By Gary Vesperman
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This is the third version of my compilation of specific energy suppression cases. This time I decided to get serious.
I thoroughly reviewed my own files and a few web sites pertaining to energy suppression. Deleted were some cases that didn't appear to be authentic suppression. I also incorporated some thoughtful comments that had been emailed to me this last week.
About three days ago, I received an amazingly timely phone call from Byron Wine in Virginia. For more than three decades he has been collecting energy information which he posts on his site I included some of his very interesting material.
I think that Congress should write, introduce, and pass a bill titled, "Energy Inventor Protection and Energy Patent Declassification Act of 2006". Included should be 24/7 protection of energy inventors by armed guards, and declassification of 4000 energy patents unfairly held in secret by the U.S. Patent Office.
If energy journalist Dr. Eugene Mallove really was murdered by a pathetic pair of drug addicts, then that doesn't count as an authentic suppression case. However, I remember reading that the very next day, Gene was to drive three hours to Washington to demonstrate a verified table-top energy device. I can't find a reference. I would like to present his slaying as a "coincidence (?)".
Note that during just in the last two months, there have been three incidents of energy inventors threatened with death by gun-toting thugs, possibly employed by the oil companies or large banks to squash competition. Maybe not to worry, however. I and quite a few other energy researchers have still not been threatened to be "fitted with cement boots" or whatever.
Gary Vesperman Henderson, Nevada
Gene Mallove
Archives of information to California Governor and California Energy Commission since August 1, 2001, by the late Fred B. Wood Sr, Brian O'Leary, Alden Bryant, et al
Now let's make it happen!
Specific Energy Invention Suppression Cases
Gary Vesperman
Inventors in their zeal to improve the well-being of their fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth face such perils as poverty, slander, ridicule, and neglect. Inventors of energy devices sometimes have also been bullied by large energy-related corporations and their allies in the United States Government who seek to maintain their energy slavery of the people by aggressively suppressing development of energy inventions. The illegal as well as legal tactics of these suppression actions have encompassed imprisonment on false charges, IRS harassment, burglaries, bribery with huge sums of money, and even murder, if the inventor was too stubborn to heed warnings or undeterred by lesser actions.
Sometimes, apparently to con investors out of money, it seems (or is made to appear) that the supposed energy inventions have been science-fiction props or incorrectly measured devices, and that the alleged inventors may have tried to cover up the scam by claiming to be conspiracy victims.
Consider these specific cases of suppression of new energy inventions:
Energy Invention Suppression Case Statistics
Number of Energy Invention Suppression Incidents - 53 Number of Dead, Missing, or Injured Energy Inventors, Activists, and Associates - 13 Number of Energy Inventors Threatened with Death - 16 Number of Energy Researchers and Associates Imprisoned - 7 Number of Incidents Involving the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - 4 Number of Incidents Involving the US Government - 27 Number of Inventions Classified Secret by US Patent Office - Approximately 4000 Number of Incidents Involving Oil Companies - 9 Names of Oil Companies and Banks Involved - Standard, Atlantic Richfield, Shell Oil Company, World Bank, Wells Fargo Bank Possibly Most Impressive Energy Invention - Philippines Inventor has Converted More than 100 Cars to Run Only on Plain Water!
TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page Grant Hudlow: Method of Converting Garbage and Tires to Gasoline, Etc 1 Al Wordsworth: Electrical Generator and Advanced Carburetor 1 Neil Schmidt: Hydraulic Wind Turbine 1 ??????: Mixed Chemical Stone 1 Ken Rasmussen: Water-to-Energy Electrolysis Process 1 Hitachi Magnetics Corporation: Magnet Motor 2 Daniel Dingel: Converts More than 100 Cars to Run on Water 2 Bill Williams: Joe Cell-Powered Truck 2 Mike Brady: Perendev 300 kW Self-Running Electromagnetic Generator 4 Robert Bass: Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutation 4 Frank Richardson: Magnetic Electrical Generator and Bladeless Steam Turbine 6 Anonymous: Energy Inventor is Buzzed by Black Helicopters 6 Gary Vesperman (Reporter): US versus Japanese Support of Cold Fusion 7 Robert Stewart: Stewart Cycle Heat Engine 7 Joel McClain and Norman Wooten: Magnetic Resonance Amplifier 7 Gary Vesperman (Reporter): CIA Agents at 1996 Tesla Society Symposium 8 Stewart Harris: Theory of Magnetic Instability 8 Ron Brandt: 90 MPG Carburetor 8 Welton Myers: Myers' Efficient Carburetor 8 Adam Trombley: Trombly-Farnsworth Solid-State Oscillating EM System 10 Dennis Lee: Freon Engines 10 Christopher Bird/Waller (Reporter): Energy Suppression - An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions 11 Bob Boyce: Brown's Gas Carburetor 11 Bob Aldrich (Reporter): Vibrating Energy Source 13 Henry T. Moray: Free Energy Generator - Cold Semiconductor Cathode 13 Charles N. Pogue: 200+ MPG Carburetor 13 Fish/Kendig: Variable Venturi Carburetor 15 Henry T. Moray: Free Energy Generator 15 Floyd Sweet: Vacuum Triode Amplifier 15 Teruo Kawai: Motive Power Generating Device 16 John Andrews: Water-to-Gasoline Additive 17 Tom Ogle: 100+ MPG Oglemobile 17 Shell Oil Company: Achieves 376.59 MPG with a Modified 1959 Opel in 1973 17 Dick Belland: 100 MPG Carburetor that Runs on Gasoline Fumes 17 Edwin V. Gray: Free Energy EVGRAY Generator and Free Energy Engine 17 Joseph C. Yater: Heat-to-Electricity Converter 18 Phil Stone: Engine Runs on Water 18 Howard R. Johnson: Johnson Free Energy Motor 18 Bruce DePalma: N Machine 18 Bill Jenkins: Free Energy Machine 19 Richard Diggs: Liquid Electricity Engine 19 Joseph Newman: Energy Machine 19 Gianni A. Dotto: Anti-Aging and Anti-Gravity Thermionic Couple 19 Tim Thrapp: Energy Invention 20 Bob Lantz: Lantz Water and Power System 21 David G. Yurth (Reporter): Remediating Nuclear Waste Materials 24 Paul Brown: Hyper-Cap E-Converter 25 William Bolon: Automobile Steam Engine 26 Walter Rosenthal (Reporter): Small Electrical Power Converter 26 Ira Einhorn: Free Energy and Mind Control Researcher 26 Allen Caggiano: 100+ MPG Fuel Implosion Vaporization System 28 Brazil: Ethanol Produced from Sugar Cane 31 US Patent Office Holds Secret Approximately 4000 Patents 32 Text of Generic Patent Secrecy Order 32
Grant Hudlow: Method of Converting Garbage and Tires to Gasoline, Etc
During the early days of the Reagan Administration, much lip service was given and some money budgeted to develop alternative sources of energy. Pahrump, Nevada resident Grant Hudlow, a former rocket scientist, was funded to investigate converting garbage, biomass, and tires to gasoline, low-grade heat, fertilizer, and saleable chemicals. His method began to look so promising that the oil industry and their allies in the Reagan Administration got scared and cut off his research funds.
Al Wordsworth: Electrical Generator and Advanced Carburetor
The details are sketchy and second-hand, but inventor Al Wordsworth had to contend with some type of harassment of both his advanced carburetor and electrical generator. His generator had an input of 3 amps at 12 volts and an output of 32 amps at 6 to 8 volts. He died, and it is believed his generator design is lost.
Neil Schmidt: Hydraulic Wind Turbine
Neil Schmidt stopped in Gary Vesperman's office May 12, 1995 to discuss his invention of a hydraulic wind turbine. He had lived in Las Vegas for 7 years. Nine years previous when he was living in the Seattle area, he stopped in a federal Small Business Administration office to apply for financial aid. The following day, he received a telephone call and was told it wouldn't work and not to bother with it. He had provided the SBA office hardly more than a sketch so a hot argument erupted which lasted a half hour. The man ended up hinting death to Neil if he didn't stop working on his invention. A couple of days later, Neil went back to the office and walked around unsuccessfully trying to identify the voice he had heard on the telephone.
Neil also has heard that another energy inventor living near his Washington residence had been shot in the head and blinded.
??????: Mixed Chemical Stone
A mixed chemical stone was found in England and secretized by the Queen. It generated its own electrical sparks.
April 7, 2006 Wells Fargo Bank announced they finally invested $5 million of the $1 billion intended for renewable energy. Where did they invest? In a mutual fund: Carlyle/Riverstone Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund I, L.P. Funny thing, who are the 3 largest stockholders of Carlyle Group? The answer in order of largest percentage owned. (source: Al Martin)
1. The Queen of England 2. Bush Family 3. Bin Laden Family
Ken Rasmussen: Water-to-Energy Electrolysis Process
Ken Rasmussen and his team have been working on a water-to-energy electrolysis process that turns out to have similarities to that of Professor Kanarev. Their work ceased after a member of the research team was threatened at gunpoint on May 16, 2006. Unknown to Ken, his associate had faced a violent confrontation with 4 young to middle-aged white males in black suits driving a late model black Lincoln Town Car.
Shoving Glocks and Mac tens in his face at a rural intersection, they told him extensive details about his family and threatened lives of him, family and all associates if he didn't stop work on the process immediately and NEVER go to the authorities. His associate, now scared for his own life and that of family, complied. But similarly to Bill Williams' case, when happy people start acting silent and paranoid, friends get suspicious.
In the good old days, big business bullies offered lots of money to buy somebody out and eliminate the competition. Stanley Meyer claimed before his suspicious death that he refused an offer of a billion dollars from Arab oil interests if he would stop work on his electrolysis process. (Meyer received at least eight patents in addition to US Patent 4,389,981 relating to hydrogen and oxygen gasses extracted from water for fuel.) But to date, NOBODY has offered Ken's company a dime for their "yet bench top" technology. BUT somebody HAS threatened to KILL THEM. Would any skeptic out there care to explain that to Ken? Ken had been in discussion with several pre-screened, suitable investors, who were waiting on Ken's company to fix a final detail before showing them a live demonstration.
Enormous amounts of personal information thrown in their face behind the guns proved to Ken NONE of the prospective investors had anything to do with the violence we experienced. These thugs knew things Ken DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. Their boss has digital cell phone tapping technology at the very least. Other details were probably obtained by wire tapping neighbors and friend's phones too. For any of Ken's previous business contacts reading this, please excuse the delay. The lives of Ken and his associates have been directly threatened if they were to complete the item they were intending to demonstrate. All progress is stopped.
Given the nature of oil or banking history, who do you think paid these hired gunmen to do the dirty work? Ken would appreciate some solid leads. Ken has to admit, oil has become intertwined with both banking and government over the years; so unofficial policies may have changed.
