As it turns out, experiences induced by dimethyltryptamine (DMT) may be doing better for the belief in an afterlife than conventional forms of religion have in recent decades. Many of the testimonials from individuals that have traversed the 'astral planes' by means of DMT, whether it be through ingestion or pineal secretion during a kundalini awakening or near death experience, describe a sort of spiritual awakening, often returning to ordinary consciousness with new feelings and thoughts on physical life and existence in the universe. For some, this awakening was met with a glimpse of an afterlife and existence beyond its physical form. 


"DMT is responsible for providing users with powerful trips in which they often experience the presence of calming beings believed to be from an underlying layer of reality which then expose people to the idea that the information we receive through our physical senses is limited. When people make this deep connection and understanding that there is more to reality than what we can experience through the senses they begin to suspect that there may be more to life than the physical.” -Professer Rick Strassman


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