species supposed to thrive, but yet we are all caught up in here and now thinking, without looking at the big picture of consequences of our actions in the long run. Join what is right, this is an opportunity to take advantage of being part of a restoration of the way things could and should be.

Your company could convert to sell solar panels, free energy devices... Sure you can't put a meter on it, but wouldn't you rather live in a world where you'll be able to know your grandchildren, be able to live in a beautiful world as it should be, free and happy, not controlled and enslaved by all sorts of ways, additives, such as aspartame, your loving fluoride, a byproduct of the aluminum industry where you are payed to get it dumped for you, engineered wars etc,

All over the mainstream media and in their own books, Ecoscience, a book written by Science Zsar, John P. Holdren, which anyone can find in their major library, the criminals in control speak of a need for population control, yet this Planet is not over populated at all.

One can argue that the use of the water utility company that pumps water where It is used with flushing toilet, washing up and taking showers should be payed for, however it is nothing compared to what I am going to sue for compensation for being poisoned for far too long. Money however is not something that can bring back something that is unspeakably priceless in reality; The ability to be now at my fullest potential... -For us ALL to be. - Imagine how great things would be if people's IQ's were not intentionally reduced by additives such as Fluoride, when it was even known in the 20's that it reduced brain IQ... that viruses, mercury were not put in vaccines, that children were not abducted for weird secret society rituals, discovered and publicly announced, exposed in congressional hearings, reported in the Chicago tribune... It is verifiable that the world has been run by interbreeding psychopaths for thousands of years, and just imagine... imagine if the world was controlled by people that cared... That didn't have an agenda for a tyrannical world dictatorship. If we all, including your children would not have the be aerially sprayed by 'chemtrails', openly admitted as 'Geo-engineering' to mitigate climate change, when clean and free energy technology has been suppressed. If those in control really cared about us and our health, your relatives and millions of people would not be threatened with death due to lack of an ability to heat their homes. (2)

Due to the magnitude to the importance of this issue where there is an information blackout, hence why these very same people wish to control the internet, I in no way will be able to live with myself after knowing that I'm enabling a system that is enslaving us all, so I therefore want free electricity from you while this goes out in truly legitimate court. The first thing that should happen is that the criminals in control be arrested, but in the meantime, I don't see why I nor anybody should pay a company that is enslaving us all, and I think you should agree, not only if you have children, but if  you've ever looked into the eyes of a child, and thought about the world they live in and will live in, which I'm sure you have, I'm sure you agree with me.

I would like to stress that utility companies could still make money, and I'd gladly pay for water that is not fluoridated, and you should demand the same. There are other jobs you can do if you fear being fired, but if you do not choose to personally do what is right, common sense, to stand up to do the right thing and make history, be part of a redirection of the trajectory through the crossroads between complete tyranny or liberty, then at least understand that my evidence will stand up in court, and I am graciously awaiting compensation to everyone who has been affected actually, not only me. This would greatly reduce the effect of the economy which is manipulated through fractional reserve banking and derivatives.

Join Humanity, life and love before it's too late! Get clued up on what is really going on in the world that we including your children live in and get serious here! Why be a pawn and enabler of your own enslavement? I recommend questioning why fluoride is still put in our water supply, despite scientific studies as well.

Thank you, Sincerely.
David King