Watch and see how obvious these people are actors. You'll even see someone wander and clearly decide to lay on the ground, not fall. I wonder how much they paid him? This is too ridiculously obviously fake. No, I'm not saying ebola doesn't exist, but there certainly is fear mongering to try and get people to take the vaccine. - Before doing so, you might want to research the additives, how they do more harm than good, and the plethora of calls from the so called elite to reduce population by at least 90%.

Sure this is relatively old news, but with all the distractions and control of the media most people are not even aware of the truth about 9/11, Sandy Hook, disclosure project, etc. I made my own voice over on the clip that CANNOT BE REMOVED due to being filmed with a cell phone because I felt the delivery and tone of the other videos on youtube could be misinterpreted as mockery of actual sick people.


Few facts to be aware of before passing judgement or commenting: 


1) There is an openly stated plan to depopulate the planet by 90%, don't believe me, just do a simple search and find mumerous quotes coming from the horses mouths.

2) Eric Pianka called for Ebola to be a great way to do this reduction.

3) Before you assume the world is overpopulated and we do need a culling, how about looking at the fact that the world is not over populated at all, and even if it were, how about demanding the release of suppressed clean energy technology?