I personally find it is important to share as much information I learn about the incredible world we live in while experiencing this thing called life. Regarding the issues we face, I'm simply not capable of allowing myself to live an eternity in the afterlife knowing I could have done better. There is no fear of my death for I know eternity awaits, although I want to live as long as possible. The horrible fact is that certain families who have been in control for thousands  of years through deception and manipulation openly plan on killing us all anyway, openly stated in their own words....(See Georgian guide stones, etc) - If we all do not wake up and take action now!

 The only thing I fear is that people will not wake up in enough time and the worry becomes too intense however when one thinks about if others will wake up in time and take action already, so I think everyone must focus on themselves, what YOU will do to live this moment to the fullest and easily turn things around through what is sadly not common sense.

Sure, you work hard, to pay electricity companies that in reality you would not need if it as not for the greedy utility companies taking your money because clean and free energy technology is suppressed while millions of people die each winter not able to afford to heat their homes... sure, you wanna be entertained and not deal with anything 'negative', but in order to break free from what makes us unhappy, we got to realize how simple it is... how we not only could be all fulfilled, to truly be happy, to spiritually progress to our manipulated state of the world, but actually be able to live. I think it should be obvious that things will get a lot more negative very soon if logic doesn't somehow prevail here after the veil of lies, manipulation of information by limitation and conglomerations of corporations all connected to the same families, the additives in food and water that are in their own words in books like Eco-science to be a factor of control...
The time is now people! SPREAD THE PROOF OF EVERYTHING IN LEGAL PLACES AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD PRINTING, ASK FOR DONATIONS! THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN GETTING THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE ISSUES OUT NOW TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN! It shouldn't be for me to write a book, as we should have all looked and realized that doing the right thing is beyond wise. It's imperative to evade our ultimate demise...

To people who deny blindly are doing the same thing as people who say people who question things are merely conspiracy theorists if warning someone about their house burning down, essentially.

-Given the importance of this, knowing that we can turn this planet into the way it should be, a paradise, shouldn't you give it the benefit of the doubt? A child can figure this out. The time is now to unite on this common goal. All of us together can do this, and they fear more than you can imagine this incredibly enlightening moment happening where good prevails over evil, where justice triumphs. where even the so-called  elite who are  manipulated themselves wake up to the obvious fact that they if do not reverse their agenda in the name of logic, love and what is truly right, they also will not have a world to live in. It  i s scientifically proven that what we call spirits do exist, and have intelligently interacted with us. Dark and light entities exist within this plenum of interweaving energies that make each other what they are through contrast, but there is no reason for what is right to not become the dominant reality... the light... The truth... to yourself and others, treating others as you would like to be treated and admired, creating a world full of true happiness and fulfillment, not enslavement, guilty and being a puppet for dark entities. The time is now, Rockefeller and friends... to be harmonious with the frequency of the universe itself. - Love.

Sometimes it all seems a bit too much to deal with, and that is also by design, to acclimate while also trying to break us down... SO, the malevolent snake has a head for a reason The metaphorical evil octopus has many legs getting at every aspect of your life for a reason. And that is to be addressed. - The source of the problems interfering with ours and their own in the long run, a chance to be living truly great lives to the fullest potential! ... Not this. This is a ridiculously horrible utter insult to existence itself. More energy is not gained ultimately from artificially gaining power over others for short term satisfaction, it is by doing the right thing, not just for yourselves.

We are all connected, we are all potentially gods, we are all infinite energy... Treat me like dirt and you only hurt yourself, and vice versa.

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