For more energy suppression details, see Ken's web site
Hitachi Magnetics Corporation: Magnet Motor
Engineers at Hitachi Magnetics Corporation have come right out and claimed that a motor run by magnets is feasible and logical, but the politics of the matter make it impossible for them to pursue developing a magnet motor or any device that would compete with the energy cartels. The obstacles to free energy are the big banks who own or finance the energy industries.
Daniel Dingel: Converts More than 100 Cars to Run on Water
Inventor Daniel Dingel, who lives in the Philippines, since 1969 has converted more than 100 gasoline cars to be powered by hydrogen derived ON DEMAND from plain water. Aluminum is used in the tank to suppress a possible explosion. The Philippines President is not interested because of an agreement with the World Bank. For a link to a water car movie, see Section 12-G of
Bill Williams: Joe Cell-Powered Truck
(Excerpted from
Joe Cell Truck Builder Threatened, Destroys Plans
After announcing that he had successfully built a truck that runs on Joe cell technology, drawing energy from water and orgone energy, Bill Williams said he was approached by two men who demanded that he stop his research, threatening him with dire consequences if he didn't. Others are keeping it alive.
by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News
Joe Cell
USA -- A couple of weeks ago, Bill Williams told a discussion list that he successfully ran his truck on a device known as the Joe cell. The power was far greater than the regular combustion engine -- and the energy was free.
The Joe cell is said to draw on orgone energy. The fairly simple device uses electrically charged water as the "gate" or medium through which the aetheric energy is drawn from the surroundings and transferred to the automobile engine.
Bill had posted images and rough descriptions, and was in the process of disclosing in greater detail how he had accomplished this, when he was confronted last week by two unidentified individuals who told him to cease all of his alternative energy work or there would be dire consequences.
On April 11, 2006, Bill gave the following account of what happened just a few days after announcing his success.
"I was on my way home Thursday last week [April 6, 2006] and was about 3 miles from the ferry project. I stopped to check the post connection point on the Cell. I was standing in front of my truck, and this late model 2005 or 2006 Ford Explorer pulled up and parked diagonally in front of my truck.
"The driver got out of the rig and walked around in front of their rig and approached me. At about the same time, the passenger opened his door.
"The driver stated that they wanted me to stop working on all forms of alternative energy. He also stated that we know everything about me, my family, and all my projects past and present.
"At about that time the passenger reached and held up a file that was about 2 or so inches thick. He opened it up and showed me telephone transcripts, emails, messages from the groups that I had belonged to.
"They knew where my kids worked, the times they are at work; also my wife's working hours, my grandkids' school, etc. They knew everything.
"The driver said that if I did not stop working on this (he then opened up the left side of his jacket and showed his weapon that was holstered) that there would be other consequences.
"He also stated that he wanted me to post that I was no longer working in this field and to destroy all my work, i.e. Cells, Drawings, Lab Journals, everything!
"At that point he walked around and got into the rig. I shut the hood and got the hell out of there. They followed me for about 2 miles and then must have turned off somewhere."
After a few days of contemplation, Bill decided to abide by the demands of those who threatened him. He destroyed the cell and all data and documentation and disabled the website on which he had posted plans. Four days after that incident, Bill wrote the following message to the group:
"I thought I was strong but when illness to the family comes into play, I have failed. I am truly sorry. I will not be working in any form of alternative energy field anymore. [...]
"I destroyed my device tonight along with my written data and lab notes as per specked out."
Mike Brady: Perendev 300 kW Self-Running Electromagnetic Generator
From: Mike Brady To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2006 3:20 AM Subject: RE: [FE_updates] another thug threat; EV directory; gov. blocks wind plans; corn fiber to ethanol
It seems that the more one tries to find solutions for alternative fuel the more problems one has to contend with. For example I have received emails that state if I proceed with the show on the 7th July I will be killed. This at first was taken lightly. Now it seems that I have vehicles parked outside my house watching me. When I record the registration numbers and have them checked they are unknown. Why can we not just get on with what we are doing instead of the World just thinking of money? What good will money be when there is no world to spend it in?
Mike Brady
(For more information on Mike Brady and his inventions, see
Robert Bass: Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutation
From: Don Quixote II <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> To: Sir Arthur C. Clarke <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Date: Saturday, November 25, 2000 8:07 AM Subject: A WARNING? My micropellet proposal to Japanese government
Have 3 people been assassinated because of the Cincinnati Group's discovery of a low-energy nuclear transmutation process that can be used, e.g., for radioactive waste remediation?
The original 14 addressees are all editors or investigative reporters
From: Bass, Robert W (IDS) To: Adil Shamoo ; Barbara DelloRusso ; Eugene F. Mallove ; George Miley ; Hal Fox ; Jean-Francois Cazorla ; Jed Rothwell ; Jim Wilson ; Mitchell Swartz ; Pat Bailey ; Patrick Bailey ; Charles B. Stevens ; Elijah C. Boyd ; Marjorie Hecht Cc: 'Xing-Zhong Li' Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 6:50 PM Subject: My micropellet proposal to Japanese government
PREFACE: It is readily documented that the CIA and the KGB and the Mossad, etc. all have "sprays" which can be sprayed upon someone and cause him to die of apparently natural causes. One famous case occurred (not long after Chris Tinsley's death) in which Mossad agents were caught red-handed spraying a Hamas activist in Jordan, and King Hussein told the Israeli Prime Minister that if they didn't send the antidote quick there would be hell to pay; but it wasn't the Mossad which sent the antidote to Jordan, it was the CIA! (They sent a doctor from the Mayo clinic [who had been previously accused of being a collaborator with the CIA] to revive the victim.)
So much for people who say that political assassinations by democratic governments are paranoid fantasies. =============================================================== Hal, Dr. Li approached me semi-publicly after the American Nuclear Society (ANS) meeting, where he heard me talk about the CG's LENT process. He said that he hadn't wanted to spoil my presentation by saying anything negative, but he wanted ME to know that he himself did NOT believe the CG claims and that he could NOT confirm the claims based on his own experience and that yet he liked me and wanted me to know "the truth." (By the way, did you know that Dr. Li has 35 Ph.D.'s working for him full-time on CF in China with Chinese government support!!)
Dr. Li said that he had gone to your lab in Utah and watched you and Dr. Jin run the experiment with a "good" gamma ray detector. However, he claims that when the thorium begins to precipitate out, the solid angle of the detector remains unchanged, but the thorium is moving out of that fixed solid angle, so that the radioactivity SEEMS to be decreasing but it is a false alarm.
He said that he took the "before & after" fluids that you gave him back to China and had them tested but with negative results. (But Li _did_ admit that the straight-line graph I showed could not be explained by his negative assumptions and was "affirmative evidence on the side of the CG.")
Don Holloman of CG says that the 7-man team of Francesco Celani et al in Italy tested the CG LENT-1 device so thoroughly that "data reduction" took 37 volunteer undergraduates "months" to complete. In their publication they claim that they achieved both complete "radiometric balance" AND complete "chemical balance" of the before-process and after-process results.
However, Celani's boss died in midlife of alleged "natural causes". And you know that Stan Gleeson of the Cincinnati Group seemed to be perfectly well when he suddenly died at age 48 of "a stroke." George Miley told me that when at ICCF-8 he asked Celani why he didn't follow through on this type of LENT work (which Chris Tinsley was starting in England [having emailed me about Stan's open-beaker LENT test] just before he dropped dead at age ~50 of "natural causes"), the reply of Celani was: "THREE PEOPLE have died, and I don't want to be the fourth!" George Miley thought that Celani was talking about radiation-sickness danger, but that is not what Celani has in mind! The proof that Celani is open to conspiracy theories is that he is on the masthead of the LaRouche magazine and they don't merely suspect conspiracy, they have been jailed by a gov't conspiracy!
(Lawrence Hecht shook my hand at ANS after having just got out on parole after 5 years of a multi-decades sentence for "selling securities without a license" which was not a crime in VA when he sold "political loans" to LaRouche supporters but the Secretary of State of VA (who 2 days later was made a Judge as payoff for her cooperation) after studying the matter for 2 weeks decided that Political Loans are indeed 'securities.' (One of Hecht's colleagues is still in jail with a 77-year sentence.)
The barbaric nature of a 77-year sentence for a technical infraction is self-evidently PROOF of evil at work: Pres. George Bush's stockbroker brother was REALLY guilty of the same infraction, but he was merely fined $1,000 and told to "be more careful" and "don't do it again"!)
I feel that my own life has been threatened in writing, indirectly by the British government. Here's why: Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson agreed to show at the historic Cavendish Lab the Mallove cold fusion video which I had hand-carried to him. Dr. Josephson even published in Gene's magazine a letter saying he was going to show the video publicly! But when there was a conference there and many important scientists present, suddenly Josephson reneged! He told me in writing that he had first showed the video privately to a Very Important Person (I suspect Sir Brian Pippard, J's own teacher, after whom TWO buildings at Cambridge are named!); then he, Josephson, was "convinced" by said VIP that it is "for the best" that the public be "allowed to continue to believe" that the whole CF/LENR thing was a delusion!! I tried to get J to say why he had agreed. He replied (with copies of his email to me both to Gene and to Yeong Kim at Purdue) that it was for reasons of military security; "they" are afraid that terrorists or rogue nations will learn how to make vest-pocket H-bombs. (This is why physicist Fred Zimmerman of the US State Dept. is helping Park with his campaign to outlaw cold fusion meetings.)
When I replied to J that my own theory of deuterium crystals could be used to make "fusion micro-pellets" or "micro-bombs" and that I had sent a copy of my proposal to the Japanese government before they terminated their NHE program, J replied to me that I had better "keep your bright ideas to yourself".
In case I pass away prematurely of "natural causes" I am going to copy the preceding paragraph and send a copy to Gene Mallove and include below a copy of my "microbomb" proposal to the Japanese government. My MSD "bright idea" which J says I should keep to myself has been spread all over the world by Internet since late 1997 and January 1998, so it's too late to suppress the idea by suppressing me.
Best personal regards, Bob
Frank Richardson: Magnetic Electrical Generator and Bladeless Steam Turbine
Frank Richardson worked during the late 1960's as an electrician at the Nevada Test Site. During the 1970's, four other NTS technicians helped Richardson invent a magnet-based electrical generator which required no input and a bladeless steam turbine. (The turbine seems to have been a variation of a Tesla turbine.) A Volkswagen Beetle was outfitted with the two devices and driven around without energy input. Some people tried to steal the invention. Two of the technicians died under suspicious circumstances, and Richardson had to go into hiding until his recent death. It is Gary Vesperman's understanding that the black helicopter people had nothing to do with this situation; just greed.
