Patrick Henningsen

An unsuspecting Tony Blair was door-stepped once again during one of his recent high-paid “lectures” in Hong Kong late last week by a British activist.

Tom Grundy, who hails from the city of Wednesbury in the West Midlands, England, confronted the UK’s most notorious modern war criminal last Thursday, attempting a citizen’s arrest for Blair’s own deceptive role in the Iraq War citing a violation of the Nuremberg Principles – the internationally recognized rules of engagement put into place following the Second World War in order to prevent unnecessary aggression by one state against another.

After Blair’s personal entourage of security managed to push Grundy out of the venue, the event organizer and host quips to the room of attendees, “I’m sure you’re used to this all the time”, to which the incredibly shady ex-British PM replied, “I am used to it.”

War protester Grundy’s efforts in Hong Kong are similar to the successful efforts of American journalist Luke Rudkowski, who’s We Are Change media collective has successfully confronted globalist luminaries and operators like Jay Rockefeller, Larry Silverstein, Al Gore and Karl Rove to name only a few – further shedding a spotlight on globalists who would prefer pulling their strings of power from the shadows and who will only appear to the populace in a controlled public setting.

In this particular case, the issue is not whether Blair secretly committed the UK to war, but whether he deliberately gave a false account of the diplomatic situation in the lead-up to war. An unlikely foe has recently entered the fray in a way which could potentially change Blair’s fortunes for the worst.

Former Blair spin doctor supreme and political attack dog, Alaister Campbell, a man believed by many to be Blair’s co-conspirator in the Iraq War deception, is due to release his diaries on June 20, 2012. In these detailed accounts of the days, weeks and months leading up to the Iraq Invasion in March 2003, Campbell gives a personally documented picture of events which does not completely square-up with Blair’s own testimonies under oath to a succession of rather white-washed public inquiries which took place and which were designed by establishment to divert any anti-war sentiment in British politics into a permanent cul-de-sac.

According to pre-released excerpts of Campbell’s diaries, News Corp media mogul Rupert Murdoch applied substantial pressure on  Tony Blair in order to accelerate Britain’s role in legitimizing a hugely unpopular US-led coalition for the Iraq War in the weeks before the pivotal House of Commons vote in 2003:

“[Tony Blair] took a call from Murdoch who was pressing on timings, saying how News International would support us, etc,” Campbell wrote. 

Murdoch’s recent admissions to the Levenson Inquiry harkens back to William Randolph Hearst’s infamous quote made before the eventual false-flag sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, the seminal event that ignited the Spanish American War back in 1898. Hearst said of the mainstream media’s involvement in selling the impending unwanted war to the public:

You provide the pictures and I will provide the war.”

These admissions may appear to be demonizing a now weak Murdoch on the surface, but the real story here is how Campbell’s diaries offer further proof that Tony Blair had already decided to invade Iraq via diplomatic channels long before the matter went to Commons vote. Although Murdoch’s call to Blair may have been prompted by the ruling Neocons in Washington, Blair’s own complicity was surely motivated by his desire for News International’s public support of him and his inner circle – support which would guarantee Labour’s position of power in British politics and the financial fortunes that followed.

With so much to hide from public view and in the race for dollar fortunes, mistakes can easily be made. It seems that even ex-political hacks have to cash in on their political careers too, and Campbell has all but sold his old criminal ally down the Thames for a few pieces of silver – or publishing sales profit coined in Campbell’s favor. In this instance, Blair may have been inadvertently caught out by his old gatekeeper. All evidence points to the reality that decisions were made, policy was agreed and commitments of political and military support were confirmed via unofficial diplomatic channels long before the matter appeared to surface as a public debate between elected officials.

Many would agree that it is inconceivable that a head of state and trained lawyer like Tony Blair would have no knowledge or understanding of the Nuremberg Principles -  a set of internationally agreed guidelines determining what constitutes a war crime in our modern age. Nonetheless, Blair continues to remain ignorant of any culpability on his part.

If Blair was to be arrested, placed in a high court, and made to be held accountable for his crimes in relation to lying to Parliament, lying to multiple official hearings following the Iraq invasion, it could serve as a deterrent for future heads of state to engage in similar deception, as well as irresponsible and unaccountable behavior – all in all, criminal fraud which has cost countless innocent lives and trillions in black hole budget spending as has been the case with Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 onwards.

Still, many years on from his days in Downing Street, Blair continues to cash in on his criminal role in the destabilzation in the Middle East and Central Asia, thus far netting him, at very least, tens of millions in personal income as a result of his illegal and unethical activities whilst in office.

Regardless of the outcome of Campbell’s latest revelations, rest assured that Tony Blair is not losing any sleep over his actions of the past because his is too preoccupied with earning millions under the cover as the United Nation’s Middle East steering group, The Quartet’s official ‘Peace Envoy’ to the region, a role conducted from his taxpayer-funded, multi-million dollar offices in Jerusalem.

As a result, Tony Blair Associates, or TBA (aka Tony Blair himself), remain ever busy accumulating a not so small fortune