Gordon Duff
Veterans Today

Little teaching goes on in schools, even less happens in homes.  Popular culture teaches our children as it reeducates and propagandizes our adults.  Simply examine the terms.


Few remember the 1950s.  Music tastes, then, as especially now, were dictated corporations who bribed disc jockeys to play mindless blither.  The scandal was called “payola.”  With so much good music out there, then at least, millions were unaware that “factories” were producing the utter crap they were listening to and buying, crap they learned to love, crap that has since disappeared.

There is nothing left of the thousands of “hit songs” from the 1950s, almost all have simply gone away, not worth stealing, not illegally downloaded even.

The same people who “did” our music, built the rest of our culture too, a culture built on mythology, a hokey form of phony patriotism and totalitarian ”brain washing”  based on the carryover of cheap wartime propaganda.  Think tanks with unpleasant globalist political agenda’s reinvented America by controlling our education and culture.  This is me discussing the issue with Daryl Bradford Smith a couple of years ago…