Anonymous: Energy Inventor is Buzzed by Black Helicopters
A few years ago one summer, an energy inventor's house was buzzed twice by a black helicopter. He said they appeared to be an older Hughes model painted black and with no markings. He asked a friend who is an air traffic controller at the local airport who reported no radar sightings. One of the buzzings was witnessed by dozens of people although the inventor himself wasn't home. (Gary Vesperman has since then come across an article in his zero point energy literature where the coating on black helicopters and also black Stealth fighters and B-2 Stealth bombers is depleted uranium.)
Also about that time the energy inventor and some other people narrowly escaped a flip and crash in a private plane which had a cut on a tire. The cut had then been hidden by rolling the plane.
Gary Vesperman (Reporter): US versus Japanese Support of Cold Fusion
In Japan, inventors are treated as national heroes and are lavishly supported. For example, the Japanese government's annual R&D budget in cold fusion is now $100 million per year (since greatly reduced). In contrast the United States patent office has so far approved only one cold fusion patent application out of 300.
Robert Stewart: Stewart Cycle Heat Engine
Bob Stewart spent millions of dollars developing patents on his "Stewart Cycle" engines for transportation vehicles and large-scale water lifters during the 1970's. His efficient and pollution-free engines use ambient heat to expand a working fluid such as ammonia and move pistons through sealed cylinders. He claimed that his low-temperature phase-change engine was more efficient and powerful than Dennis Lee's version.
Twice he built a factory, first in Coeur d-Alene, Idaho, and then in Deming, New Mexico to make available for sale such valuable and beneficial technology. Both times, the factories were raided and shut down by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.
Through the Las Vegas area grapevine, he fortunately in time heard that a contract on his life was in effect and had to go into hiding for nearly a year.
Joel McClain and Norman Wooten: Magnetic Resonance Amplifier
On December 12, 1994, Joel McClain and Norman Wooten, two Dallas inventors, discovered that a magnetic resonance amplifier may be capable of over-unity gain energy conversion. The electrical output of their prototype was five times the electrical input. They made a point of publicizing their invention as widely as possible via the Internet right away so as to forestall possible suppression. Since then, they have authored articles on the magnetic resonance amplifier in Electrifying Times, Extraordinary Science, and New Energy News.
A personal friend of Newt Gingrich became very interested and arranged for the Physics Department at Georgia Institute of Technology to experiment with it. They were able to increase the gain so that the output is 18 times the input. Since they could not explain this according to conventional physics, they refused to publish their results for fear of losing the respect and esteem of their peers.
Gingrich had been following the MRA with keen interest so when his friend told him of the problem with Georgia Tech, Gingrich arranged for the federal funding of Georgia Tech programs to be cut off. The President of Georgia Tech who had been in the dark on all this began getting phone calls from enraged Georgia Tech professors. Then the Physics Department published their findings.
July 20 - 23, 1995, at the International Tesla Society Symposium in Colorado Springs, McClain and Wootan gave a lecture on their magnetic resonance amplifier. The oscilloscope waveforms of output vs. input they showed were very odd. They sort of loop around themselves.
A few days after the conference, Wootan's two-year-old boy had been abducted, Wootan was running for his life in Canada, and McClain was in hiding.
The claimed over-unity power conversion efficiency was later shown to be a measurement error. However, a past issue of Electrifying Times claims that Scott McKie has invented a solid-state over-unity electrical energy converter with an input of 15 volts, .438 amperes (7.25 watts) and an output of 34 volts, 127 amperes (4318 watts). McKie's converter apparently is a more advanced version of the magnetic resonance amplifier.
Gary Vesperman (Reporter): CIA Agents at 1996 Tesla Society Symposium
When I attended an International Tesla Society Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1996, I was told that the inventor of a new type of carburetor that can triple the mileage of a car has had his social security number taken away. There were at least two CIA agents (identified by someone standing in the registration line behind them who happened to see their identification cards), and possibly another two CIA agents at the convention.
One of the CIA agents threatened a co-inventor of an electrical generator utilizing two types of radioactive waste as he was walking up to the podium to give his speech. However, this story needs further verification.
Stewart Harris: Theory of Magnetic Instability
The theory of magnetic instability is a magnetic principle which appears to be the embryo of a valid free energy device. It was invented by Stewart Harris. He applied for a patent in 1978, and it was rejected. Dr. Marion Bowman from Washington, DC traveled out to Mr. Harris' home in Las Vegas, Nevada to witness the operation of the device. He was impressed and returned to Washington enthusiastic about its applications.
Shortly after the demonstration, all copies of the patent application and other information subsequently disappeared from the Washington Patent Office. In addition, Mr. Harris' home was broken into and his original drawings, papers, applications, and correspondence were stolen. For some unknown reason, they left behind the prototype. Coincidentally, Mr. Harris lives just a few blocks from the office of Film Funding, Inc., where Gary Vesperman used to work in Las Vegas.
Ron Brandt: 90 MPG Carburetor
Ron Brandt is the inventor of the perm-mag motor. He is now of retirement age.
When Brandt was a young man, he invented a 90-mpg carburetor. He was paid a visit by a man from Standard Oil, another man, and two men wearing US Marshal uniforms. They told him that if he ever made another carburetor, they would kill him, his wife, and two young children. He was quickly persuaded that his life wasn't worth a "damn" carburetor. He happened to think to memorize the badge numbers of the two US Marshals and so had an attorney in Washington, DC check with the US Marshal's office. They had no record of the two badge numbers.
Welton Myers: Myers' Efficient Carburetor
Welton Myers, Director of Technology for Pure Energy Systems, does not have a resume, as he has always been self-employed.
I received the following information from him via phone interview today.
Though Welton attended Cornell University, with a major in Agricultural Engineering, that is not of significance to him. It didn't take many years before he came to the realization that the mainstream science he learned there is full of errors (techniques deplete soil of nutrients). He completed there in approximately 1954.
From 1954 through 1960, Welton farmed (mainly corn) and raised 50 dairy cows. Towards the end of that time he also dabbled in logging and mining.
From 1960 through 1975, he laid the foundations for what today is known as Habitat for Humanity. He set up non-profit programs in New York and California, taking groups of ten families who helped each other build homes, and learned skills in the process, which they could later use in a trade. He helped build and renovate over 1000 homes during this time. Better Rochester Living is the name of the first program in New York, and Self Help Enterprises (SHE) was the name of his first program in California.
In 1975, he began building homes for profit when his funding dried up for the non-for-profit program he was doing. He built around 25 homes in the $100k range.
Then in 1978 he had a serious accident that put him out of commission for physical labor until 1984. He was rear-ended by a car going 120 mph. "This was one of my most creative periods" he said, ironically, because it was also during this time that he had a very difficult time remembering the simplest things.
That was when he did the carburetor project in which he transformed a car to get three times the mileage. The organization he founded along with Bill Cope, "Knowledge is Power," held weekly seminars at Robert Wesley College, where people came to learn how to convert their cars to get three times the gas mileage.
That project came to a halt when his car was sabotaged, the pressure release valve being clamped down tight, causing his car to explode while he was driving it. The next day, as the car sat on blocks in his drive way, a trailer pulled up, and some men who told Welton's wife they were hauling the car for Welton (not true), towed the car away; and Welton never saw it again.
The blueprints are held by an associate today, but Welton does not recommend the design because of the high pressures involved (3000 - 6000 PSI), which could be dangerous if the car is in an accident.
It was also during that time (1983) that he built a magnetic motor along with Bill Cope and an inventor who said he had been involved with Tesla. The day after they announced that they were ready to open the technology to a public offering, the laboratory was raided, their equipment smashed, and their inventor was threatened at gun point to leave the country, which he did. That inventor had also been involved with John Searl and witnessed his flying saucer technology.
Welton later located the inventor in California, but he had Alzheimer's by then and didn't remember anything.
Also during this time, for employment on the side to help cover expenses, Welton worked in a laundry designing the mechanical end of an automated system.
In 1984, Welton returned to working with COOP housing, starting with ten "slow" individuals who were not able to hold down jobs, and making a construction crew of them. At the end of two years, they built 7 homes for 7 of them. The other three were not able to get funding together for a mortgage. With some of this crew, he then went on to build more expensive homes, building 10 homes at a time, for example, in a new subdivision. Many of the homes were in the $400 - $500 range. They also installed around 100 solar panel systems during this time.
Then early in the 1990's he began to get involved in the patriot scene, helping people understand some of the inherent problems with today's tax structure, and helping them protect their assets. He was involved in Cleon Skousen's seminars with the National Center for Constitutional Studies. He learned how to create corporate shells with strong layers of protection.
Also during this time he began traversing the country meeting inventors and reviewing their inventions, to help facilitate their progress toward the market.
I met Welton about two years ago, and it was actually his phone conversation with me that spurred me to begin a "free energy" listing on my greater things website, which has grown into what it is today. We have been close friends and business associates ( during that whole time.
I know Welton to be one of the brightest minds around. You would never know he's past 70 to speak with him on the phone. He remembers details of conversations and technologies better than I do, at nearly half his age. I look at him as one of the "grandfathers" of the Free Energy movement.
Sterling D. Allan Adam Trombley: Trombly-Farnsworth Solid-State Oscillating EM System
(Excerpted from email from David Crockett Williams Dec. 14, 2001)
I have repeatedly made mention of others' beliefs that some devices claimed as "over unity" devices are somehow "tapping into" the ZPE as the source of their power, eg, Adam Trombly with the Trombly-Khan Closed Path Homopolar Generator of the 1980's, and the Trombly-Farnsworth Solid-State Oscillating Electromagnetic System of the 1990's destroyed in Oregon in 1996 by US Federal Marshals et al -- the device one of whose earlier prototype primary coils I understand that Hal Fox later "almost tested" in San Francisco under ISSO auspices but another simple circuit component part could not be found in local stores to allow that test that day.
Dennis Lee: Freon Engines
Dennis Lee during the mid-1980's invented a freon-based low-temperature phase-change engine similar to Bob Stewart's heat engine. The father of the Boeing 747 and other highly qualified people helped Dennis perfect his engine. A small plant was established in Seattle to produce and sell a commercial home-scale electrical generator. A Seattle area power company (the same one which became infamous for its WHOOPS nuclear plants) campaigned to shut down the plant. Even a girl employee was murdered.
Dennis was forced to move his company to Southern California to start over. He was subsequently imprisoned on a false charge for two years. His book "The Alternative" documents the falsity of the charge.
Dennis spoke nonstop for three hours during the International Tesla Society's symposium July 1996(?). However, he was refused an opportunity to speak at the symposium itself. Lee made an impassioned presentation of about eight engines for different purposes which were displayed on the stage. He also formally announced that his company which he had to hibernate while in jail and since then is now back in business.
An interesting claim he made was that freon has been scientifically determined to be not destructive of the earth's atmospheric ozone layer. He said that the secret group which had been suppressing clean energy inventions is so afraid of his inventions that they had cleverly arranged a ban on freon refrigerant in air conditioners, etc., in order to stop him.
