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by Ivan Fraser

10 May 2006

It has been my pleasure, since the formation of the Truth Campaign in 1996, to pass on information which I see as vital to helping us realise our true and staggering potential for positive creativity. This campaign is in no way the only one of its type. All over the world people are awakening to truths and realities which have been suppressed and forgotten over the centuries in order that a small and power-hungry few can prosper out of the misfortunes of the masses.

When I began networking information in 1993, it was all done manually: photocopying, posting, typing up and collating articles and by 1996 putting them into a newsletter format. There were limitations on available data; one basically had to be aware of an issue and to find an organisation, books or magazines dealing with a subject and subscribe, or purchase, or contact the organisation directly. However, now we have the internet, a tool of enormous value, where we can access information on virtually any issue we care to and discover new information on issues we may never even have known existed. People are able to communicate around the globe, day or night, and network in seconds what previously may have taken weeks.

When I say that I believe that absolutely everyone has a right to freedom of expression and to knowledge which is beneficial to their personal and planetary evolution, is there anyone who would disagree without giving the matter much further thought? However, when I say that absolutely everyone has the power to help heal the sick using the power of the mind, to cure and alleviate the symptoms of cancer and many other diseases with simple natural applications, to generate clean and free energy supplies in their own homes etc., this is where most people who rely on mainstream sources for information have trouble accepting such things are possible. Often I hear in reply classically naïve statements in the mould of: “Well if there was a better way to do it, “they” would have told us, wouldn’t they?” and, “They wouldn’t put anything in the water that could harm us, would they?” Occasionally people seem to look at me as if I am half mad or at least mildly eccentric and over-enthusiastic, perhaps taken in by a lot of strange people with nothing better to do than to conjure up elaborate hoaxes.

Unfortunately, there are many elaborate hoaxes, deliberate distortions and plenty of disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’ – and you will find it all on the internet. So it pays to be careful and diligent in our search for truth. The world and our view of reality are heavily influenced by the interlocking organisations and vested interest of politics, business and media, all striving for power and wealth – this System survives and is perpetuated by hiding and diverting our attention from anything that may damage the status quo. As long as we continue to hand over our power, money, minds and freedom to the System we will never be anything more than mind-controlled slaves. Slaves who believe they are free. And yet, as we are becoming increasingly aware with every passing day, there is much that we can do, even within the limitations imposed upon us by this System, to free ourselves and our minds from this self-serving machine that has become our world.

Fortunately and most encouragingly the most common response I get from people these days when I talk of such things – sometimes once they have picked their jaw up off the floor - is an intense interest and desire to learn more. Fairly quickly it becomes apparent that the mysterious “they” who are often quoted as being responsible for the natural order of things and unfolding path of our existence are little more than a ruthless and cleverly manipulative few who will stop at nothing to get their own way by exploiting anything or anyone willing to hand over their minds and wealth to them. Moreover, without the information that we need to realise how much of a part we play in the perpetuation of our own enslavement to the System, it is unlikely that we would ever really have a fighting chance of doing anything about it.

It is well past the time to wake up to the realities of this situation and to reclaim the fundamental right to a free and informed choice on how to live our own lives. For it is exactly because we have allowed ourselves to be so manipulated by the controllers of the ages that we find ourselves living in a world on a precipice where, if we were to wander any further in the direction that history has so far dictated, we would surely, eventually, fall into certain oblivion.

Has history taught us nothing? Is it not written in the hearts and minds of everyone, is it not blowing in the acrid winds, reflected in the tainted polluted waters or visible on the tortured faces of our animal brethren world-wide; is it not heard in the pitiful moans of our starving children and in the terrified screams amongst the constant roar of gunfire and mortar in battle-zones throughout the globe?

Now is the time, like never before, to end mankind’s reign of destruction upon the Earth. Now is always the time! If we do not begin to realise that it is we who are responsible for everything that we do and not the ever-elusive “they”, we will be giving our permission for these self-appointed global managers to take us over the edge.

How true it is that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. It is time to take our heads out of the sand and live up to our responsibility as stewards of the Earth in order to serve our higher aspirations and fulfil our limitless potential for love and creativity. It is down to each and every one of us to challenge where we see injustice and to work for the greater good of all without falling into the System’s preferred mentality of “All for one and sod the rest”.

Those who have read my book “Lifting The Veil”, and any of the many books and articles that now exist to testify for the existence of a deliberate and organised assault on our freedom, will be well aware of the manipulation which has blighted our evolution for millennia. They know that their own potential is far in advance of anything we could have come to expect through the teachings of System-serving dogmatic religions, politics and conventional industry-sponsored science. Such organisations have been deliberately used throughout the ages to keep us from realising our full potential.

One of the great mistakes mankind has consistently been guilty of throughout history is to believe that God is confined to our own description of it. Surely everyone has the right to their own opinion as to what God means to them, but to impose that view on anyone else is at least arrogant and in its worst expression has been responsible for more repression, war, terrorism and torture than any other single cause in history. And if we are prepared to sit back and absorb and repeat the beliefs of those who have created the religions and the faiths, without question, and without challenge, then we are indeed merely a link in a chain with a history of war, terror, domination and slavery. The manipulation of belief systems has been one of the most destructive tools of social control throughout our history. We owe it to ourselves and others to be critical and diligent in our search for answers to life’s challenges.

