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There's a reason why criminal elements of governments suddenly want control over the internet, and it's not because they care about protecting innocent eyes from seeing pornographic material, while the Sun news paper in the UK OPENLY dehumanizes young children's minds with soft-core pornography, nor is it to stop terrorists from hijacking power plants which are not even connected to the internet. (Not to mention free, clean energy technology is suppressed) it is because the information on this site has nothing to do with theory, and things like Bilderberg meetings which the 'elite' go to are illegal, and prove voting for political candidates is a joke since decisions are made in secrecy. Apparently, these people who have the ability to kill us all at any moment, who have manipulated us for thousands of years, are the ones that should be spied on not innocent civilians. So if you want to be proactive in standing up for internet freedom, the way to save the net is simply to save the evidence of crimes against humanity and spread the word like there could be no tomorrow if you don't. Then, there will be no need for censorship as the cat will be out of the bag.

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WHAT CAN YOU DO? A LOT. PEACEFULLY. To those who live in fear of telling others what is really going on and that it's no mere theory but are afraid to speak out because you think you're going to get laughed at, carted away or taken out or whatever, well you do know they plan to reduce the population by at least 80% right? WE ARE ALL UNDER ATTACK THROUGH ADDITIVES IN FOOD AND WATER, ENGINEERED WARS ETC.

Police and military are waking up more and more, so those who share important life changing information are respected in the eyes of anyone who has discernment and the slightest iota of intellectual integrity. Do not live in fear. Agents and shills are waking up exponentially and realising that it's not the best idea in the world to enable their own enslavement. Also, why don't you print every piece of proof you can while there is still a free internet and you still have electricity to prove you are not crazy when people try to say you are?

Please note: No labels shall be pasted upon us peaceful activists., we are not merely anti government, we are anti tyranny.