By the way, his wife was so supportive during his ordeal it should be considered an honor to meet her some day.
I, Gary Vesperman, has also heard that Dennis Lee's claims could stand additional verification by an independent laboratory. Mr. Lee is frequently accused of making misleading if not false claims concerning the energy inventions that he demonstrates and displays at his road shows. A few years ago I attended one of his road shows here in Las Vegas. I thought Lee's claim about Joe Newman's rotating electrical generator was misleading. Lee had multiplied the machine's output peak voltage and peak current to arrive at the output power instead of multiplying the machine's true average voltage and true average current.
Christopher Bird/Waller (Reporter): Energy Suppression - An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions and both list 48 energy inventions - nearly all of which are suppressed or at least not being commercially made and sold.
Bob Boyce: Brown's Gas Carburetor Bob Boyce built a carburetor using hydrogen and oxygen previously split using proper frequencies.
From: "Bob Boyce" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> To: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 8:38 PM Subject: GTcontact
Hello there
I just read your response to the message from someone asking why you're promoting a fraud (Tilley) and I must commend you on your response. There are a lot of closed-minded and narrow-minded people out there, most of whom were highly educated in traditional schooling methodology taught at most of the universities and colleges throughout the world. They get this doctrine shoved down their throats that if it's not documented in books and/or upheld by popular theory, then it's just not possible. Any attempt to demonstrate such technology usually falls on deaf ears and blind eyes because they refuse to adjust their thinking to accept that maybe something may be possible after all.
I learned the hard way about how society treats those that dare to do something different. I'm not seeking publicity or recognition for any research I did, just wanted to privately relate my experiences with you and ask that you please not publish or share this with anyone. (See link above. Vesperman)
I had an electronics business down in south Florida where I owned and sponsored a small boat race team through my business starting in 1988. We had a machine shop out back of my business for doing engine work, and I worked on engines for other racers and a local mini-sub research outfit that was building surface running drone type boats for the DEA. I delved into hydrogen research where I was building small electrolyzer type units that used distilled water mixed with an electrolyte and I would resonate the plates for optimal conversion efficiency.
I discovered that with the right frequencies, I was able to generate monoatomic hydrogen and oxygen, which when recombined, produces about 4 times the energy output of normal diatomic hydrogen and oxygen molecules since the process of combustion does not have to break apart the molecules first before recombining into water vapor. Diatomic hydrogen requires about 4% to air to produce the same power as gasoline, while monoatomic requires slightly less than 1% to air for the same power.
The only drawback was storage at pressure causes the monoatoms to start joining into diatomic pairs, and the mixture weakens, so it must be produced on-demand and consumed right away. I used modified LP carburetors on the boat engines to deal with using vapor fuel. I even converted an old Chrysler with a slant six engine to run on the hydrogen setup and we tested it in the shop.
I never published anything of what I was working on, and we always stated that our boats were running on hydrogen fuel, which was allowed, to avoid any controversy at the races. It wasn't until many years later that I found out what I had stumbled upon was already discovered and known as "Brown's Gas", and there were companies out there selling the equipment and plans to make it.
I had never tried to market anything, but I was plagued with trouble ever since I did the conversion to the old Chrysler and did a few test runs on it in the shop. My shop, which had never had any major crime problems before, suddenly was getting broken into, and pieces of equipment related to the hydrogen project were getting vandalized or stolen. I thought it might be that one of the guys that worked for me might have leaked something to someone and they were trying to either steal the technology or stop me from working on it. I ended up shutting down the research, getting out of it all, converting the boat engines back to racing fuel and selling off the race boats. The break-ins stopped, and I had no further trouble up until I totally closed the business and retired in 1991.
I was struck by lightning in 1995 and in 1997 I moved out of Florida, the lightning capital. I am now crippled with arthritis (which is common amongst lightning strike survivors), and recently I developed congestive heart failure/pulmonary edema. I may be weak in body, but I am determined to try to stay as active as I can. I am currently stripping down an old 1984 Dodge Aries with only 29K original miles so I can convert it over to electric operation. I have been seeking all information I can find to be able to apply this unique charging arrangement that Tilley is using and to find out what type of electric motor would be best to use with it. I'm in the eastern TN area in the mountains so it must have enough power to climb the uphill grades and hopefully be able to regenerate on the downhill grades. So far I have found very little information on this. Any help you could provide to steer me in the right direction would be appreciated.
Thank you Bob Boyce
Bob Aldrich (Reporter): Vibrating Energy Source
Message 414 DATE/TIME: 05/24/93 01:47 From : BOB ALDRICH -- RECEIVED -- To : JERRY DECKER (SYSOP) Subject: (R) Bearden's Latest Folder : A, "Public Mail"
Hi Jerry,
By lamentations I mean lamenting on how difficult it's been to get free energy made available to the people at large. How many people have tried to make it possible over the years? Must have been thousands. Who has succeeded?
Say, did you ever hear of a device that farmers were using possibly fifty years ago that worked on vibration? Apparently some very simple device that when set to vibrating, would put out ample free energy. Chicken farmers and such were building them and using them to power the ranch.
Until some one or two farms mysteriously blew up or burned to the ground, after some warnings. This was in the Midwest to my recollection. The fellow who told me did mention specifics but it was several years ago and he was very hard to pin down as he was always onto the latest thing and didn't want to talk about things in the past much.
Henry T. Moray: Free Energy Generator - Cold Semiconductor Cathode
During the 1930's Henry T. Moray was refused a patent on his cold semiconductor cathode because the patent examiner couldn't understand how it could emit electrons. 20 years later the development of the transistor apparently proved that his device could actually have worked.
Charles N. Pogue: 200+ MPG Carburetor
In Jan. 3, 1935 Charles N. Pogue was issued a Canadian patent - 353538 - for a High Mileage Carburetor.
In Apr. 9, 1935 Charles N. Pogue was issued a US patent - 1997497 - for a High Mileage Carburetor.
In Jan. 7, 1936 Charles N. Pogue was issued a US Patent - 2026798 - for his newer High Mileage Carburetor. Pogue used the carburetor for about ten years on his car and produced about 200 carburetors thru the Economy Carburetor Co.
(Actual copies of the following three test reports plus a drawing of the Pogue carburetor can be viewed at
In early 1936 T.G. Green, President of Breen Motor Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada tested the Pogue carburetor on a Ford V-8 Coupe and got 26.2 miles on one pint of gasoline. The performance of the car was 100% in every way. Under 10 mph the operation was much smoother than a standard carburetor.
In April 30,1936 Ford Motor Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada tested the Pogue carburetor and was at "a loss to understand" how the carburetor got "25.7 miles on one pint of gasoline"! (That's approximately 205 mpg). Mr. W.J. Holmes and Mr. Purdy conducted the test for Ford Motor Company.
In Aug. 10,1936 S. Stockhammer tested the Pogue carburetor on a 1934 Ford V-8 Coupe and got 28 miles per pint of gas. "I can say the performance was all anyone could desire in every shape of form."
In Dec. 12, 1936 Canadian Automotive Magazine states that the standard carburetor gets about 25 mpg at only 9% efficiency. Therefore the Pogue carburetor is 72% efficient overall at 200 mpg.
In 1953 CARS magazine stated that in the opening months of 1936, Pogue panicked the Toronto stock exchange and threw fright into the major oil companies. Stock exchange offices and brokers were swamped with orders to dump all oil stock immediately. This same article states that Winnipeg's largest automobile dealers tested the Pogue carburetor and got results of up to 216.8 mpg!
In 1945, according to an unnamed source, carburetors marked "POGUE CARBURETOR, DO NOT OPEN" were used on American Army tanks throughout WWII but were removed from circulation after the war ended.
In 1980 Arthur C. Sgrignoli, after 45 years, has built a legendary Pogue carburetor by hand and is said to have achieved an efficiency of 86%. Contact was made through his brother, William J. Sgrignoli.
In 1981 Ultra-Lean Carburetors of Northridge, CA, was selling a set of plans for the Pogue carburetor for $50. (This price is too high). (I remember gasoline was a little cheaper then. Gary Vesperman)
As of January 1981, Charles N. Pogue was still alive at age 81 and was living in a rest home in Winnipeg, Canada. He refused to talk to anyone or to receive visitors from outside his own family. claims that the Pogue carburetor is an "urban legend". Perhaps some university mechanical engineering students can be funded to replicate the Pogue carburetor as a laboratory exercise and then measure its performance.
An email correspondent of Gary Vesperman wrote June 11, 2006 that, before he got involved with an electronic mileage booster two years ago, he checked the Internet and both Consumers Union and the Department of Energy lambasted all previous fuel optimizers. DOE listed about 75 of them they tested and which did not really work.
(Of course they say that. I think the Pogue carburetor was the one that worked until lead was added to gasoline, and it was this additive that clogged up the device and prevented the mileage gain. Bruce McBurney, source. McBurney's site has more on carburetors.)
The addition of lead to gasoline resulted in widespread permanent environmental pollution of millions of pounds of poisonous, brain deadening lead. In 1967 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison I, Gary Vesperman, took an introductory course in meteorology. One lesson the professor gave was a study he had conducted of the extent of lead poisoning. I used his research results as the basis of a "letter to the editor" which was published in Business Week magazine in 1970. I am not sure if I have the dimensions correct, but it went like this: Residents of northern Wisconsin were found to have 0.1 micrograms of lead per cubic centimeters (cc) of their blood. Residents of the northern suburbs of Chicago had 1 microgram of lead per cc of blood. Residents of downtown Chicago had 4 micrograms of lead per cc of blood. The fatal level is about 6 micrograms of lead per cc of blood.
So I postulated that in another decade or so, rising levels of lead in blood would result in greatly increased mortality rates among downtown Chicago people since they evidently were already two-thirds dead.
Weeks later, by coincidence (?), there was intense national publicity focused on lead poisoning which resulted in Congress passing a law mandating a phase-out of lead in gasoline. Some people claim there is a so-called "law of unintended consequences". The platinum dust hazard from catalytic converters is another awful example of this "law". Maybe it is time for me to once again try to rouse the rabble?
Fish/Kendig: Variable Venturi Carburetor
In the late 1950's the Fish/Kendig Variable Venturi carburetors got some very interesting mileage figures. The Fish carburetor even got into production on a small scale, but for some unknown reason, these carburetors faded away in the early 1960's.
In the early 1970's a young college student (name unknown) entered his Mercury "gas hog" in the California Air Pollution car race and won hands down. He was using the Kendig Variable Venturi carburetor that a small company (name unknown) had manufactured in Los Angeles for racing cars.
Within a week the student was told to remove the carburetor since it wasn't approved by California's Air Resources Board. His car had reduced pollution and doubled the gas mileage (for that model). This may have been suppression conducted by the Air Resources Board.
