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Alex Jones, for those who don’t know, is the self-described “tip of the spear” in the Infowar. Jones is a nationally-syndicated radio host with a daily listening audience in the hundreds of thousands and he has directed and produced over 20 documentary films. The most recent film, The Obama Deception, could in time be remembered as one of the most important films in our history. The movie is indicative of being rush-released, which it clearly was. Timing is everything. Mr Jones knew what he was doing in getting this film out to the masses fast and I would venture is evidence of its critical timeliness at this moment in history. Never have so many people been so tantalizingly close to waking up their fellow man to the realities of the world we live in. This film may be the one to finally do that.
Barack Obama, despite what the Madison Avenue spin doctors try to tell/sell us, is not the ONE. I think Alex Jones and his film The Obama Deception might just be the ONE. The title of this film is slightly misleading because it is not a film about Obama per se, his questionable character, or even the legitimacy of his presidency in light of the questions surrounding the true origin of his birth. It does cover some of his campaign messages/promises and his subsequent reversals upon assuming office. Notably he has shirked on his commitment to withdrawal the troops from Iraq and also not to appoint lobbyists to his cabinet.
Though Obama gets top billing in this movie the film isn’t that much about our spruce pack-a-day new Prez. What it breaks down is the false left-right paradigm, the military industrial owned and therefore controlled mainstream media and the unholy alliance between the Federal Government and the private offshore banking cartel that is the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is the crack dealing money machine to the Federal Government which has been an addict of fiat money since 1913 when  Woodrow Wilson sold our country out to the Wall Street den of vipers and thieves. This is the film that will finally get people to understand that there is a shadow government behind the puppet government. It is run by the Rothschild-Rockefeller-British & Dutch Royal Family and assorted Bilderberg cohorts. This is the Anglo-American Empire exposed and Jones does better in exposing the great lie in The Obama Deception than any other film on the subject to date, even his own earlier films.
Some highlights of the 2 hour film are commentary by the extremely balanced and knowledgeable historian Webster G. Tarpley, who is the epitome of calm in a crisis as well as Gerald Celente, top future trends forecaster who long ago saw the onset of Depression 2009 like a dim light down a subway tunnel. The best line in this movie goes to seminal hip-hopper Professor Griff of Public Enemy who asks, “where did we get this sense that just because we have a black man as President everything is going to be OK…everything is NOT going to be OK.”
Another great quote from Gerald Celente speaking of  Treasury Secretary  Timothy Geithner – “he was the former President of the NY Federal Reserve and now he’s our Treasury Secretary?” It is truly an absurd appointment - the former NY head of the banker to the government is now running the Treasury!?! But this should come as no surprise for every single Obama appointment is an avowed enemy of the Republic and Jones lists their credentials:
• Treasury Secreaty, Timothy Geithner – Bilderberg Group (BG), Trilateral Commission (TC)
• Secretary of State,  Hillary Rodham Clinton – BG, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) married to TC member Bill Clinton
• Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice – TC
• National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones – BG, TC, CFR
• Dept. National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon – CFR, TC
• Special State Department Envoy,  Henry Kissinger – BG, TC, CFR
• Chairman of the Economic Recovery Committee,  Paul Volcker – BG, TC, CFR
• Director of National Security, Adm. Denis C. Blair – BG, TC, CFR
• Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates – BG, TC, CFR
• Dept. Secretary of State, James Steinberg – BG, TC, CFR
• State Department Special Envoy, Richard M. Hass – BG, TC, CFR (President)
• Presidential Advisor, Alan Greenspan – BG, TC, CFR
• State Department Special Envoy, Richard C. Holbrooke – BG, TC, CFR
As big John D. Rockefeller figured out a long time ago, the best business to be in is the business of government. The business of government has been consolidated for close to a hundred years in preparation for the final take-down of the American Republic. This film ends with an inspirational message: everyone who watches this film and everyone in the Infowar is as important today as the Founding Fathers were 240 years ago - we are the modern day sons and daughters of liberty.
Most people in America today aren’t even aware that we are in a war, or if they are they believe that war to be in the Middle East and Central Asia. Most people are not yet aware of the Infowar that is being waged against the population and resisted by people like Alex Jones through his movies. That is rapidly changing and with the release of The Obama Deception the resistance has a game changer, “a thermonuclear information bomb,” that once it explodes will cause a serious crack in the plans of the globalists and stall their agenda, hopefully long enough that we can turn this thing around for good and avoid the tragedy that befell the “greatest generation”.
Head over to obamadeception.net to purchase the film or view the trailer.
The Obama Deception: