63184496For more than an entire year as of the publishing of this article there has been a concerted operation where almost everyone who is on social media with subscriptions to anything conspiracy related have been inundated with requests to like flat earth groups on facebook. Content producers on youtube have been sent messages pleading that they talk about flat earth, and as I studied this phenomena I noticed glaringly obvious patterns. 

In adition to this, the Google and establishment run website YouTube, has been recommending flat earth videos on completely unrelated videos pretty much constantly. Almost everyone now has heard of this flat earth CRAP that has come out literally for no reason... other than to not only muddy the waters, but to distract, divide, and make anyone speaking of conspiracy look like someone who thinks the world is flat. -Guilt by association, just as people would automatically assume people who speak of conspiracy think we did not go to the moon. (Another Tavistock institute PSYOP).

I have felt compelled to use this laughably pathetic attempt to discredit the ''truth movement'' as illustrating how far the powers that should not be will go to manipulate society. So desperate and drastic, but the bullshit won't stick.

Never has any ''conspiracy'' been mentioned so much in the mainstream media. Even Obama has mentioned it as part of the psychological operation to have people equate pointing out the climate change conspiracy with flat earthers, because afterall, if you don't even know the SHAPE of the planet, you are not going to be seen as very credible. 

For flat earthers to claim open-mindedness, yet not even have the ability to weigh out evidence let alone have discernment, as well as not be able to see how obvious that this is a PSYOP is absolutely astounding.

This is an excellent video that concisely describes what is going on with this flat earth PSYOP:

Nothing good has come from arguing about the shape of the planet. Relationships, friendships and families are being torn apart.

Even if the world was flat, even with proof, it's not even the first thing to mention to someone. Most people will not even look up the proof of a subject if it sounds outrageous. I mean, let's take the subject of aliens for example. it's not the first thing I mention to someone new to these subjects even though it is highly probable that our planet has been taken over by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago, every ancient civilization has the same story, everyone who has been in power can be traced geneologically to being the same families since recorded history and genetic engineering is well documented all through ancient history. We only have 46 chromosomes, yet we still have the genetic chromosomal material of 48 chromosomes... Clear proof of splicing. 

Click to see full image of alien genetic manipulation proof

Here is an interesting article on the subject. It is more than just greed, why we have clean, free energy technology suppressed, economies manipulated and a world government being the proposed solutions to the problems the so called elite have created.

“To Adapa, Enki teachings gave, how to keep records he was him instructing.” Enki boasted, “A Civilized man I have brought forth. A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness.

Even with all this proof of the ROOT cause of why we have government and such levels of manipulation, hardship and slavery, I don't go and have that be the first thing I mention if wanting to have someone take me seriously and actually listen to me about what is really going on, nor do I even mention the disclosure project, until I first cover the proven conspiracies that literally threaten all our lives.

So assuming the world actually was flat, hypothetically... Why do so many people fail to even be able to conceptualize priorities? There is no debate that there is a plan to reduce the population by 80 to 90%, but I guess mass democide is not something to worry about, just mere geometry, like children, debating SHAPES, as our last opportunity to secure freedom and prevent a world tyrannical government slowly blows away in the wind of the flatulence and regurgitation of people following a subject that was made popular artificially through astroturfing and a very well designed plan to tie together several PSYOPS, such as the claim NASA did not go to the moon.

The big argument is ''you should be open minded'' - I ask them why they cannot be open minded to something much more plausable and logical: That NASA and other parts of the powers that should not be are pushing this flat earth PSYOP and fueling it by intentionally releasing fake images, etc. If it was not for the organized power of sock puppet accounts and government funding of this operation it would have not gone past the first youtube video, or the first invite to a flat earth group on facebook. It would have been laughed at and debunked immediately, but due to the ARTIFICIALLY created popularity of the subject, many people have actually fallen for it, and continue to do so even more than a year after the initial release, around March 2015.

I therefore conclude that there are a lot of paid agents, for they have also suddenly come out of nowhere and suddenly at around the beginning of 2015 there was this sudden surge of talk of flat earth instead of posting posters and fliers with the proof of conspiracies that literally threaten all our lives. - That is the initial solution, while we are still free and have a free internet, but they did not censor the internet completely yet because they needed to push this flat earth PSYOP and others.

Here is my playlist of several videos I have made on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIDrbxdcjfHpOf9UPXQLUIcHI0RVExSBE
- I could have jumped on the opportunity to make money as many people have done, given the support of astroturfing to create the perception of flat earth being ''the thing'' to be into, but I value the truth more than the few hundred dollars I would have got by making pro-flat earth videos. Note that many of these videos are just one take rants, as I have many great ideas that need my attention to be focused on, but over the past year there have been many claims and things to point out, so the time and energy I have put into this was worth it and completely necessary. 

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 This is a great article for further research.

For the first time I was called a paid agent by people who were either serious or following the PSYOP handbook, but I actually do need money and support since I am not Rockefeller funded like the mainstream controlled media, hence the large donate button on every page of this website so if you can support my efforts, please do.

