In response to the news story "President Obama announced that $2.4 billion will be made available for the US-based development of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles." that you most probably have heared, because things like Micheal Jackson's death will get out to the public, but the REAL need to know information doesn't, here is what we need to know about GM:

It's just so disgusting how the truth is hidden in plain view, while people actually see this as something good. 

Funding for what should have been in the market 100 years ago? An electric car DID exist in the market for a short period of time, in only one city of the world; California.

The criminals against Humanity at GM have redirect to their site). Go to ev1.ORG

GM put an electric car made only in California through metal shredders, and the cars were only leased to the public.

There are ads on TV about how GM plans to make cleaner, newer, better cars, yet knowing about the EV1, I'm left feeling sick to my stomach at the LIES and deception.

If you know the truth, it's not very easy to feel like you are living in the twilight zone, as everyone cheers for GM & Oblama, and have no idea whatsoever about what is really going on.

 It's time we started knowing!

Who Killed The Electric Car Movie:

Download this video before it's removed again. (I counted 5 times so far that I've had to update this video link because it keeps getting pulled by the establishment & re-uploaded by citizens.