Conventional industry-led science is hardly much better, for it is such science which is now seen as the great idol of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We have caused more environmental pollution and destruction, killed and tortured and eaten more of our animal brethren, and injured crippled and killed each other more so in the past hundred years than at any other time in our history. We are now on the brink of global devastation in the name of ‘progress’ which has been essentially led by ‘science’. Today science is no longer synonymous with its original meaning of “knowledge” but is used to serve the interests of the powerful industries and military establishments who, at the top of the ladder, are the same people. Medicine, agriculture and virtually all areas of modern existence are controlled by those at the apex of the System - the petrochemical giants, the military-industrial complex and world bankers - who make vast sums of money from it. It is they who fund virtually all scientific research and it is they, ultimately, who benefit to the general detriment of the planet. And whilst everything on the Earth is measured merely as a latitude of dollar’s profit and a longitude of Economic Growth figures we will never be truly free of the System or the destruction it is built upon.

It is time for the people to wake up and recognise that we do not need to be reliant on the System in order to survive. Indeed it is only by breaking free of the bonds imposed by ourselves on ourselves that we can emerge to fulfil our limitless potential for love, well-being, harmony and creativity, and help to make this world a paradise once again. Moreover, once it is realised that it is we, the masses, who keep those in positions of staggering wealth and power where they are, then we can begin to build an alternative reality in which oppression and manipulation play no part.

We must empower ourselves with knowledge and the fundamental belief that each and every one of us is as worthy of love and respect as anyone else. In our own way we are all creators here on Earth. We each have an equal responsibility to ourselves and each other to aid in the healing of the Earth. For everything we do, we are accountable. We must learn now and act to reverse the misguided imbalances of our past. If we do not do it, no one else can be expected to clear up this mess. If we do not do it now, then it just may be too late.

We must begin at home by healing and educating ourselves and then work outwards towards the rest of the world. Never underestimate the power of one person to create a positive and lasting change. This is exemplified for me in the life’s work of Mohandas K. Gandhi who once said of the British occupation of India: “100,000 Englishmen cannot control 300 million Indians if those Indians will not allow themselves to be controlled”. And those 300 million Indians, with Gandhi as their figure head, did indeed prove this to be the case. I urge anyone who is not familiar with this wonderful human to immediately seek out and watch Richard Attenborough’s multi-Oscar-winning movie Gandhi.

I hope that the articles in the Truth Campaign magazine, and on our website, prove as useful to you as they have done to me. I hope too that you will do your best to help to network this information. If it is only to your friends and family you will have begun a ripple effect which one day might just help to save lives and in turn help to heal the world.

A lot of the material can appear at first to be quite depressing or alarming. Do not let this consume you! It is with such knowledge that you are going to affect positive and lasting change in the lives of yourself and others. Without such knowledge we will continue to be led down the garden path by those who see themselves as more important and worthy than the rest of us and who seek only short term material gain from their brief stay on Earth.

The Truth Campaign is just one of many organisations seeking to redress the balance. It is my own small contribution. In the mid-90’s I made the decision to leave my career as a nurse in order to focus on my pursuit of truth full-time. My work quickly went from networking important information, to the creation of a small-press magazine and research into the issues that I believed require attention. It started as a simple part-time method of contributing what I saw as essential information, to an organisation dedicated to seeking truth and exploring alternative views and ideas. It isn’t going to change the world, and it is never going to make me rich, but it has made a positive difference – however small – to many people who have read our material and been stimulated to seek further for themselves.

We can all play a small part in making the world a better place, a more informed place and a potentially safer and more enlightened opportunity to fulfil our enormous potential. Each one of us can do something. Each one of us has abilities and opportunities to make a difference in our lives - no matter how small or large - to help others and to help ourselves to find freedom from mental slavery and from unnecessary conditions imposed upon us by ignorance, greed and the pursuit of power. And I’m sure we could all do more in our three score years and ten to leave a positive legacy to future generations.

What we do and how we do it is up to us and our own consciences. I believe there is good in the hearts of everyone and a desire for peace and harmony. I believe that even the materialists and power-hungry have this in their heart, even if it is buried beneath greed, corruption, and ignorance. If we could all consciously connect with this simple humanity within the hearts of everyone, then we would realise that we are all One consciousness, expressing itself as 6 billion individuals, each of which relies on each other for its existence and for its sense of purpose. The purpose of life, for me, is to learn through the experience of life and take the opportunities that life gives us to connect with the inner spiritual light that guides and enlivens everyone and everything.

There are as many paths to that realisation as there are people to tread those paths, and more. The most difficult experience can be the most profound lesson. And we have an opportunity, today and in the future to take advantage of the great opportunities that our ‘interesting’ times have presented.

We can each make small changes in our lives to that end, if we are aware of the opportunities, and if we are empowered with the knowledge to make those opportunities translate into lessons well-learned. We can do this individually, and we can do this collectively by communicating our knowledge and experience with others. If we can seek and find truth together, we can make great changes and find our spiritual union with each other and our lives would be that much more fulfilled for the experience.

To fulfil our potential, we must change. We must have the courage to face and seize our opportunities. We will inevitably have to face the reality that for us to achieve our goals and learn the lessons presented to us, we will have to embrace changes in our selves and in our lives. Change can be the most daunting and challenging prospect of all. But without changing ourselves, we do not progress. As Gandhi said: 'We have to be the change we wish to see in the world.' What we change, and how we change, depends on what we know.

If we do not at least try and discern truth from lies and fantasies, we will be unable to grasp and realise our best potential. If we do not search for truth, we are unlikely to find it. If our actions and the results of our history are to be learned from, then we can see that we have learned so much through error, but we have also built upon error, lies and distortions.

Can you imagine a world in which truth was starting point for our lives and experiences instead of error?

Do we have the courage to be the change we wish to see in the world? Only we can answer that for ourselves. But change we must, or forever be doomed to repeat our history.

My love to you all.

Ivan Fraser 

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