I urge everyone to speak out about this flat earth PSYOP to have it backfire on the so called elite. The time is now. This is a great opportunity to use this as even more evidence of conspiracy and social conditioning in a time where people have no choice but to ''wake up'', given the plethora of proof that has come out about ACTUAL conspiracies.


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Some flat earth video that I won't waste more of your time by linking to.

Here is a conversation with one of the people who run the multitude of channels that sprung out of nowhere pushing the idea that the Earth is flat who work together to furiously make it APPEAR that it is the biggest conspiracy subject by using a technique called astroturfing were many people have many different accounts and this can be clearly seen by looking at the activity of the accounts who make abusive and conflicting comments against those who speak out against this PSYOP. - They almost always have activity that shows either no content, or nothing but subscribing to and thumbs upping pro-flat earth videos. I mean, come on... Do these people not have any other interests??

''GLOBEBUSTERSMar 2, 2016+1
+Critical Unity Again, tell me why NASA would start a 'psyop' that asserts the world is flat? I am dying to hear your logic!

+GLOBEBUSTERS You are an (unwillingly?) participant in DARPA narrative networks, flat-earth resurgence as pushed by DARPA is a test bench in propaganda technique and their effect on cognitive dissonance. What did push you to support a narrative that you know full well to be false, there is the question. (my guess is that you are just a desperate crook in for a quick buck)

Critical Unity10:11 PM
+GLOBEBUSTERS Tell me how you cannot realize that the establishment is clearly more sophisticated than you can possibly imagine, and work in long term manners, how it is much more complex than just NASA starting this, but them being in on it. Also, tell me what you think about the claim that GPS is just triangulation from towers, yet triangulation is only accurate to 3/4 of a square mile on average, yet GPS is MUCH more accurate?? A better question is why focus on flat earth when there are ACTUAL conspiracies that can and have been proven that LITERALLY THREATEN ALL OUR LIVES??? Is the word priorities even in your vocabulary?''


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The search for flat earth proof in weird places

(A silly video I made to inject humor into this whole thing as it is in reality basically shitting on all the work people have done to expose actual, proven conspiracies and crimes against humanity). Interesting to note that whenever I post a flat earth related video it gets not only many views compared to serious issues such as aerial spraying, but I get pretty much immediate negative comments and people pressing thumbs down 

My first thought was: What a friggin dildo you are.  It's fun to watch a gloober make an ass of himself.  Keep those inspiring videos coming. You have a nice day.
Critical Unity 
Critical UnityThank you for your kind words. Is there any particular reason you are illustrating my point instead of going out there like bullhorn boy if you really cannot see how clear this is a PSYOP and have no discernment whatsoever?? No sense of priority neither given the amount of proven ACTUAL conspiracies? You and others like you continue to instill the divide and conquer, calling me a glober like a child, who proclaim to continue to go along with the flat earth PSYOP even more than an entire year after it was orchestrated to explode with the help of a little thing called astroturfing? Sorry buddy, nice try, and you have a nice pretty much eternal existence in the afterlife looking back at what you spent your time doing during our last chance to not only stop the new world order, but to enable the free and beautiful world we should and could be living in. As to me being silly, it happens to be part of being a human being, needing to be involved in humor to deal with the exponential level of willing ignorance and attempts to discredit anyone speaking about conspiracy to try and make the majority associate activists with flat earthers. By the way, nice predicable liked videos playlist. - Pretty much nothing but flat earth as I thought. How boring. Do you really not have any other interests besides the two other proven conspiracies you have mixed in there to make (rational) people click away once they see an association with flat earth on your channel? So how much are you paid to astroturf and how is it you cannot possibly visualize how the Sun would be seen constantly, as in, 24 hours a day?


Comment 2: 

Pretty sure no one has been to space to see for "Them-self." that the earth is flat, hollow, round, etc, that is in this comment section, then again you cant disprove "Science." with more "Science." maybe you can who knows, then again i'm not even sure i'm living in america it could be the uk, who knows, with that said chill out.
Critical Unity 
Well if you cannot prove that you are not dreaming, that you are in the location you think you are in, then I would like to chill with whatever you are on, so long as it's safe. You have also hijacked the name of someone who has made one of the best flat Earth PSYOP exposing videos: https://youtu.be/IHqBzcwEXRc There are certain things that can be proven and one is the geometry of the planet we live on. How people cannot see how simple it is that there would be no night on a flat Earth, and don't give me that perspective line, just visualize a sun over a disk. People have flown around the world including over the poles, different sides of the moon would be seen (according to the flat earth model), there are different constellations in different hemispheres on this planet, and I could go on, but all points made that point out the proof of the planet's shape hold water. The Pseudoscience that flat earth channels on Youtube come out with does not. This is pseudoscience and desire to have validity in the belief of a creator at it's finest. - Thing is, even if the world was flat, we could be sitting on some guy's mantle in a snow globe owned by a being that evolved on a planet. Sure, science can be wrong, there are theories and mere inference, but there are some things that cannot be denied, such as this being a conversation based on text and communicated electronically via products called computers. {/sliders}