By Bob Livingston

The essential purpose of group psychology is to desensitize the individual mind. It works like magic. Witness the insensitivity of people today. They will literally accept anything. Believe me, the politicians and bureaucrats know this and use it for ongoing deception. Manna to the group is poison to the individual. It is therefore the evolvement of the group or mass mind that has brought us to our present state of insensitivity. Tyranny follows! It is here!

The basis of the psychology of group dynamics is that people are naturally gregarious. They feel secure in groups and quickly become dependent on groups. The group is a control mechanism that builds insensitivity.

The more group oriented we become, the individual mind merges into the group and therefore becomes insensitive to reality and indeed hostile to reality. This is nothing short of psychological warfare and is the fundamental control system of authority.

All the thousands of organizations didn’t just appear over the centuries. They were inspired for control reasons. Simple “brotherhood of man” sounds innocent enough, but it’s awesome in empire building.

The group or herding instinct vastly lowers the need for aggressive police power. The more the masses are herded, the fewer people are needed at the top to control and run the show.

The more people that are herded, the easier they are propagandized and persuaded. Finally the public mind merges with the government or authority. This is like George Orwell’s Animal Farm where the people are controlled with and through deception, but they are not aware of it. In fact, they love big brother. They love deception!

This syndrome is what we have repeatedly referred to as benevolent totalitarianism. Authority is absolute, but the broad use of jackboots and the dreaded midnight knock at the door is no longer necessary.

We do indeed have the same fascism as Nazi Germany, but over the past 50 years it has been skillfully honed and polished into an acceptable benevolency, with the cover name democracy. Hitler also used the powerful mind-altering word “democracy.” He said that Nazi Germany was a great democracy.

We are truly on George Orwell’s Animal Farm NOW! What’s more, we love our masters and all of their sadistic control systems. We are now prepared for an advanced tyranny under the cover of the “Patriot Acts.”

Anybody not desensitized knows that the “Patriot Acts” are war on the American people and human liberty. We are now face-to-face with a modern star chamber. Patriotism is the cover. The American flag is the symbol.

The current “election process” is devious political demagoguery. The whole purpose of the political charade is the further advance of altruism. What a scam and what a deception.