'Social' networks such as Facebook and Twitter are seemingly harmless, however the net effect is an actually ANTIsocial situation where most people don't have actual friends... If all most people talk about is the latest sports scores and movies, most people do not have actual real friends, and these 'social network' sites are a real distraction from what those in control are doing to you and your children.

I urge all of you to stop wasting your time on 'social' network sites, and spread the word truly; out there, not just on some website!

Game: Simfarm

Simfarm game screenshot

Game Description:
 You own a plot of good farmland. Do you want a small family farm--or an agricultural profit center? Do you want to produce food for the local town--or feed the world's hungry masses? Do you use the latest chemical fertilizers and pesticides--or run an "organic" farm? It's up to you. Plow your fields, sow your seeds, harvest your crops and sell them at market. Easy? Sure, except for soil depletion, crop rotation, changing markets and diminishing farmland--not to mention pests, droughts, dust storms and other fun disasters. A fun and original game that's highly recommended. Growing tomatoes has never been this much fun :)

Download: Simfarm
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Here are some non-facecook -(your brain) games that are really fun to play for when you want to take a break:
Game: Skyroads

Game Description
You could play this game just for the amazing sound tracks, but the gameplay is also very catchy. Simply, you need to steer your space vehicle along the course, jumping and dodging blocks that will wipe you out when you're flying along at light-speed. Balancing acceleration and fuel usage becomes tricky when you've got a time limit to beat with hardly any fuel in the tank. Your reflexes and timing will be the difference between getting home safely and floating aimlessly through space.

Formerly shareware, the game has been released as freeware by its developer BlueMoon Software, along with the rare X-mas edition.

Description by Eric Savage

Download: Skyroads
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also, checkout: Hiroads

It is game over if we don't all TRULY completely wake up to the true magnitude of what is going on...
Stop wasting your time on social network sites when you could be out there in the real world telling people about the proof of the truth about what is going on! The plan for a world government dictatorship is the most important thing to alert people about, not updating the 'what are you doing now' on big brother websites!