Henry T. Moray: Free Energy Generator
In 1940 Henry T. Moray demonstrated before the members of the Public Utilities Commission (in Utah?) his free energy generator that gave a continuous output of 250,000 volts with no apparent input. The next day he was found shot in his lab and all of his notes and device were stolen. Currently, the Cosray Research Institute of Salt Lake City has been collecting Moray's papers from old acquaintances and attempting to duplicate the device.
Floyd Sweet: Vacuum Triode Amplifier
Gary Vesperman's file titled "Bearden web site on electrical energy" contains these two excerpts written by Tom Bearden:
"A particularly good higher group symmetry electrodynamics, in this author's opinion, is the O(3) electrodynamics founded by Evans and Vigier and further expounded by Evans {[xxxviii]}. Evans has shown that O(3) electrodynamics is a part of the Sachs unified field theory electrodynamics {[xxxix]}.
Thus O(3) electrodynamics can be used not only for modeling "normal" electrodynamic but also for modeling "exotic" unified field theory. Further, it can be used for engineering, so it permits the development of a drastically extended electromagnetic technology which can eventually engineer many new phenomena {[xl]}, including antigravitational effects {[xli]}. At least one highly successful antigravity experiment was performed by Sweet, in an experiment designed by the present author {[xlii]}. The weight of an object was steadily reduced by 90%, on the laboratory bench."
"Sweet was fired at from about 300 yards by a would-be assassin, using a silenced rifle. Being old, he stumbled and fell on the steps just as the assassin pulled the trigger. The bullet snapped right by his ear, where his head had just been. Thereafter, Sweet was always deeply paranoid about taking the unit outside his own apartment or continuing to develop it. Again, I personally worked with Sweet for some years."
(End of Bearden's report) Sweet received many death threats over the phone, and some threats face to face. A well-dressed gentleman in an expensive suit, tie, hat, and hundred-dollar shoes approached Sweet on the sidewalk of the street where he lived and introduced himself as Cecil Brown. Brown showed Sweet a picture of Sweet inside his apartment. Brown then told Sweet that he represented a conglomerate that did not want Sweet's device to appear in the world at this time. Brown further stated that sometimes unfortunate things happen to people who do not comply with the wishes of others. Brown then retrieved the picture and departed.
Teruo Kawai: Motive Power Generating Device
(Continuing after Tom Bearden's above report on Sweet:)
The present author has had his own share of such shenanigans, close calls and suppressions, more than a dozen times, but does not wish to publicize the incidents. As a single personal example, Kawai's patented motor (US Patent 5,436,518) will produce COP>1.0 if his process is applied to a high-efficiency magnetic motor to start with (such as one from Hitachi with 70% to 80% efficiency). We explained the Kawai engine's operation, placed it on the Internet, and Kawai and party came to Huntsville to see us. At Kawai's urging, we negotiated an agreement that we would manufacture and market Kawai's systems worldwide; he already had built a closed-loop, self-powering system in Japan. He would fund the entire project. Our agreement was verbally reached on a Thursday afternoon, late.
That night a jet arrived posthaste from Los Angeles, with a Yakuza on board. The next morning Kawai and his party were in fear and trembling, and the Yakuza was in total control. Kawai no longer controlled his own company, his invention or his own fate. Needless to say, the Yakuza coldly cancelled the agreement, point blank. This happened in front of my associates and me, so there are multiple witnesses. The Yakuza and party quickly packed up the two Kawai engines in our possession and departed. No Kawai engine will ever be permitted on the world market. Several other Japanese COP>1.0 electrical power systems have also been suppressed by the Yakuza {[lvi]}.
Many such incidents - including murder - have occurred over the last decades, right here in the United States. Others will happen."
John Andrews: Water-to-Gasoline Additive
In May, 1974 John Andrews, a Portugese chemist, demonstrated a water-to-gas additive before Navy officials which allowed ordinary water to be added to gasoline without decreasing the combustability of the gas and would drive the cost of gasoline down to 2 cents per gallon. When Navy officials finally went to his lab to negotiate for the formula, they found Andrews missing and his lab ransacked.
Tom Ogle: 100+ MPG Oglemobile
Tom Ogle's Oglemobile ran on fumes extracted from a heated tank in the trunk without a carburetor (see US patent 4,177,779). The media witnessed a test of a 4,600-pound 1970 Ford Galaxie which was driven 200 miles on less than two gallons of gasoline. Ogle predicted that an economy four-cylinder engine would achieve 260 to 360 miles per gallon.
A Shell Oil Co. representative asked Ogle what he would do if someone offered him $25 million for the system. Ogle responded "I would not be interested". He later said, "I've always wanted to be rich, and I suspect I will be when this system gets into distribution. But I'm not going to have my system bought up and put on the shelf."
The August 1977 issue of Argosy magazine which carried a five-page article on the Oglemobile has disappeared from many libraries and even the Library of Congress. Argosy even ceased publication shortly after the article published. The El Paso NBC TV station which had filmed the test run "lost" the footage.
Shell Oil Company: Achieves 376.59 MPG with a Modified 1959 Opel in 1973
Shell Oil Company wrote "Fuel Economy of the Gasoline Engine" (ISBN 0-470-99132-1); it was published by John Wiley & Sons, New York, in 1977. On page 42 Shell Oil quotes the President of General Motors who in 1929 predicted 80 MPG by 1939. Between pages 221 (see and 223 (see Shell writes of their achievements: 49.73 MPG around 1939; 149.95 MPG with a 1947 Studebaker in 1949; 244.35 MPG with a 1959 Fiat 600 in 1968; 376.59 MPG with a modified 1959 Opel in 1973 (photos of these three cars are shown on page 223).
The Library of Congress, in September 1990, did not have a copy of this book. It was missing from their files, of course. Byron Wine bought a copy from Maryland Book Exchange around 1980 after a professor informed him that it was used as an engineering text at the University of West Virginia.
Dick Belland: 100 MPG Carburetor that Runs on Gasoline Fumes
In 1979 Dick Belland and his brothers and a nephew were experimenting with an automobile carburetor which ran on gasoline fumes. They stopped when Belland received telephone threats to be fitted with a pair of cement boots. For story see
Edwin V. Gray: Free Energy EVGRAY Generator and Free Energy Engine
In July, 1974 the Los Angeles District Attorney, acting under orders from the "Top" raided Ed Gray's assembly plant and confiscated his prototype free energy EVGRAY generator (US Patent 3,890,548) as well as his plans and records, brought numerous false charges against him, and defied all attempts by Gray's lawyers to get the confiscated materials returned. Gray's opponents drove him into bankruptcy.
In June 17,1975 Edwin V. Gray, of Evgray Enterprises, Van Nuys, CA, got a US Patent for a free energy automobile engine. The engine starts off of two car batteries and once it gets going, it recharges the batteries and powers the car. Unfortunately, Evgray Enterprises had become embroiled in a controversy with the Securities Exchange Commission, which is unrelated to the engine itself but had halted the development of the engine.
In 1975 Ronald Reagan, Governor of California, gave a special commendation to Edwin V. Gray of Van Nuys, CA, for his patent of a free energy automobile engine.
Joseph C. Yater: Heat-to-Electricity Converter
In September 18, 1975 Joseph C. Yater invented a heat-to-electricity converter that he says will cost the consumer approximately $200 and would be up to 90% efficient. The device operates by capturing "fluctuation voltage" (the static noise heard on radios and amplifiers). The rooftop device would be heated by the sun and use millions of microcircuits to tap the freed electrons from heated molecules. Yater took his device to the Government, which declared that his device had "real potential". After promising him a working model within 6 months, the US Government came back to him with the reply that the device would be impractical.
Phil Stone: Engine Runs on Water
During the 1950's, Phil Stone, a retired Florida college physics professor, had a patent for a device to run an engine on water. The US government then classified his patent and this prevented him from developing his device. The US Patent Office has unfairly classified 4000 energy patents. Their helpless inventors will be jailed for 20 years if they work on, develop, make, sell, write about, or even simply talk about their inventions.
Howard R. Johnson: Johnson Free Energy Motor
Howard R. Johnson spent six years fighting the patent office to accept the reality of his magnet motor. In April 24, 1979 Mr. Johnson finally got a US patent - 4151431 - for a free energy motor that starts itself and would deliver 5 kilowatts from permanent magnets. More information is available from the "Permanent Magnet Research Institute" P.O. Box 199, Blacksburg, Virginia 24063.
In spring of 1980 Science and Mechanics magazine published an interview with Mr. Johnson regarding the Johnson free energy motor. When asked if he (Johnson) thought that the load on his motor might drain the magnetic spin (of the electrons) he replied, "I didn't start the electron spins, and I don't know anyway to stop them, do you?" The Johnson permanent magnet motor apparently is one of the more promising possibilities in the world of "free energy". It is simple to construct and yields high output.
Bruce DePalma: N Machine
BRUCE DePALMA: Free Energy Update 11/14/90. Audio cassette #A1009-90 $9.00. Live on Something's Happening. Bruce DePalma, inventor of the "N Machine" (so-called "free energy") presents an update on its development including U.S. Navy development, a letter by U.S. astronaut Edgar Mitchell on the validity of the invention and the forced imprisonment of DePalma's chief backer.
Bill Jenkins: Free Energy Machine
BILL JENKINS: Free Energy Machine. Live on Something's Happening. Audio cassette #A1008-90 $9.00 Bill Jenkins hosted the ABC radio "Open Mind" program for 7 years, the most popular program in the country in its time slot. He dealt with "New Age" topics and was taken off the air. Here he discusses the program and his adventures since, including a near arrest on treason charges for preparing to market a free energy machine.
Richard Diggs: Liquid Electricity Engine
Richard Diggs, Custom Invention Agency, P.O. Box 11, Carthage, Missouri 64836; patent process on hold, though he has over two hundred others. Diggs developed at an inventors workshop (I.W. international) his "Liquid Electricity Engine" that he believed could power a large truck for 25,000 miles from a single portable unit of his electrical fuel. Liquid electricity violated a number of the well known physical laws that the inventor pointed out. The inventor was also aware of the profound impact the invention could have upon the world's economy - if it could be developed.
Joseph Newman: Energy Machine
In the news some years ago was Joseph Newman's energy machine. While Reagan stalled on acid rain, and Hodel pushed offshore drilling, the US Patent Office continued to block commercial development of this latest of many government-smothered free energy devices. Newman sued the patent office for refusing to grant his machine a patent, in violation of their own regulations and the advice of the expert they chose to examine the device. They also issued false statements to the press about the invention's workability. Over thirty respected electrical engineers, physicists and technical experts have endorsed Newman's machine and signed affidavits confirming his claim of greater energy output than external energy input. Ten congressmen have introduced bills which would require Newman's patent be granted.
