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Whenever any government in any country is taken over by lawless and power mad traitors they naturally demonize the people and the defenders of individuals freedoms as “terrorists,” and “extremists” to divide and rule the nation. This is the case in America today, where armed agents of the state have been brainwashed to be on the lookout for “domestic terrorists” and “right wing extremists” in the guise of groups like the Oath Keepers.

The Oath Keepers is a non-partisan, apolitical group of current soldiers, veterans, fire fighters, and police officers who have pledged to honor their oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and disobey officials orders that are clearly in violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Oath Keepers is considered dangerous and treated like terrorists by the tyrants who have hijacked the U.S. government because they have promised to protect the rights of American people and keep their oaths to the Constitution. Oath keeping is frowned upon by the mainstream media and the political establishment because in the twisted world of these traitors and rats to do good is evil and to do evil is good.

It is a sad age when nobility is demonized as terrorism and oath keeping is cynically called a “looney” act and a product of “paranoid conspiracy theories.” This is what the world has come to. This shows how far America has fallen. Treasonous tyrants in Washington feel free to throw dirt on true warriors like the Oath Keepers while they deceive tens of thousands of other warriors to fight in pointless, criminal and unending wars overseas that are based on total lies.

I just finished watching the war documentary ‘Restrepo’ and I am pissed that soldiers who signed up to defend their country are killing and dying for a lie. They are being wasted and ruined.

The war profiteers and devilish traitors who staged the 9/11 attacks couldn’t care less about the deaths of thousands of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent people. They have no honor or conscience. An oath means nothing to these heartless freaks. Human life is not precious to them. All they care about is power and control. They are the real lunatic fringe of modern society, not the people who question the 9/11 attacks or the people who believe following your conscience and keeping your oath is a sacred duty.

John R. Holmes, author of an essay called ‘Oaths & Oath Breaking: Analogues of Old English Comitatus in Tolkien’s Myth,’ that appears in the book “Tolkien and the Invention of Myth: A Reader,” says that making and keeping an oath is “central to the heroic code.”

The last thing that the tyrants in Washington want is a new age of heroes. Individuals who are serious about protecting individual rights and defending freedom are threats to the rotten establishment. That is why Oath Keepers and defenders of the Constitution are being accused of treason and denigrated in the media. They are promising to fulfill an oath that the political leadership of both parties and Congress abandoned long ago. Obama and Bush would rather see America perish from the Earth than be prosecuted for their crimes against the Constitution, and crimes against humanity.

I think the Oath Keepers is one of the best things to happen to America since the American revolution. There are two camps of critics of Oath Keepers: the ignorant people who believe everything they read, and the cunning tyrants who want the treasonous and lawless federal government to march ahead unopposed by patriots who swore an oath to defend America and its constitution from its enemies.

Who would you rather stand beside on the battlefield come Judgment Day – men who keep their word, or men who will stab you in the back the day you are no longer useful to them? Hell was created for traitors and backstabbers. Hell is where Obama and Bush belong, not the White House.

Holmes says that oath breaking was regarded as a serious sin by people in England in the eleventh century, writing, “to the Old English mind, or at least to Wulfstan’s eleventh-century Old English mind, the making (and breaking) of oaths is an everyday moral concern not limited to the heroic age.” Wulfstan was the author of ‘The Sermon of the Wolf to the English,’ written in 1014. Holmes writes:

In Wulfstan’s famous giedd–and only there–appears a fascinating word: aobrice. Its interest stems not merely from its being a hapax legomenon, a nonce word, a word that appears once and once only in all the records of a dead language. It is also interesting because of the litany in which the word appears, giving it a rhetorical prominence to which only a culture founded on the oath would give it, for aobrice means, simply, “oath breach,” or “oath breaking.” (The spelling of the word aobrice is different in Holmes’s essay, which you can read here).

