...And quite amusingly seemingly absurd at first - your glasses of water before you drink it

David King

It struck me while watching the video at the end of this article that the polluting of our water, fluoridation, is one thing, but the fact that this is not widely known allows for people to continue to be affected by things like apathy, depression and disease. Also, most importantly, in interpersonal relationships, and the general way people have been conditioned to not really care about anyone but themselves, causes a feedback effect of being unfulfilled in life, because most of us are not living in tune with the way the world should be. - In harmony, not frictional, non conductive chaos, with a high resistance to functionality.

Harsh words told to someone you're unhappy with will literally affect the magnetic alignment of the water molecules within their bodies, and consequently you will be affected as well. This is not pseudoscience, it's groundbreaking discoveries on the leading edge of physics, and it's astounding that it's not being broadcasted on the mainstream media, being the talk of the town!

People who are negative to one another disrupt the energy alignments and fluidity of the very structure of our existence, and makes us act even more horrible to each otherĀ  because we are literally hurt, our bodies being composed of 80% water....It's a vicious downward spiral and if this effect is not reversed somehow, what we call 'evil' is generated, and in relationships it is in the form of being disrespectful to one another, when as such an advanced species, we really should be embracing the wonderment of life, and being positive, and the knowledge that we'll have to do it all again in a world that could possibly not reverse this effect, for not enough people make good examples for others is not only a strong argument for activism, but a reason to be positive, and act with love...

If you don't like the way the world is, it is time to change right? Start by realizing how it is scientifically proven that if one abuses someone or an animal, or an entire population such as what certain parts of governments are doing, you hurt yourself as well, for it's not "hippy" stuff that we are all one, made mostly of water which is effected by the vibes of emotions that reverberate throughout the plenum of infinite energy we call space, it is reality.

Quantum physics states that the observed and the observer affect each other, and if you send out streamlined, good thoughts, what we call love, appreciation, and all, since everything is connected, space is infinite energy that is a medium for our consciousness, every one of us is involved in a mutual fractal of reverberating energies where the simple act of saying I love you to a glass of water before drinking it can have healing effects. This would be dismissed as new age nonsense if it wasn't for the scientific evidence outlined in this video.

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"This love... could be all for you...
You know what to do!
Don't you see
The way things should be?"

Call this the beginning of a song or poem, but in the end, they are just words on a screen... zeros and ones in cyberspace if not perceived, so remember to spread the word. The time is now!

You're not going to change anything with posting on the internet alone, get out there in the real world and drop the fear, tell people you know about what you know. Furthermore, While trying to deal with the many tentacles that were never properly dealt with initially, the monster that was allowed to be created is still there, until it's dealt with properly, and that can only take a rational society that takes life seriously, by acting on the knowledge of what life really
is, how great it is, and should be. - For this to happen, we need enlightenment, for enlightenment, we need knowledge of what is really going on in the world we live in, and how our thoughts literally affect the world around us, including ourselves. This is an incredible time to be alive in an incredible universe, and we should embrace the ability to learn about it as well.

Get this information out to as many people as you can! Spreading awareness of this truth is just as important as spreading awareness about corruption, fluoride, false flag terrorism and all the rest of the one world government agenda (which affects the military and police as well, so I don't know why they aren't arresting the criminals in charge already)!

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