As the Newman battle heated up, Reagan appointed Donald Quigg, a thirty-year Phillips Petroleum executive, to head the Patent and Trademark Office. The Judge entrusted with the case, Thomas P. Jackson, has violated judicial procedure, ignored expert testimony and ordered Newman's prototype confiscated and destroyed. During Watergate, Jackson was the attorney for John Mitchell and the Committee to Re-elect the President's corrupt finance division.
Newman identified the gyroscopic properties of subatomic particles and built a unique arrangement of coils and magnets to draw energy directly from them, thus converting almost immeasurably small amounts of the machine's mass into energy. Theory and device are detailed in "The Energy Machine", $38.45 including postage, from Joseph Newman Publishing Co, Route 1, Box 52, Lucedale, Mississippi 39452; 601-947-7147. Free press releases and brief technical descriptions are also available; send SASE.
Gianni A. Dotto: Anti-Aging and Anti-Gravity Thermionic Couple
DATE/TIME: 06/13/93 10:05 From : ROBERT BONNER To : DAVID MCWHERTER Subject: (R) UV radiation + us Folder : A, "Public Mail"
There was an Italian researcher (actually he had a Ph.D.) who did research on how magnetic fields affected the body. He made about 3 or 4 classifications of magnetic type energy fields. Two were bad; one had some health benefits but in the long run had detrimental effects. The last one was, of course, the one he speaks of as far as research goes. This person's name was Gianni A. Dotto. Born in Venice. His main area of research was "Bio-physics". Anyways, he built something that resembled a thermionic couple. It also levitated too. Anyways, if you want the "file" you can order it from:
Rex Research Box 1258 Berkeley, CA 94701 (I recommend clicking on to order a $13 CD from Robert Nelson. Gary Vesperman)
It will cost $4.00 and the order # is: 071-DOT DOTTO Dr. Giovani: Thermionic Couple. It is about 25 pp. I said his name "was"; he's dead - murdered some time back. His device worked really well as far as curing cancer goes. And he was killed for it. Run over, several times to ensure his demise.
His ideas on how our DNA is electrically controllable is fascinating. With this device you could theoretically live until you died of an "accident". Once you reach about 40 something, (well, let me put it differently...) Once your body reached 10 base pairs per turn (DNA lingo) you could use the device to SUSTAIN that state of being, anything less than that and you begin to deteriorate. i.e. grow old... Now, if, perhaps, you could find the right setting, maybe you could be 25 forever. But who in the world wants that?!?!
There were "reverse aging" effects detected on his elderly patients. So this is where all that mess above comes from. It isn't claimed to just be theoretical; he (Dotto) witnessed it. Anyways, I have the document and have read it. Would be cool to build. The most expensive piece is the ring part; it is an alloy. But, it would cost about 13 grand to build, maybe less if you knew the right people. It might be worth it for immortality and a life free of cancer and AIDS and the common cold.
Robert Bonner
Tim Thrapp: Energy Invention
From : Jerry Decker <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> To : Gary Vesperman <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Subject : Re: Trapp energy suppression Date : Sun, 23 Dec 2001 01:34:51 -0600
Hi Gary!
His name is Tim Thrapp....he used to live in Alaska and he was the one who told me about Henry Ford working with John Keely to create an arrangement inside early Model Ts so that magnets placed in them would make them self-running....the story goes that Ford was threatened by the oil companies for graft (kickbacks) or something along those he did this magnet trick as one has yet come back with any proof of the claim that SOME Model Ts had these slots in the bell housing where magnets could be placed to make it is the file;
When Tim called me several years ago with that story, he said one of the cars had been found and the engine or a copy of it had been demonstrated, and the inventor killed on his drive home with the engine on a trailer...the engine was stolen... Tim also said he had some radical new power generator capable of 50kw but he gave no details about it..this was back in 1997....seeya!
Gary Vesperman wrote:
Dear friends,
I have received a letter from an energy inventor the following new energy suppression incident:
"Tim Trapp, from Ohio, was put in jail by the federal authorities in Arizona and by the state police in Ohio."
Without success I conducted some searches for Tim Trapp on and Do any of you know of any authoritative reports on Mr. Trapp's energy suppression troubles?
Gary Vesperman 702-435-7947
Jerry W. Decker - from an Art to a Science - order out of Chaos discussion list -
Bob Lantz: Lantz Water and Power System
From : "Jerry E. Smith" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> To : "'Gary Vesperman'" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Subject : RE: Lantz needs Reno attorney Date : Sat, 9 Feb 2002 08:58:07 -0800
Attachment : attach3 (12k)
I'm not sure who I'm responding to, so I am sending this to all of you. The only lawyer I know in the area who might be interested in this case is Day Williams of Carson City. He is a civil rights and personal injury lawyer who has represented me in the past (also the late Jim Keith and Sirhan Sirhan!).
Day R. Williams Attorney at Law 204 N. Minnesota St. Carson City, NV 89703-4151 775/885-8398 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I hope this is of some assistance.
Jerry E. Smith Author, "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy" (Adventures Unlimited Press, 1998)
-----Original Message----- From: Gary Vesperman [SMTP:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 8:06 AM To: Jerry E. Smith Subject: Lantz needs Reno attorney
Jerry, I don't know anything about this, and I am too busy to even read it.
From : "David Crockett Williams" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> To : "Hal Fox" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, "Gary Vesperman" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, "Michael C Ruppert" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Subject : urgently need referral to Reno area attorney for Lantz Date : Fri, 8 Feb 2002 02:16:08 -0800
WWII vet framed by CIA agent to stop energy inventions?
Below is draft of press release I will finalize with Lantz on the phone this morning and send to media lists etc. Please let me know if you can refer an attorney in Reno area who I can phone today to help with Lantz court appearance Monday Feb.11 at which his date to surrender to jail will be set.
From: "David Crockett Williams" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Subject: WWII vet framed by CIA agent to stop energy inventions? Date: Thursday, February 07, 2002 10:06 PM
Seventy-five year old retired chemist and engineer Bob Lantz of Reno, Nevada, fought for the United States as a Navy pilot in WWII, but Monday the US Government is set to imprison him, to "die in prison" according to his "public defenders", in an apparent scheme to suppress his new-energy invention to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power. Perhaps paralleling the case of Horst Jeske, jailed for years in a bogus fraud conviction set up by wired funds transferred by Frederick van Boduncan years after Jeske introduced him to Lantz as a CIA agent, and the case of San Francisco investigative journalist George Williamson who identified Boduncan from his research as a CIA operative previously involved in smuggling drugs into the US via oil rigs in the Gulf.
George Williamson was later named in a lawsuit by Mohamed Al Fayed against the CIA and other government intelligence agencies regarding purported CIA documents Williamson offered to Al Fayed linking the agency with the death of Princess Diana.
Lantz reports Monday for a custody surrender hearing after his sentencing to 5 years imprisonment for a fraud in fact perpetrated without his knowledge by Norbert Vogler of Colorado who forged investment certificates with Lantz' signature notarized by his friend who later acknowledged that Lantz was not present when the forged signatures were notarized -- one of 237 lies that Lantz has documented by Federal prosecutors in his trial after the government put him into poverty by illegally confiscating over $250,000 from him after a raid in 1994.
Why would anyone want to put an old man in jail who is so scrupulously law abiding that he never even got a speeding ticket, someone who accepted the government secrecy order suppressing the Papp Air Engine and therefore cancelled his contract to make Papp's protoype, someone who even calmly accepted the multimillion dollar loss in business due to US government denial of his permit application to export his water purification Sonofloc System 77 to the government of Egypt for seawater desalination?
Could it be that powerful people within the US government are implementing covert policies to keep new energy inventions suppressed that would threaten the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries? Copious evidence says yes, and that Lantz' troubles really started after he began making new-energy system prototypes for other inventors in 1977 culminating with his 1989 discovery of an "overunity" energy generation system which combines his System 77 with a ultracentrifuge so the overall device not only purifies any kind of water but also produces sufficient heat to produce megawatts of electricity without any fuel at all, perhaps by "tapping the zero-point energy" with a kind of device the DOE in 1998 called "the Holy Grail of energy research".
How else could it be possible for this bogus fraud case to even be prosecuted after expiration of statute of limitations, with falsified evidence and the apparent collusion of prosecutors who lied and and public defenders who refused to contest the lies and offer documentation of innocence? Why else would Boduncan have brought this "gold certificate scheme" to Lantz as a funding mechanism for his invention? The Lantz Water and Power System was first tested in 1989. It can solve our global energy and water quality problems.
And what does he get for it? An unacceptable "deal" offered by prosecutors and pushed by two successive public defenders who each claimed he "would die in jail" unless he took the plea bargain acknowledging guilt and forfeiting his assets (over $100k of that confiscated was not even in his name), a "raw deal" which this War Veteran refuses to accept.
Are we to sit by and let this happen or will concerned citizens and media bring his story out so he can get the legal help he needs to get his bogus conviction reversed, his name cleared and his money back so he can pursue development of his New-Energy System?
Former US Patent Examiner Thomas Valone, fired for producing a conference in Washington DC on these new energy technologies, claims that there is a vault at the US Patent Office containing over 4,000 patents ordered secret by the government, confiscated from the inventors who are threatened with 20 years in jail if they release the information as per "dual-use" secrecy law uncovered under Freedom of Information Act and reprinted on p.162 of Jeane Manning's book "The Coming Energy Revolution" overviewing various new energy tech inventors. Isn't it about time we did something to take this situation under public investigation and control, especially motivated by the current Enron fiasco exemplifying the "ethics" of the fossil fuel industry and government complicity in "rigging" the energy industry?
Can we help Bob Lantz become a hero of this coming energy revolution instead of its casualty? Certainly our surviving WWII veterans deserve better treatment from our country citizens that they love and fought and died for.
David G. Yurth (Reporter): Remediating Nuclear Waste Materials
From: David G. Yurth [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2006 5:27 PM To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' Subject: Remediating Nuclear Waste Materials - UNLV
Dear Mr. Tetreault:
After reading your article in the Review Journal entitled "Nuclear Project Draws Interest," I thought it may be of interest to you to know that the DOE has played this game with university and privately funded laboratories for many years. Perhaps the most comprehensive review of this subject ever undertaken was prepared by Mr. Richard Shamp, President of Nuclear Remediation Technologies, headquartered in Hyattsville, Maryland (301)559-5057. Beginning in 1997, NRT and its chief scientist S-X Jin [once the highest ranked particle physicist in the People's Republic of China, until he escaped to the US in 1994 while addressing the Institute of New Energy symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah] have been submitting critical laboratory documents to DOE, demonstrating the effectiveness of known technologies used to remediate radioactive emissions generated by nuclear fuel waste materials in both solid and liquid form.
