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Impassioned radio host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones (see also: his official site) would be easy to dismiss as a crackpot if his angry philosophies—on what he might call our totalitarian world government and regularly corroded civil liberties—weren’t so eloquently dispatched. As even  his Wikipedia entry details, Jones has been labeled a conspiracy theorist by the mainstream media, so it will be interesting to hear what the uninitiated will think about him after seeing Darkon filmmakers Luke Meyer’s and Andrew Neel’s new doc feature New World Orderpremiering at SXSW:

New World Order is a documentary about conspiracy theorists. The film is a behind the scenes look at the underground anti-globalist movement. This growing movement targets the annual Bilderberg conference, and the 9/11 attacks as focal points in the alleged global conspiracy.

Alex Jones, a celebrity radio host, and underground cult hero, is the main character of the film. The film chronicles Alex (of Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly), and four other conspiracy theorists, on their ceaseless quests to expose the ‘massive global conspiracy’ that they believe threatens the future of humanity.

Riding shotgun with Jones as he drove around Austin in his specially outfitted vehicle—bullhorn speakers mounted up top to better reach the masses—I mostly stayed out of his way, as he didn’t see me so much an interviewer as simply one more uninformed listener who needed to hear his sermon.