This may seem negative, however knowing the true dynamics of reality is not negative at all.

Q:) What is 'the truth'?

A:) It is cross verified, fact checked information which curiously conflicts with the general views & what is pumped out in the mainstream controlled media, as well as many other things that may not ever be able to be scientifically proven as of yet, however the evidence at hand that has been proven is enormous.

Therefore, even if the evidence provided was merely based on theoretical speculation, (which it is not);

 - Let us suppose that if it was only a 1% chance that the following information was correct, then given the importance & dire urgency of the situation, it should not be dismissed, and ridiculed, but investigated & looked into, as opposed to what I sadly see with most people who refuse to look at... Information that contradicts their views. 

Given that we are only alive once, I ask you; why is it not obvious & clear to all Humanity that if we want to be truly happy, we must change the way we think, and to do that, it is imperative to disengage one self's habitual thinking processes that maintain & enable the enslavement, manipulation & deception of every person & life form.

Some people assume that knowing, in order to prevent manipulation beyond a point of no return of total tyranny is undesirable, but I personally fear the outcome of myself not standing up.

Q:) Is it negative to know where the obsticles are in a darkened room?

A:) No. - If you know, you will not fall.

Q:) If a bus is heading your way, do you need to know about it to get out of the way?

A:) Yes, obviously, and this is intrinsically connected with the entire population.

  • It will be very nagative, if world government is instituted, all our freedoms taken away, population reduction, etc.
  • it will be VERY negative if all crops  & animals are converted to GMO.
  • It will be VERY negative if the majority of people do not look into the evidence of the 7/7 & 9/11 BOOMBINGS before the globalist elite stage another fake 'terrorist' attack to further their agenda for a world dictatorship. 
  • It will be VERY negative if the internet gets completely censored worldwide before people have a chance to research the world around them.

More people should have the decency as a human beings to at least look into this information instead of blindly dismissing it, because not knowing,  when we could be ALL recognizing, then taking action is enabling this tyranny & injustice to continue.