After being finessed into providing all the definitive laboratory data to Dr. Frank Goldner of DOE's nuclear remediation division, then-Secretary of DOE Spencer Abraham attempted to confiscate, classify and impound NRT's technology while at the same time pretending to be considering providing grant money to support its continued development. The fact that the technology in question had already been awarded six patents [K. Shoulders et al] was the only thing that prevented him from succeeding. Instead of providing grant funding, Dr. Goldner was instructed to put an end to NRT's pursuit of DOE funding for the development and deployment of its technologies. And that is precisely what he did.
During a conference call held on November 15, 2003, I was informed by Goldner that not only did DOE not intend to ever provide any funding to anyone for the purpose of remediating radioactive emissions in spent nuclear fuels, he insisted that it is and will continue to be DOE's policy for the next 40 years to encapsulate and bury every ounce of high-grade nuclear waste material stored in the US under ground at Yucca Mountain. Further, he told us that any attempt to obtain any high-level nuclear waste materials for testing by anyone, including government funded laboratories, would be arrested and jailed without access to legal counsel under the Export Administration Act. I still don't know what the EAA has to do with remediating radioactive emissions, but that is what he said.
In 1999, while Elliott Richardson was Secretary of DOE, NRT was awarded a discretionary grant of $2,000,000 for the purpose of advancing its test schedule. The work was to have been undertaken in concert with Dr. George Miley, physicist in residence at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana - Dr. Miley's laboratory at the Champaign-Urbana campus was level 2 accredited by DOE, and was therefore acceptable as a test and development site. However, within less than 90 days after the announcement of the grant had been published, pressure from within the Department rose to such extraordinary levels that Secretary Richardson was forced to withdraw the grant, albeit grudgingly.
The only similar technology ever contemporaneously developed in the US for the remediation of radioactive emissions in high-grade nuclear waste materials was developed in the late 1990's by Dr. Paul Brown and his colleagues at World Atomics in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After being granted several patents for the 'Nuclear Spallation Device' he designed, Brown contracted with several Japanese contractors to build three successively powerful prototype versions of his device. He had them built in Japan because DOE actively intervened more than a dozen times to prevent US companies from building it. The problem with Brown's device was that it was little more than a small, semi-controlled nuclear fission-powered device designed to continuously bombard nuclear waste material targets with a highly charged gamma ray field. Because it was so dangerous to operate, Brown was never able to obtain the necessary State Department or UN transport clearances to have it shipped across international waters into the US for further testing and development.
As you may recall, Dr. Brown was killed shortly thereafter under the most questionable of circumstances, just as the utility of his nuclear spallation technique was about to be publicly demonstrated in Japan. (Only a month before he died, Dr. Brown met with me and a few of my business and science associates in Henderson, Nevada to present his method of neutralizing radioactive waste. His method is No. 13 in my list of methods of neutralizing or disposing of radioactive waste in A few weeks after Brown died, Art Rosenblum also died in a car accident. Rosenblum had been peddling Randall Mills' Blacklight Power energy source. Gary Vesperman)
We have known how to safely remediate radioactive emissions from spent nuclear fuels, both liquid and solid, for nearly a decade. We have the test data and prototype apparatus to prove it. That data, including all the protocols, policies, procedures and experimental design criteria associated with our work have been submitted to DOE many times over - Dick Shamp can tell you all about it if you want to go to the trouble to ask him - with the net result that DOE will not allow the US Postal Service to deliver our proposals any longer. If you want to see what is really going on with nuclear remediation, this is a very good place to begin.
Thanks for writing your article - you're about to find out how big Pandora's box really is.
David G. Yurth, Ph.D. Director Science and Technology Nuclear Remediation Technologies, Inc.
Paul Brown: Hyper-Cap E-Converter
Paul Brown had invented this device which Gary Vesperman wrote up for his "Advanced Technologies for Foreign Resort Project" which is in
"Perpetual Battery. The hyper-cap E-converter is a thick quarter-sized battery which would put out .001 watt "forever" for such applications as critical components inside fail-safe computers, cellular telephones, etc. The energy comes from tapping ether fluctuations."
Gary Vesperman remembers reading somewhere Brown encountered suppression when he tried to commercially make and sell these "perpetual" batteries.
William Bolon: Automobile Steam Engine
William Bolon, Rialto, California, developed an unusual steam engine design in 1971 that was said to get up to 50 miles to the gallon. The engine used only 17 moving parts and weighed less than 50 pounds. It eliminated the usual transmission and drive train in an automobile. After much publicity, the inventor's factory was fire bombed with damages totaling $600,000. Letters to the White House were ignored so the inventor finally gave up and let Indonesian interests have the design.
Walter Rosenthal (Reporter): Small Electrical Power Converter
Walter Rosenthal is a retired aerospace engineer with some test equipment such as oscilloscope and voltmeters. He has been closely following for a long time development of new sources of energy and personally knows some of the energy inventors.
More than twenty years ago, Walter became involved with an inventor's invention of a small electrical power converter. Something about converting a flashlight battery's DC to 4 watts of power with a high conversion gain. He realizes now that it would be a very valuable invention because it could be used in cell phones, laptop computers, portable radios, etc.
Then the inventor got a call from a man representing Atlantic Richfield (now ARCO). They offered the inventor $40,000 to take it off the market. Otherwise, he would subject to troubles, etc. He refused and they eventually offered $400,000. It is unknown what happened next. That energy device is still not on the market.
Later on, Walter figured out that the Atlantic Richfield people could only have known details about the invention by tapping either his or the inventor's telephone.
Ira Einhorn: Free Energy and Mind Control Researcher
(Excerpted from "A Snapshot of my 70's" by Ira Einhorn, September 1, 2002)
. What Geller could do, I saw a lot of it first hand, indicated that the basic physical framework in which physics operated was inadequate and that so called "free energy" devices -- devices that would solve our energy problem and end what is now called global warming and allow for the decentralization of most economic activities -- could become a reality. Hence I circulated all previously known anti-gravity information and all the emerging work on "free energy" devices.
Unfortunately, all new technology can be used as weaponry as well as for human benefit. So, I was soon up to my ears in a multi-pronged intelligence game that is still waiting to be unravelled.
. So when the opportunity arose, after a series of dinners and meetings in Princeton and New York with Bogdon Maglich, the head of Migma Fusion, the only private nuclear fusion research operation in the United States, and a number of Yugoslavian government officials, I agreed to help organize a large Tesla celebration. To this end, I enlisted the support of the president of the prestigious Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Bowen Dees, and after a stint at Harvard and with the blessing of the Yugoslavian Consul-General in New York, I went off to Yugoslavia, to spend days at their expense, as an unofficial ambassador.
I was planning to do many things during this celebratory conference that would have linked the Tesla Museum in Beograd with the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia: besides giving Tesla his just due and showcasing his achievements in a major exhibit at the Franklin IInstitute, while holding a major international conference on his works, I would also have organized a smaller conference on the suppressed aspects of his work in mind control and free energy and found a way to directly demonstrate mind control to those who came to the conference.
In the fall of 1978 I was a Fellow in Residence at the Institute of Politics within the Kennedy School at Harvard. I taught one course, ran a small lunch time chat series in which Harvard luminaries, Ambassador Reichauer, E. D. Wilson and Karl Deutsch, among others, ate and chatted with 5 or 6 of us for a couple of hours; I lectured in every conceivable venue at Harvard, conducted a number of public symposiums, brought a number of the members of my Network to Harvard to lecture, ate dinner with a host of well known political figures, and made an inordinate amount of noise about mind control technology and the Russian Woodpecker to, among others, then CIA head Stansfield Turner. This lead to a meeting in the Boston Airport, arranged by one of JFK's chief aides, on the matter with a top defense intelligence scientist who ended up spending the evening with me and giving me his home telephone number.
In 1979 I received a small private foundation grant to study free energy devices in preparation for a large involvement in such activities. I was planning to visit all of the inventors personally and then prepare a report that would have formed the basis of a venture capital enterprise that had been encouraged, due to some of my mailings, by a number of my affluent friends. The objective was to develop and bring one device to the marketplace.
.All was not to be. I was busted for a murder I did not commit, and all my work on mind control and free energy became history.
[signed] Ira Einhorn September 1, 2002
The following is excerpted from Ira Einhorn's July 5, 2002 email:
Robert Eringer proposed all kinds of book schemes for me; schemes in which I was not interested. Nor did I find any of the people my agent sent to me, re: the biography, to be of interest. Thus when Eringer suggested he would like to look at my fourth novel, Cantor Dust, which was near and dear to my hear, I informed my agent and sent it to him. Eringer was very enthusiastic about it. He said he would prefer to do my autobiography, but would work on getting my novel published as an opener to getting my autobiography. I said he was welcome to try. Thus began a continuous stream of many hundreds of e-mails between this alleged intelligence operative and myself, broken only by his journeys to England, wherein he told me he saw a number of publishers without success and one new house that agreed to publish Cantor Dust when they were actually in business, and his family vacations. We were still at it the day I was extradited to the United States: July 20, 2001.
One of Robert Eringer's closest associates is Claire E. George, Past DDO (Deputy Director of Operations) for the CIA, in charge of covert operations for the entire planet. Sources who have researched the situation indicate that Claire E. George and Robert Eringer have worked together on a number of operations, still work together and have a pile of money at their disposal.
Allen Caggiano: 100+ MPG Fuel Implosion Vaporization System
INVENTOR'S HARDSHIPS SUPPRESSION OR COINCIDENCE? YOU DECIDE! IS US. PATENT # 5,782,225 BEING SUPPRESSED ....OR... ARE THE "HARDSHIPS" THAT THE INVENTOR SUFFERED JUST "A COINCIDENCE".??????." YOU DECIDE ! In the early 1970, in Brockton, Ma, I owned and operated a company called Debal Heating and Air Conditioning. This was about the time that we had that phony gasoline shortage. Each morning myself and 12 employees would sit in the gas line with 6 trucks to get a mere 5 gallons of gasoline. As I sat in that gasoline line day after day, I started to think there must be a better way. If they have the technology to put a man on the moon they must have the technology to get much better gas mileage. It wasn't long before I built my first fuel vaporization system. I read everything that I could get my hands on about this. Well sad to say it didn't work. It made plenty of vapors, and exploded like a BOMB. Over 70% of my body received 3rd degree burns. I spent 69 days in intensive care, kissing death several times. Don't worry, all the bugs are worked out now.
October 15, 1983 was the birth of my Fuel Implosion Vaporization System. At this time I owned and operated a company in Brockton Ma, called Weatherall Energy Research and Development. I had just finished building a commercial high-efficiency air conditioning evaporation coil when I poured one gallon of gasoline into one end to flush it out. To my surprise massive fumes discharged from the other end and all I got back was less than one cup of gasoline.