Holmes elaborates on the significance of the word aobrice, and the heroic nature of oath keeping:

One of the most arresting things about the word to the twentieth-first-century mind–or at least to my twentieth-first-century mind–is how deadly seriously the eleventh century looked at oath breaking. Wulfstan is listing the most horrible sins that the English people have committed in recent years, for which God has punished them by sending the Danish marauders. We have been guilty, Wulfstan says, of greed, theft, pillaging, selling of men, attacks on kinsmen, manslaughter, adultery–and it is only in culmination of this list that he adds oath breaking. It strikes the modern ear almost as a comic non sequitur, though Wulfstan is quite serious.

What kind of culture is it that would rank oath breaking with pillaging and murder? The example of Beowulf and the earliest written record of Germanic culture, Tacitus’s Germania, suggest that the oath is the very foundation of Germanic society. The political relationship between thegn and lord, to which Tacitus gives the Latin name comitatus, is essentially an oath sworn in the mead hall–for the lord to share his treasures with his thegns, and for the thegn to defend his lord to the death. The Old English version of Prince Hal’s “once more unto the aobrice” in Beowulf, in The Battle of Maldon, and in The Battle of Brunanburh is an earl on the battlefield reminding his men of the oaths they swore and that now is the time to redeem those pledges. It is the same heroic code that Tolkien tries to capture in The Lord of The Rings.

I hope we rediscover in our evolutionary times the ancient and medieval heroic code. But it must come from within our spirits, not dictated by governments and political leaders who ring false alarms and call on heroes to fight in evil wars.

Clearly, an all-volunteer army controlled by secret tyrants hasn’t worked out well for America, Canada, England, and other Western nations. I’ve read that some American soldiers have made six deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq! It’s crazy. American, Canadian, and British soldiers are being exploited like robots and rats. These soldiers decided to serve the cause of patriotism but they’re being led astray and tricked by history’s greatest tricksters. There must be some kind of payback. The laws of nature and the laws of God have been broken. A lot of good and noble men have died for no good reason in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The treasure of a nation is its honesty,” wrote the poet Ezra Pound. Leaders who lie like Obama, Clinton and Bush think nothing of wasting souls, plundering nations, and destroying the Earth. They are mindless demons from the Kingdom of Satan. They must have a split personality like Gollum from The Lord of The Rings to be able to do what they do. Holmes writes, “it is the very treacherousness of Gollum, his very unaptness for any sort of oath, that points all the more strongly to the centrality of oaths in the heroic world of Middle-earth.”

Keeping your word means more than the amount of money you have in your bank account or the title to your name. Your deeds must match your words. The political leaders of America, Canada, and the West have no credibility because they have abandoned ethics and the rule of law. They are setting themselves above the people and pretending to be gods. If this is not treason then what is?

Brainwashed liberals and brainwashed conservatives can call the Oath Keepers “traitors” and “terrorists” all they want, but I welcome the Oath Keepers with open arms in the global fight for freedom. If they live up to their word and set a heroic example then the American Constitution may yet be restored.

It should be a badge of honour that the state terrorists and traitors in Washington view the Oath Keepers as dangerous. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, George Mason, and Thomas Paine were considered dangerous, too.

The real danger to the public comes from the state terrorists who are abusing government powers. They have turned America and the West upside down. Good men are called crazy conspiracy theorists and terrorists while evil men prosper and give orders. It is insane that oath keeping and truth-telling are dismissed as bad, dirty and alien while liars and oath breakers like Obama and Bush are listened to religiously and taken seriously.

Society depends on honesty and trust. When leaders say something they must mean it. Herbert J. Schlesinger, author of “Promises, Oaths, and Vows,” writes: “The words imply the act; much of the time we expect to be able to take the word for the act itself.”

Every one should take a private oath to follow their conscience, defend the moral law of the universe and resist the government when it acts tyrannically and disrespects individual freedoms.

I have sworn an oath to follow my conscience and always do the right thing. I hope I am strong enough to keep it.

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