Starbucks wants to make it easy to join Obama’s proposed paramilitary brown shirt volunteers. “Starbucks will honor each person who pledges with a free tall brewed coffee beginning Wednesday, Jan. 21 through Sunday, Jan. 25. The goal of the effort is to raise pledges in excess of one million hours of service from all over the country,” a Starbucks press releases states.

Starbucks wants to “make it easy to participate in the President-elect’s call for national service.” Back in September, the Christian Science Monitor reported that Obama plans to “leverage volunteerism in communities across the country” and make government “cool again.”

Fortunately, a lot of people are beginning to realize government is never cool, as the founders warned a couple hundred years ago. In the months ahead, these folks will likely clash with Obamatron zombies, maybe even in the street.

Obama pledged that “service” will be central to his administration. He’d encourage young people to take up careers in public service and the government (thus, making it “cool.”) He’d do it in part by passing a $3.5 billion national-service program that would expand AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps as well as provide tax credits of up to $4,000 year to help underwrite college educations in exchange for public service. He’d also significantly expand the all-volunteer army, beef up veterans’ educational and health benefits, and create a kind of civilian corps that could take over some of the Army’s current civic tasks in war-torn regions around the world.

Obama’s “kind of civilian corps” was fleshed out on July 2, 2008, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when the soon to be anointed one proposed what basically amounts to a Hitler Youth brigade one million strong to protect us from various ill-defined threats. I’m sure you have seen the video of Obama’s call for duty to the fatherland, but here it is again.

Considering its dismal retail figures, you’d think Starbucks would spend more time concentrating its efforts on increasing sales. But who knows… maybe they plan to press a few volunteers into service down the road serving up cappuccino now that selfless service in the name of some amorphously defined goal will soon be cool again.

See the entire Starbucks press release here.