I started brainstorming, I miniaturized the air conditioning evaporator coil, installed it in 1973 Dodge station wagon with a 318 engine. By early 1986 we had worked out all the shortcomings and bugs and had a working prototype that gave between 111 to 113 mpg. We placed an ad in the Brockton Enterprise and the Boston Globe, seeking people to beta test our Fuel Implosion System.
It wasn't long before I got a call from a California corporation wanting exclusive rights to our invention. My attorney checked them out. They were a subsidiary of several other corporations and finally all owned by an oil company. I declined their offer. Shortly thereafter all my troubles started.
First came two men, showing IDs, saying that they were from the FBI and that I was violating federal laws altering carburetion systems and that if convicted could get 20 years in a federal prison. I called my attorney and told him what happened. My attorney informed me that I wasn't in any violation of any federal laws.
If I was smart I should have stopped here. (BUT I AM NOT TOO SMART). For the next two weeks I would receive every day in the mail, in a plain envelope, 8"x10" close-up photos of my wife in the supermarket, church, and my children getting on and off the school bus and in the playground at school. (Just pictures only.) In addition we would get all kinds of weird calls mostly after 2 a.m. My wife couldn't take it anymore; she filed for divorce and left me.
A few days later my attorney showed up at my office, looking white as a ghost. He had all my legal files and records with him, placed them on my desk and said that he could no longer represent me in any legal matters. I asked why. All he would say is: "WAKE UP!". I could not understand. He had been my personal friend and attorney for over 16 years.
When my wife divorced me and my attorney abandoned me, I wondered what else could happen. Nothing, I thought, nobody can stop me now, so on with my fuel implosion system. Boy was I wrong: hell opened up and swallowed me alive.
I am a very light drinker; if I drink 6 cans of beer a year, that was a lot. I never did drugs or was around anybody that did. On July 4, 1986 the chief of the Brockton Police, Richard Sprawls, with a bunch of other Brockton police raided my Tremont St. Brockton home, and arrested me for trafficking of cocaine. My bail was set at $500,000.
I was lucky that I had a friend, LT. Jim Sullivan of the Brockton Police Department. He showed up at my bail hearing and said something to the judge, and my bail was reduced to $500.00. Is somebody trying to tell me something?
Oh well, back to work; I built two more fuel implosion systems. I installed them in a 1973 Olds Cutlass and 1966 Mustang. I painted my 1973 Dodge station wagon bright yellow, with big red letters all over it saying: "THIS CAR GETS OVER 100 MPG AND DOESN'T POLLUTE THE AIR .THE BIG BOYS ARE TRYING TO MAKE ME AND THIS CAR DISAPPEAR,--HELP ME! " I only got to drive my yellow wagon for 3 days.
On November 24,1986 Brockton chief of police, Richard Sprawls, and other members of the Brockton Police Department raided my Tremont St. Brockton home. They seized two shotguns, a 12 ga. and a 20 ga, both were legally registered to me. I used to use them for skeet shooting. I was arrested and charged with for trafficking of cocaine again. My bail was revoked. I was placed in maximum security in the Plymouth House of Correction. I was now sentenced to 15 years for the July 1986 trafficking of cocaine and waiting for the second trial for the November case.
I knew where I could get some solid evidence that would clear me, but I didn't know who to trust ANYMORE. So, I escaped from maximum security, went and got my solid evidence and gave it to the right person and surrendered the same day.
Boy I was lucky, they had over 240 law enforcement offers searching for me with guns, dogs, helicopters etc. I ran like a jackrabbit through the woods. My advantage was, the woods were my old hunting grounds.
Well the Massachusetts Supreme Court of Appeals overturned my cocaine trafficking conviction. Grounds: tainted evidence, illegal search and seizure.
Guess what? I had the privilege of being the first person in Massachusetts and the third person in the United States to be tried, prosecuted and sentenced under this new law 18 USC 922g and 924e. I didn't stand a chance; there was no case law in the law books to support my defense of this new law. I was sentenced to two 5 years' sentences for perjury, because when I bought the two shotguns there was a box that said: were you ever convicted of a felony. I checked the no box, because I was never convicted of a felony, just a misdemeanor.
Well, the feds said under federal law my misdemeanor was a felony, therefore, I was guilty of 2 counts of perjury and they gave me 5 years on each count.
Next I got 5 years for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Now I have been sentenced to a total of 15 years in federal prison without parole. I am still sitting in the courtroom. After a week of trial, my attorney said that the US Attorney was trying me under the second part of the new law. My attorney said the trial will be short, won't last more that ten minutes. There was no way I could be found not guilty.
Well it went like this: 1: I was convicted as a felon in possession of a firearm. 2: I was convicted of perjury. 3: I was convicted of a second count of perjury. BINGO! I HIT THE JACK POT!!
USC 18922g-e1 states: If you have 3 prior felony convictions and have possession of a fire arm, then you are an ARMED Career Criminal and that carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years without parole. Now I have a total of 30 years in federal prison without parole. Well, the Feds have me tucked away for 30 years where I cannot cause any more trouble with my fuel implosion system. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG:
I met a lot of powerful people in the federal prison, with powerful connections on the outside, among them, Kenny whose son was a patent attorney for a large patent law firm who did our US patent. #5,782,225, while I sat in the safety of the federal prison system.
Remember the Feds sentenced me to 30 years without parole??? Well, on September 13,1997 (Friday the 13th, my lucky day) I was released from federal prison with 5 years parole.
STOP! Something's wrong here. I only did 10 years of a 30-year sentence, with no chance of parole. Well it took the federal courts to rule that it was legal for me to possess the two shotguns, that they had no jurisdiction. The case is now pending in the 1st District Court. They will not rule on it.
This September 2001 will be 4 years that I have been out of federal prison and have been a good boy, nice and quiet, until now.
My Intentions:
In the past 20 years I found out that the oil companies will do EVERYTHING in their power to suppress this kind of technology, because it could reduce the gasoline consumption in the U.S. by 76% over a 5-year term.
The government will lose mega bucks in gasoline taxes.
The major car manufacturers will lose billions spent on the technology of the fuel injection systems, my technology makes theirs obsolete.
I put all my patent and shop drawings up on this website, for anybody to use it free. I am 58 1/2 years young now; the sand is running out of my hour glass fast. I don't want to take this technology to my grave with me. If you think that I should get something out of this, then build my fuel implosion system, and after your 5th tank of gas send me the price of a tank of gas; otherwise I don't want a cent.
If you believe that me and my patent and technology have been suppressed, then tell as many people as you can about my story and ask them to do the same.
The Reason I Ask This Is:
I believe that millions of people around the globe want this kind of technology and know it exists. When we get enough people wanting this technology, I have powerful attorneys, who know and are able to present it to the courts of the globe.
I will take my remaining 7 cars, that have my fuel implosion system in them, out of exile and drive them from Boston to California with the whole world watching, and I think my chances of reaching California alive are excellent.
By me publishing this website, I must be out of my mind. What else could happen to me? MAYBE I will get killed or something. What will be will be.
Thank you for your interest. Please help me spread the word. And for those of you that think that my story is just a bunch of bad luck for an unlucky inventor, you will be of those who oppose this type of technology. So go to my home page and VOTE NO for this technology.
Sincerely, Allen Caggiano, Inventor
P.S.: As much as I would like you to build my Fuel Implosion Vaporization System and succeed, I MUST URGE you NOT to build it without QUALIFIED and PROFESSIONAL help, if you are not a qualified machinist or mechanic yourself. This is NOT a simple D.I.Y project and working with (vaporized) fuel is dangerous!
Brazil: Ethanol Produced from Sugar Cane
Biofuel is a synthetic fuel created by blending starch-based corn and sugar with gasoline. Prices for ethanol in the United States recently hit an all-time high at over $3 a gallon. To hinder competition from ethanol, the oil companies have arranged for the United States to impose a $0.54 cent per gallon tariff on ethanol imports, which keeps prices for the alternative biofuel artificially high. Brazil, which recently became energy self-sufficient in 2006, is the world's largest producer of sugar-based ethanol and would benefit greatly from a tariff reduction in the United States. Apparently it is cheaper and more energy efficient to produce ethanol from sugar cane than corn.
US Patent Office Holds Secret Approximately 4000 Patents
Tom Valone is a former Patent Examiner who was fired about six years ago for producing a conference in Washington DC on these new energy technologies. Valone recently won a lawsuit against the US Patent Office and was awarded reinstatement and six years of back pay. In a 2001 email to Gary Vesperman, Valone wrote in part:
"As a former Patent Examiner, I can tell you that the number of "secretized" patents in the vault at the Patent Office (Park 5 Bldg.) is closer to 4000 or more. They never receive a patent number, and the inventor is rarely, if ever, compensated by the government for use of the invention."
The U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee that screens patents for national security implications. A hidden purpose of this committee is to also screen energy-related patents which could threaten the power and fossil fuel companies, etc.
Text of Generic Patent Secrecy Order
SECRECY ORDER (Title 35, United States Code (1952), sections 181-188)
NOTICE: To the applicant above named, his heirs, and any and all of his assignees, attorneys and agents, hereinafter designated principals:
You are hereby notified that your application as above identified has been found to contain subject matter, the unauthorized disclosure of which might be detrimental to the national security, and you are ordered in nowise to publish or disclose the invention or any material information with respect thereto, including hitherto unpublished details of the subject matter of said application, in any way to any person not cognizant of the invention prior to the date of the order, including any employee of the principals, but to keep the same secret except by written consent first obtained of the Commissioner of Patents, under the penalties of 35 U.S.C. (1952) 182, 186.
Any other application already filed or hereafter filed which contains any significant part of the subject matter of the above identified application falls within the scope of this order. If such other application does not stand under a security order, it and the common subject matter should be brought to the attention of the Security Group, Licensing and Review, Patent Office.
If, prior to the issuance of the secrecy order, any significant part of the subject matter has been revealed to any person, the principals shall promptly inform such person of the secrecy order and the penalties for improper disclosure. However, if such part of the subject matter was disclosed to any person in a foreign country or foreign national in the U.S., the principals shall not inform such person of the secrecy order, but instead shall promptly furnish to the Commissioner of Patents the following information to the extent not already furnished: date of disclosure; name and address of the disclosee; identification of such part; and any authorization by a U.S. government agency to export such part. If the subject matter is included in any foreign patent application, or patent, this should be identified. The principals shall comply with any related instructions of the Commissioner.
This order should not be construed in any way to mean that the Government has adopted or contemplates adoption of the alleged invention disclosed in this application; nor is it any indication of the value of such invention.
(The punishment for a violation of this secrecy order, should an inventor exploits or even simply discusses his or her invention which is classified by a patent secrecy order, is 20 years in federal prison. The unlucky inventor would then lose everything he had invested in his invention.)